Kadiff Kirwan And Dervla Kirwan: Are They Related To Each Other? Partner, Family & Instagram

Kadiff Kirwan And Dervla Kirwan: Are They Related To Each Other? Partner, Family & Instagram

People wanted to know if British actor Kadiff Kirwan has any mixed blood with Dervla Kirwan, an Irish television actress, aside from their surname.

After being confirmed for the second season of Slow Horses, the actor made headlines.

Indeed, the Apple TV+plus program told Variety exclusively that they had added two new members to their already thriving cast, Peaky Blinders star Aimee-Ffion Edwards and This Is Going to Hurt’s artist Kadiff.

The 2021 thriller starring Gary Oldman and Jack Lowden is based on Mick Herron’s Slough House series of novels. River Cartwright, a British MI5 officer, is followed by the camera after a humiliating exile to an administrative purgatory for service rejects.

He and his colleagues must work under the supervision of their miserable boss, Jackson Lamb, who is essentially asking his employees to resign. However, the Slow Horses give them a run for their money after becoming entangled in a dangerous gambit.

Kadiff Kirwan
Kadiff Kirwan

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Is Kadiff Kirwan Related To Dervla Kirwan?

Kadiff Kirwan, a British-born actor, is not related to Dervla Kirwan, an Irish actress.

Despite sharing a surname, the couple has yet to comment on their relationship and keeps a safe distance from one another.

Even if they were related, it would be through marriage because they have stark racial differences. They grew up in different countries and regions, with Kadiff growing up in Plymouth, Montserrat, and Dervla in Churchtown, Dublin. She is one generation older than him, so she would be an older cousin or aunt.

Besides, they’re bound to cross paths at some point because they both work in the British film industry, with Dervla being more successful than her younger counterpart.

Indeed, the 51-year-old rose to prominence with roles in Ballykissangel and Goodnight Sweetheart. She was a BBC favorite when she worked on the crime drama series 55 Degrees North in 2004. Later, she appeared in the BBC drama Moving On as Laura, Material Girl, which aired in January 2010, and The Silence in 2010.

She also appeared in the Doctor Who Christmas special and performed in front of an audience for a number of award-winning shows.

The National Television Award winner for Best Actress has also contributed to the performing arts, singing with Dustin Turkey on his cover of Fairytale of New York.

She also provided voiceovers for the This is not just a food advertising campaign, which included a series of food and hygiene infomercials.

Does Kadiff Kirwan Have A Partner?

There are rumors that Kadiff Kirwan has a crush on actress Michaela Coel, with many wondering if they are romantically involved.

The two work in the same circles in the industry, collaborating on projects like Chewing Gum and Fleabag and becoming extremely close to one another.

Indeed, their bond was so strong that they became the others plus one at The National Theatre’s Up Next fundraising gala on March 22, 2022.

He’s been mentioned in a few of her interviews, asking her what she’d do if she had the gift of invisibility in London for a day.

She told Elle that she would enjoy public displays of affection with her lover, dinners, attending the Lovebox festival topless, and spying on the government as a bonus.

We have no doubt that filming would have been a blast as she formed lifelong friendships.

But, after being sidelined by producers, she was confronted with the harsh reality of racism.

Despite her previous experience writing and starring in the Channel 4 sitcom distributor Fremantle, the creative head refused to hire her. The production office felt like an unattainable pedestal, but they were free to infiltrate her trailer at any time.

When discussing an incident in which five African American cast members were crammed into a single trailer, she extended the isolation to her fellow African American cast members.

The heinous incident made her feel like a slave on a ship as she stormed toward the higher-ups to express her displeasure.

When the director screamed at her like she was a bad student, her co-star Kirwan defended her, causing her to flee the set in tears.

After that, she was named co-producer, but Kirwan was still upset about the refusal to give her the deserving position.

Meet Kadiff Kirwan’s Family

Kadiff Kirwan, a family man, was born in the Caribbean on February 3, 1989.

His parents moved to Antigua after the 1995 Soufrière Hills volcanic eruption, so the 33-year-old comes from a line of bloodshed and misery. He lived in Montserrat for the first nine years of his life. However, the natural disaster destroyed their family home, leaving nothing but ash in its wake.

He recalls the devastation of his family’s loss of everything. When the sky darkened, his older brothers were on their way to primary school. The children had no idea what was happening until they saw the pyroclastic flow.

Trying could only watch it happen because they had no idea how close they were to losing their lives. As they dashed through the 14 feet of ash, two of his aunties were killed by the unforgiving nature.

They eventually scheduled a fight in Preston, England, where a young Kirwan was introduced into the drama. He was ostracized as the only African American student in the institution because he was hilariously bad at academics. He tried out for the basketball team, which he enjoyed, and did everything he could to fit in.

He eventually gravitated toward theater after being cast in the school production of Bugsy Malone.

He was adamant about not telling his peers about his big night because he was afraid they would not understand his passion. He realized his mate had come to cheer him on after completing his reenactment and heard the loudest cheers.

They couldn’t stop praising his talent and asking him why he hadn’t invited them sooner.

That night, he became engulfed in the warmth and allure and resolved to spend the rest of his life chasing the high.

Is Kadiff Kirwan On Instagram?

Actor Kadiff Kirwan can be found on Instagram under the handle kadiffkirwan, where he has 19.7 thousand followers.

Every day, the artist spends his time on set, doing what he enjoys.

Indeed, his interest in acting began when he was in Year 9 and met his drama teacher, who immediately recognized his abilities. His behavioral issues were becoming a problem, so she directed his attention to drama classes after school. Her persistent nagging paid off, as he agreed to her request and began attending.

The teaching opened his eyes to his feelings and helped him recognize that his rage was caused by being confined inside his mind. He had not realized he was suppressing his true self because his parents and peers were too engrossed in their faith to notice his distress. The abrupt change in his surroundings did not help, as he felt more alienated than ever.

If he ever met his younger self, he would hug him and tell him not to get wrapped up in his fears of rejection and ridicule. He could have spent a lot of time enjoying the pleasures of friendship if he hadn’t hidden from them.

Despite spending so many years on the big screen, his heart is on the stage because the two interpretations are so different.

When the director yells cut during a shoot, the tape is taken away and given to editors and composers, who enhance it for a larger audience by adding music and coloring for effect. But under the spotlight, you become one with your audience, allowing them to see your emotions painted on your face as you only have one chance to get it right.


  • In 1995, his family home in Plymouth, Montserrat, was detroyed by Montserrat’s Soufrière Hills volcanic eruption
  • Moved to Preston, Lancashire, England, in 1998 after living in Antigua for a couple years
  • Started taking drama classes after school because a drama teacher insisted it would help him with his behavior issues
  • Made his acting debut at 14 in a school production of Bugsy Malone
  • Moved to London to pursue his acting career when he was 18.

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  • Peter Kirwan — Father
  • Matilda — Mother



Born and raised in Plymouth, Montserrat, Kirwan moved with his family to Antigua after the 1995 Soufrière Hills volcanic eruption destroyed the family home, and thereafter to Preston, England. There he developed a love of drama; he first acted in school, in a production of Bugsy Malone, when he was 14. He graduated from the Central School of Speech and Drama in 2011.1989

Kadiff Kirwan (born 3 February 1989) is a British actor. He is known for his roles in several British television series, particularly Timewasters, Chewing Gum, Fleabag, and The Stranger.

Dervla Kirwan
Dervla Kirwan

Quick Info:

Name Kadiff Kirwan
Born February 3, 1989
Age 33 years
Nationality British

Some FAQs

Is Kadiff Kirwan related to Dervla Kirwan?

No, Kadiff Kirwan is not related to Dervla Kirwan.

What is Kadiff kirwan age?

Kadiff Kirwan was born in February 3, 1989, making him 33 years.

What is Kadiff Kirwan height?

Kadiff Kirwan’s height is about 5 feet 9 inches and his weight is approximately 89 kg.

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