Both Jess Breach And Her Partner Archie White Are Rugby Players

Both Jess Breach And Her Partner Archie White Are Rugby Players

Archie, the partner of England women’s national rugby union team international Jess Breach, is also a rugby union player.

Both are members of the Premiership Rugby club Harlequins, with Breach playing for the women’s side and her partner for the men’s. They are both 25, having been born in 1997.

Jess began dating Archie in mid-2019 and shared her first Instagram post with him on Christmas 2019 with the comment “you are my rock.”

The power couple not only bonded over rugby but also enjoys other sports such as tennis, golf, bowling, and others. Similarly, they frequently post pictures from their romantic dates on social media.

Jess Breach
Jess Breach

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Meet Jess Breach’s Partner Archie White

Jess is not single and has been seeing his companion Archie for over three years; they started dating in the middle of 2019 and have been together since.

The rugby player and her partner bond over a variety of topics, one of which is their shared love of rugby. They are aware of each other’s roles and respect each other’s personal space.

Furthermore, the couple attends each other’s games and matches to encourage their loved one; Archie just went to support his girl during her game on April 24th, 2022.

Furthermore, when she made her worldwide debut in 2017, Breach was still in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend. The athlete explained that she didn’t respond to him for two days after her DM was swamped with messages and her followers increased from 500 to 5000 in a matter of hours.

Archie Is A Rugby Player As Well

Archie is an athlete who plays for Premiership Rugby side Harlequins as a flanker.

In 2015, he joined the Harlequins Academy and played for the Harlequins U18s; he was also Epsom College captain and represented his country at the U20 level during the 2016 Six Nations.

Later that season, in the European Challenge Cup, he made his senior debut with Harlequins, earning back-to-back starts against Italian side Calvisano. He also took part in the Club’s historic match against the Maori All Blacks in 2016.

Furthermore, the athlete spent three months in New Zealand in 2019 with the Bay of Plenty in the NPC, and he made 43 club appearances in the 2021/22 season. Furthermore, the Harlequins flanker stands at 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 229 pounds.

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Jess and Archie’s Age Difference

Jess and Archie are both 25 years old and have only a few months of age difference because their birthdays are in the same year but not the same month.

Archie was born and nurtured in Chertsey, Surrey, in 1997, and the athlete celebrates a successful year around the sun on August 5th. Similarly, Jess is a Chichester native who celebrates her birthday on November 4th every year.

Since 2019, the couple has been celebrating each other’s new life together; they have spent four birthdays as a couple and have a future ahead of them.

Breach also studied Sports Communication and Marketing at St Mary’s University and will graduate on July 21, 2022. Similarly, her boyfriend completed a CISI finance course since he is interested in the financial sector; he even dabbled in Forex trading with one of his friends.

Jess Breach's Partner Archie
Jess Breach’s Partner Archie

Rugby Isn’t the Only Game Jess and Archie Form Friendship

Jess and Archie are both athletes; they may have played rugby professionally, but they also play tennis, golf, bowling, and other sports together.

The power couple travels, goes on movie dates, visits restaurants, spends quality time doing non-rugby activities, and posts about it on social media.

They are active on Instagram as @jessbreach97 and @archiewhite6, but Archie hasn’t posted much about his dating life there.

Breach, on the other hand, is more open with her followers and gives more details about her career and personal life. She has made a highlight on her Instagram profile, sharing the moments she captured with her spouse to treasure for the rest of her life.

Jess Breach
Jess Breach

Archie White Biography

Archie White (born 5 August 1997) is an English professional rugby union player who plays as a flanker for Premiership Rugby club Harlequins. He is in a relationship with England and Harlequins player Jessica Breach.

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