Jack Sweeney: The Tracker Expert of Elon Musk’s Jet Now Tracking Kim Kardashian’s Plane

The teenager who is known for following Elon Musk’s jet is now following Kim Kardashian’s plane. Jack Sweeney, a teen who knows a lot about technology, has talked about why famous Hollywood people interest him. He told the Sun that his skills at tracking have now moved into the realm of megastars and billionaires.

Sweeney has made more than 15 Twitter bots to track the private planes of tech billionaires like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Musk. The most popular account on Twitter is the one that tracks Musk’s jet. It has more than 354,000 active followers.

Jack Sweeney

Sweeney, who is only 19, said that he was following Kardashian’s $150 million plane because, “I think the Kardashians are interesting. Some famous people don’t like it when people follow them, but I think they love stuff like this.”

People criticized Kim Kardashian for serving “tiny portions” of food on her expensive private jet.

He went on, telling the publication, “So instead of being bothered by it like Elon, it’s the opposite.” Sweeney has been keeping an eye on the private planes of famous people like Jay-Z, Taylor Swift, Alex Rodriguez, Floyd Mayweather, and Tom Cruise, among others.

But Sweeney is relieved that neither Kim nor her representatives are pressuring him to remove the tracking information from his Twitter. Musk had offered Sweeney $5,000 to delete his account, but he turned it down and instead looked for an internship at Tesla.

Sweeney told the publication that he is interested in and keeping an eye on many A-list celebrities. “People knew a lot of them. Even more are on a list that aren’t on the account yet “he added. “These are the ones I like best and that people have asked for. I think Mark Zuckerberg’s plane is the hardest to follow because there isn’t much information on it “the teen said.

All You Need to Know About Kim Air

Kim’s $150 million G650ER is called Kim Air. TMZ says that she bought the plane when it was brand new and spent the whole year putting it together so that it would be ready for travel over the holidays. On the flight, there are 18 seats.

Kim hired designers Tommy Clements and Waldo Fernandez to give the plane a personal touch. She had it painted gray so that it would match her mansion in Calabasas and her other high-end cars. Kim had the plane’s interior completely changed to suit her tastes. She also made sure that it was filled with cream-colored cashmere and leather seats.

This is not, however, a one-time cost. The article said that Kim will have to spend $400k on fuel and another $100k on maintenance for every 200 hours per year that he flies.

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