Jeanie Buss: Bio, Wiki, Career, Net Worth, Legacy, Height, Weight, Pet Dog and More

Jeanie Buss is a name synonymous with sports management and success. As one of the most powerful sports executives in the United States, she has navigated the complex world of professional basketball with poise and determination

Her journey in the industry spans over three decades, during which she has held various top-level management positions, culminating in her role as the part-owner and president of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Jeanie Buss’s entry into the world of sports management was profoundly influenced by her father, Dr. Jerry Buss.

Dr. Buss was a legendary figure in the NBA, known for his innovative approach and his role in transforming the Lakers into one of the most successful franchises in sports history.

When Jeanie inherited part of her father’s 66% controlling shares of the club, she was entrusted with continuing this legacy of excellence.

Before taking the reins of the Lakers, Jeanie Buss honed her skills in various roles within the sports industry. She started her career managing the Los Angeles Strings, a team in World Team Tennis, where she demonstrated her ability to lead and innovate.

Her success with the Strings laid the groundwork for her future endeavors, showcasing her talent for sports management.

Jeanie Buss
Jeanie Buss (Image: Source)

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Jeanie Buss: Bio

Jeanie Buss is a prominent figure in the sports industry, known for her role as the controlling owner and president of the Los Angeles Lakers, one of the most storied franchises in the NBA.1

She has been a key figure in the Lakers’ operations, contributing to their success both on and off the court. Beyond her professional achievements, Jeanie Buss has also garnered attention for her personal life and striking appearance.

Early Life

Jeanie Buss was born on September 26, 1961, in Santa Monica, California. She is the daughter of Jerry Buss, the legendary owner of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Growing up in a sports-centric family, Jeanie was exposed to the world of basketball from a young age. She attended the University of Southern California (USC), where she earned a degree in business.

Jeanie Buss began her career in the Lakers organization in the 1990s, initially handling business operations. Over the years, she gradually took on more responsibilities and became an integral part of the team’s management.

Her leadership skills and business acumen helped the Lakers navigate various challenges, contributing to their sustained success.

Jeanie Buss
Jeanie Buss (Image: Source)

Jeanie Buss: Career

Jeanie Buss was deeply involved in her family’s sports business from a young age.2

At just 14 years old, she attended World Team Tennis meetings with her father, Jerry Buss. This early exposure to the business side of sports laid the foundation for her future career in sports management.

General Manager at Nineteen

At the age of 19, while still a student at the University of Southern California (USC), Jeanie Buss was appointed the general manager of the Los Angeles Strings, a professional tennis team.

This role was her first major responsibility in the sports world, showcasing her capability and her father’s trust in her abilities.

Ownership of the Los Angeles Blades

Jeanie Buss expanded her sports management experience by becoming the owner of the Los Angeles Blades, a roller hockey team.

Her role with the Blades allowed her to gain further insights into team management and the operational aspects of running a sports franchise.

President of the Great Western Forum

Buss’s career continued to ascend as she took on the role of President of the Great Western Forum.

In this position, she was responsible for overseeing the operations of the venue, which was home to the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Kings. Her leadership at the Forum further solidified her reputation in the sports industry.

Jeanie Buss
Jeanie Buss

Executive of the Year

Jeanie Buss was named Executive of the Year by Roller Hockey International, a recognition of her significant contributions and success in managing the Los Angeles Blades.

This accolade highlighted her effective leadership and business acumen in the sports world.

Executive Vice President of Business Operations

In 1999, Buss took over as the Executive Vice President of Business Operations for the Los Angeles Lakers. Her father’s plan was for her to handle the business aspects of the team while her brother, Jim Buss, managed the basketball operations.

This division of responsibilities was intended to leverage their respective strengths in running the franchise.

Inheriting the Lakers

Following the death of her father, Jerry Buss, in 2013, Jeanie Buss and her five siblings inherited his 66% controlling interest in the Lakers through a family trust.

Each child received an equal vote in the trust’s decisions. Jeanie Buss became the President of the Lakers, representing the team on the NBA Board of Governors.

Leadership Transition and Challenges

Under her leadership, the Lakers underwent significant changes. In 2017, her brother Jim was replaced as Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations by Magic Johnson.

However, Johnson’s tenure was short-lived, and he resigned from the position in April 2019. Throughout these transitions, Buss remained a steady and influential leader for the franchise.

Recognitions and Influence

Jeanie Buss has been widely recognized for her influence and leadership in the sports industry. In 2018, Forbes named her one of the few powerful women in sports management, and ESPN described her as one of the most powerful women in the NBA.

These accolades reflect her significant impact on the industry and her role in shaping the future of the Lakers.

Jeanie Buss: Pet Dog

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Long-Term Service on the NBA Board of Governors

Buss has served as an Alternate Governor on the NBA Board of Governors since 1995. Her long-term involvement in the league’s governance underscores her deep commitment to the sport and her influence within the NBA community.

Acting and Producing

Beyond her executive roles, Jeanie Buss has also explored opportunities in entertainment. She appeared in the television series “Cubed” in 2010 and “Women of Wrestling” in 2001.

Additionally, she has taken on roles as a director and producer, showcasing her versatility and interest in the broader entertainment industry.

Authoring “Laker Girl”

In 2010, Buss co-wrote the book “Laker Girl” with Steve Springer. The book provides an insider’s look at her life, her experiences with the Lakers, and her perspectives on the sports industry.

It offers fans and readers a unique glimpse into her journey and the challenges she has faced.

Advocacy for the Olympic Games

Jeanie Buss’s influence extends beyond the NBA. She serves as a board member on the Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games, playing a role in the preparations for the 2024 Olympics in Los Angeles.

Her involvement highlights her commitment to promoting sports and supporting major sporting events in her city.

Forbes Recognition

  • In March 2018, Forbes Magazine ranked Jeanie Buss as the eighth most powerful woman in sports. This recognition reflects her leadership, influence, and the respect she commands in the sports industry.
  • Her achievements continue to inspire other women aspiring to make their mark in sports management.
  • Jeanie Buss’s career is a testament to her ability to balance multiple roles and responsibilities.
  • As an executive, owner, author, and board member, she has successfully navigated the complexities of the sports and entertainment industries. Her diverse experiences have equipped her with a broad perspective and a unique skill set.
  • Under Jeanie Buss’s leadership, the future of the Los Angeles Lakers looks promising. Her strategic vision and commitment to excellence have positioned the team for continued success.
  • As the Lakers strive for more championships and aim to maintain their status as a premier NBA franchise, Buss’s role will be crucial in guiding the team’s journey.
  • Jeanie Buss’s legacy in sports management is already well-established, but her story is far from over. She continues to break barriers and set new standards for women in sports.
  • Her contributions to the Lakers, the NBA, and the broader sports community will be remembered for years to come.
Jeanie Buss
Jeanie Buss

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Jeanie Buss: Height and Weight

Standing at 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) tall and weighing 58 kg (128 lbs), Jeanie Buss has an athletic and well-maintained physique.3

Her body measurements are 34-25-35 inches, which reflect a balanced and healthy lifestyle. These measurements have also contributed to her presence and confidence in various public and media appearances.

A Controversial and Bold Move

In May 1995, Jeanie Buss made headlines when she appeared in a Playboy pictorial. This decision was both bold and controversial, as it broke traditional norms for women in executive roles within the sports industry.

Her appearance in Playboy was seen as a statement of empowerment, challenging stereotypes and asserting her individuality.

Jeanie Buss’s feature in Playboy had a significant impact on her public image. While some criticized the decision, many applauded her for taking control of her narrative and showcasing her confidence.

The pictorial highlighted not just her physical beauty but also her willingness to defy conventions and stand out in a male-dominated industry.

Jeanie Buss
Jeanie Buss (Image: Source)

Jeanie Buss: Net Worth 2024

Net Worth and Financial Acumen

Jeanie Buss has an estimated net worth of $500 million. Her wealth is derived not only from her ownership stake in the Lakers but also from her astute business decisions and investments.

Under her leadership, the Lakers have continued to thrive financially, securing lucrative sponsorship deals and media contracts.

Jeanie’s financial acumen has played a crucial role in ensuring the team’s profitability and long-term sustainability.

Leadership Style and Philosophy

Jeanie Buss is widely regarded as an excellent leader. Her leadership style is characterized by inclusivity, transparency, and a focus on building strong relationships within the organization.

She believes in empowering her team and fostering a collaborative environment where everyone’s contributions are valued.

Jeanie’s approach to leadership has been instrumental in creating a positive and productive culture within the Lakers organization.

Challenges and Triumphs

  • Jeanie Buss’s tenure as the leader of the Lakers has not been without its challenges. She has had to navigate periods of team rebuilding, player injuries, and the competitive landscape of the NBA.
  • However, her resilience and strategic vision have enabled her to steer the team through these difficulties.
  • One of her most significant triumphs was orchestrating the acquisition of superstar players, which led to the Lakers’ resurgence and their 2020 NBA Championship victory.
  • Jeanie Buss is an inspiration to many women around the world.
  • Her success in a male-dominated industry has shattered stereotypes and demonstrated that women can excel in sports management.
  • She is a vocal advocate for gender equality and has used her platform to support various initiatives aimed at empowering women in sports and business.
  • Jeanie’s journey is a testament to her determination, intelligence, and unwavering commitment to her goals.

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