Is Hayley Lewis Saying Goodbye to KSHB? Fans Wonder Where Is Sports Anchor Going

Hayley Lewis: A Versatile Sports Reporter and Beauty Queen

Hayley Lewis, a highly accomplished sports reporter and anchor, has made her mark in the television industry with her exceptional skills and expertise. Having worked for esteemed television stations like ABC KEZI 9 in Eugene, Oregon, and KSHB-TV in Kansas City, Missouri, Lewis has gained a wealth of experience and recognition throughout her career.1

Hayley Lewis
Hayley Lewis (Image: Source)

Hayley Lewis’s Career in Sports Reporting

Hayley Lewis’s passion for sports reporting has led her to cover a wide range of sporting events and tournaments, showcasing her versatility and in-depth knowledge. During her tenure at WKRN News 2 in Nashville, Lewis had the opportunity to report on events hosted by prestigious universities such as Belmont University, Vanderbilt University, and Middle Tennessee.


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Her dedication to delivering accurate and engaging sports news has made her a trusted voice in the industry.

Lewis’s Coverage of Major Sporting Events

Lewis’s career highlights include covering notable sporting events that have captivated audiences across the nation. Her contributions to ESPNU, ABC, and various radio sports shows have further solidified her reputation as a reliable and skilled sports reporter.

Lewis’s reporting skills were put to the test during tournaments like the TSSAA State Championship, the Ohio Valley Conference tournament, and the NCAA Tournament Selection Show, where she exhibited her ability to provide comprehensive coverage and insightful analysis.

Lewis’s Success in Beauty Pageants

Apart from her remarkable sports broadcasting career, Hayley Lewis has a background in beauty pageants that adds a unique dimension to her diverse skill set. In 2014, she showcased her beauty, talent, and intellect by winning the coveted Miss Tennessee title.

Hayley Lewis
Hayley Lewis (Image: Source)

Her triumph earned her the opportunity to compete in the prestigious Miss America pageant, where she stood out among 53 competitors and secured a place in the top ten. This accomplishment reflects Lewis’s exceptional poise, grace, and ability to excel in different arenas.

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A Bittersweet Announcement

As Hayley Lewis announced her departure from KSHB 41, her words resonated with a mix of emotions. While she expressed enthusiasm for the opportunities that lie ahead, there was an undeniable sense of sadness in bidding farewell to a community she had grown to cherish.2

Gratitude and Support

During her tenure at KSHB 41, Lewis received unwavering support from the Kansas City community. In her heartfelt message, she extended her profound gratitude to all those who had stood by her side throughout her journey. The overwhelming support she received served as a testament to the impact she made as a sports reporter and anchor.

A Passion for Sports Reporting

Lewis, a Kansas City native, returned to her hometown in 2019 to join the KSHB 41 sports team. With her extensive experience and genuine passion for sports reporting, she quickly became a familiar face in the industry. Her dedication and expertise shone through as she connected with audiences on a deeper level.

Showcasing Talent and Engaging the Community

KSHB 41 provided Lewis with a platform to display her exceptional talents and captivate the Kansas City community with her engaging sports coverage. Her ability to share compelling stories and deliver insightful analysis established her as a respected figure in the local sports scene. Lewis truly left an indelible mark on her viewers.

A Journey of Success

Before her time at KSHB 41, Lewis had already made her mark as a sports reporter and anchor for ABC KEZI 9 in Eugene, Oregon. Her experience and accomplishments in the field positioned her as a seasoned professional, allowing her to seamlessly transition into her role at KSHB 41 and continue to excel in her career.

Sports Anchor Hayley Lewis: Embarking on a Journey to National Television

Sports anchor Hayley Lewis made waves in March 2023 when she announced her departure from KSHB 41. She revealed her intention to pursue network opportunities on national television, signaling a significant milestone in her career. With her sights set on broader horizons, Lewis eagerly awaits the chance to embrace new challenges and explore fresh possibilities.

Exploring New Avenues: Hayley Lewis’ Next Move

Hayley Lewis has assured her loyal followers that she will keep them updated on her next move as soon as the final details are in place. Her departure from KSHB 41 serves as a stepping stone towards a more expansive career in the national television landscape.

Lewis, with her undeniable talent and passion for sports anchoring, is ready to make her mark on a wider audience.

Embracing the Unknown: Hayley Lewis’ Enthusiasm

Lewis has expressed her genuine enthusiasm for embarking on this new career path. She eagerly awaits the chance to delve into national television and is open to any opportunities that may come her way.

Hayley Lewis
Hayley Lewis (Image: Source)

With a drive to excel in her professional journey, Lewis is prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead. Her dedication to her craft and desire to connect with viewers on a larger scale make her a valuable addition to the national television arena.

The Impact of Hayley Lewis’ Departure

Upon hearing the news of Hayley Lewis’ departure, many of her followers were taken aback and expressed their sentiments and sadness. Her unexpected decision to leave KSHB 41 left her fans longing for more of her sports commentary and expertise.

Lewis had become a familiar face and a trusted voice in the realm of sports reporting, making her departure a bittersweet moment for her audience.

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Hayley Lewis: A Multi-Talented American Model, Singer, and Sportscaster

Hayley Lewis, an American model, singer, and sportscaster, has captured the hearts of many with her remarkable talents and inspiring journey. Born on June 7, 1993, Lewis has achieved numerous accomplishments throughout her career. From being crowned Miss Tennessee to her success in a world-renowned vocal competition, Lewis’s talents know no bounds.

Crowning Achievement: Miss Tennessee 2014

In a momentous event held on June 22, 2014, at the esteemed Carl Perkins Civic Center in Jackson, Tennessee, Hayley Lewis secured the prestigious title of Miss Tennessee.

The pageant, renowned for its celebration of beauty, talent, and intelligence, recognized Lewis’s outstanding qualities. Her grace, poise, and captivating stage presence set her apart from other contestants, earning her the crown and the admiration of many.

A Vocal Journey: Success in Times Square

Aside from her modeling and pageant success, Lewis has also demonstrated her exceptional vocal abilities. In a highly competitive vocal competition held in Times Square, her singing group achieved an impressive fourth place in the world.

This remarkable feat showcased Lewis’s talent, dedication, and commitment to honing her craft. Her captivating voice resonated with audiences worldwide, leaving a lasting impression and establishing her as a multifaceted performer.

Hayley Lewis
Hayley Lewis

Philanthropic Passion: Supporting the Children’s Miracle Network

Lewis’s remarkable journey extends beyond the realm of glamour and entertainment. Having experienced a badly broken arm at the tender age of four, she understands the challenges that young children face when dealing with injuries.

Inspired by her own experience, Lewis has become a dedicated supporter of the Children’s Miracle Network. Through her advocacy and fundraising efforts, she aims to provide support, hope, and healing to children facing medical adversities. Her commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of others is truly commendable.

Current Endeavors: Sports Anchor at KSHB-TV

Continuing her trailblazing career, Hayley Lewis currently holds the esteemed position of Sports Anchor at KSHB-TV in Kansas City, Missouri. As a dynamic and knowledgeable sportscaster, Lewis brings her passion for sports and her impeccable communication skills to the forefront.

With her engaging on-screen presence, she captivates viewers, providing insightful analysis, conducting compelling interviews, and delivering sports news with utmost professionalism. Her active involvement in the world of sports journalism has solidified her status as a respected figure in the industry.

Understanding the Range of Hayley Lewis’s Annual Salary

Hayley Lewis, a renowned professional in her field, commands a substantial salary that reflects her expertise and contributions. With a diverse skill set and years of experience under her belt, Lewis’s annual salary ranges between an impressive $20,000 and $100,000.

Expertise and Specialization: A Recipe for Success

Hayley Lewis’s expertise and specialization play a pivotal role in determining her salary range. Her unparalleled knowledge and proficiency in her field have established her as a go-to professional, enabling her to demand higher compensation for her services.

Lewis’s commitment to continuous learning and staying up-to-date with industry trends further enhances her value, making her an indispensable asset.

Reputation and Recognition: Establishing a Name

Building a strong reputation within one’s industry is key to commanding a higher salary, and Hayley Lewis has achieved just that. Through her exceptional work, Lewis has garnered recognition and respect from peers and clients alike.

Hayley Lewis
Hayley Lewis

Her track record of successful projects and satisfied clients has solidified her position as a top professional, leading to increased demand for her services and subsequent financial rewards.

Market Demand and Competition: Supply and Demand Dynamics

The interplay of market demand and competition significantly impacts salary ranges, and Hayley Lewis benefits from this dynamic. As a highly sought-after professional, Lewis finds herself in a position of leverage, where her expertise is in high demand.

This demand creates a competitive environment, allowing her to negotiate higher compensation packages and secure lucrative opportunities.

Industry and Location: The Influence of Context

The industry in which one operates and the location of their work also contribute to salary discrepancies. Hayley Lewis’s chosen industry and her geographical location play a role in determining her earning potential.

Industries that prioritize and invest in specialized skills often offer more competitive compensation. Similarly, locations with a higher cost of living and a thriving job market tend to provide greater financial rewards.


  • Hayley Lewis, the renowned sports anchor, has recently bid farewell to KSHB, leaving her fans wondering about her next venture.
  • With her departure from KSHB, Hayley Lewis has created a buzz among her dedicated followers, who are eager to know where she will be heading next.
  • Hayley Lewis has been a prominent figure in the sports broadcasting industry, known for her exceptional reporting skills, in-depth knowledge, and engaging on-screen presence.
  • Throughout her tenure at KSHB, Hayley Lewis has covered a wide range of sports events, including professional leagues, college championships, and local sporting activities.
  • As a sports anchor, Hayley Lewis has garnered a strong and loyal fan base who appreciate her insightful analysis, charismatic personality, and ability to connect with viewers.
  • Hayley Lewis’s departure from KSHB marks a significant chapter in her career, as she seeks new opportunities to further expand her horizons in the field of sports journalism.
  • Over the years, Hayley Lewis has interviewed numerous athletes, coaches, and sports personalities, providing viewers with exclusive insights into their lives and achievements.
  • Hayley Lewis’s departure has sparked speculations and rumors among her fans, with many wondering if she will join another prominent broadcasting network or pursue a different avenue within the sports industry.
  • Known for her professionalism and dedication, Hayley Lewis has been recognized with several accolades for her outstanding contributions to sports journalism.
  • As Hayley Lewis embarks on a new journey beyond KSHB, her fans eagerly await her next move and continue to show unwavering support for her future endeavors.


1. Is Hayley Lewis leaving KSHB?

Ans:  Yes, Hayley Lewis is leaving KSHB.

2. Why is Hayley Lewis leaving KSHB?

Ans: The specific reasons for Hayley Lewis leaving KSHB have not been publicly disclosed.

3. Where is Hayley Lewis going after leaving KSHB?

Ans: It is currently unknown where Hayley Lewis will be going after leaving KSHB.

4. Will Hayley Lewis continue her career as a sports anchor?

Ans: It is unclear at the moment whether Hayley Lewis will continue her career as a sports anchor or pursue other opportunities.

5. How are the fans reacting to Hayley Lewis leaving KSHB?

Ans: Fans are expressing curiosity and wonder about where Hayley Lewis might be going and sharing their support for her future endeavors.

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