Margaret Josephs Bio, Age, Career, Family, Net Worth And More

Margaret Josephs: The Entrepreneurial Spirit Behind The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Margaret Katona Josephs, born April 9, 1967, is an accomplished American fashion designer, entrepreneur, and television personality.1

Best known for her role as a main cast member on Bravo’s reality television series The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Josephs has also made a name for herself as the owner, founder, and designer of the lifestyle brand Macbeth Collection.

The Journey of an Entrepreneur and Designer

  • Margaret Josephs has a unique sense of style that has become a hallmark of her brand, Macbeth Collection.
  • She founded the lifestyle brand, which offers a range of products including fashion accessories, home decor, and gifts.
  • Josephs’ entrepreneurial journey began with a vision to create a line of products that were both fashionable and functional, and Macbeth Collection has since gained a dedicated following.
  • Her career as a designer and entrepreneur has earned her recognition in the fashion and business worlds.
  • Josephs’ innovative approach to design and her ability to spot trends have played a significant role in the success of Macbeth Collection, which has been featured in various publications and has a strong online presence.

Joining The Real Housewives of New Jersey

In 2017, Margaret Josephs joined the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey as a main cast member in its eighth season. Her addition to the show brought a fresh perspective and a distinctive personality to the series. Josephs’ experience as an entrepreneur and her bold fashion choices quickly made her a standout among the other housewives.

The Macbeth Collection and Beyond

The Macbeth Collection is a testament to Margaret Josephs’ creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. The brand’s diverse product range includes tote bags, home accessories, and other lifestyle items that reflect Josephs’ unique style.2

Her success with Macbeth Collection has led to various business opportunities and partnerships, solidifying her status as a successful entrepreneur.

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Margaret Josephs’ Career

Margaret Josephs, known for her role on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey, has built a successful career as a fashion designer and entrepreneur.

Her journey began in New York’s Garment Center, where she worked as a dress designer. This early experience in the fashion industry influenced her creative direction and paved the way for her entrepreneurial ventures.

Early Career in New York’s Garment Center

  • After completing her education, Margaret Josephs began her career in New York’s Garment Center, an area known for its bustling fashion industry.
Margaret Josephs
Margaret Josephs (Image: Source)
  • As a dress designer, she gained invaluable experience working with various prints and fabrics, which would later inspire her entrepreneurial pursuits.
  • The fast-paced environment of the Garment Center exposed Josephs to the intricacies of fashion design and manufacturing, providing her with the skills needed to succeed in the industry.
  • During her time in New York’s Garment Center, Josephs developed a keen eye for design and a deep understanding of the business side of fashion.
  • This early experience played a crucial role in shaping her career path and influencing her creative choices.

Establishing a Line of Decoupage Home Accessories

Following the birth of her son, Margaret Josephs decided to explore new avenues within the design industry. Her love for prints and fabrics, along with her creative talent, led her to establish her own line of decoupage home accessories.3

Josephs’ unique approach to decoupage, which involves decorating objects with paper cutouts and special finishes, quickly gained popularity.

Launching Macbeth Collection

Macbeth Collection became a successful lifestyle brand, expanding beyond decoupage metal buckets and accessories to include tech products, clothing, and fashion accessories. The brand’s versatility and unique designs have contributed to its success, making it a recognizable name in the lifestyle industry.

Josephs’ ability to transition from a niche product line to a comprehensive lifestyle brand reflects her entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen. Macbeth Collection’s success can be attributed to its distinct style and Josephs’ commitment to quality and creativity.

Margaret Josephs’ Family: A Glimpse into the Background of the RHONJ Star

Margaret Josephs, a prominent figure on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ), has captured the attention of viewers with her vibrant personality and entrepreneurial spirit. While much is known about her career and business ventures, details about her family background remain largely unknown.

Margaret Josephs
Margaret Josephs (Image: Source)

Early Life and Heritage

  • Margaret Josephs was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, to Hungarian immigrants, which has influenced her identity and perspective on life.
  • She spent her formative years in Mahopac, New York, before pursuing a career in fashion and design.

  • Despite being a public figure, Josephs has chosen to keep much of her family history private, maintaining a level of secrecy around her upbringing and personal connections.
  • Growing up in a family of Hungarian descent, Josephs’ heritage likely played a role in shaping her values and cultural influences.
  • Her background as the child of immigrants may have contributed to her strong work ethic and entrepreneurial drive, key traits that have defined her successful career.

Margaret Josephs’ Family and Privacy

While Margaret Josephs has been open about various aspects of her life on RHONJ, she has kept her family background out of the public eye. This level of privacy is uncommon for reality television stars, who often share intimate details about their personal lives with audiences.

Margaret Josephs
Margaret Josephs (Image: Source)

Josephs’ decision to maintain a veil of secrecy around her family history reflects her desire to protect her loved ones from the scrutiny that often accompanies fame.

The Impact of Family on Josephs’ Journey

Although details about Margaret Josephs’ family are scarce, it’s clear that her upbringing and heritage have influenced her journey.

Growing up in a culturally rich environment with Hungarian roots, she may have drawn inspiration from her family’s resilience and determination. These qualities are reflected in her career achievements and her role as an entrepreneur.

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Margaret Josephs’ Net Worth: Discrepancies, Lifestyle, and Legal Challenges

Margaret Josephs, one of the main cast members of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ), has made a name for herself as a fashion designer, entrepreneur, and television personality. Her net worth has been the subject of debate, with various estimates offering conflicting figures.

Discrepancies in Net Worth Estimates

  • The South China Morning Post once ranked Margaret Josephs as the richest of the New Jersey Housewives, valuing her net worth at $50 million.
  • However, Celebrity Net Worth, a popular website for celebrity financial information, estimated her net worth at $5 million.
  • These significant discrepancies highlight the difficulty in accurately determining a celebrity’s true financial standing, especially when public information is limited or contradictory.
  • If Josephs’ net worth is indeed $50 million, it would place her among the wealthiest RHONJ cast members.
  • However, if the lower estimate of $5 million is accurate, it would position her below other cast members like Jennifer Aydin, whose net worth is estimated at $11 million.

Legal Challenges and Financial Controversies

Despite her success and lavish lifestyle, Margaret Josephs has faced multiple legal challenges related to unpaid debts and settlements. According to reports, Josephs and her husband have been the subject of several lawsuits, raising questions about their financial stability.

Margaret Josephs
Margaret Josephs

In 2019, Capital One Bank sued Josephs for $12,172.86 in missed payments. In 2018, she was sued for $3,568.73 in unpaid legal bills, and in 2022, she faced a lawsuit for $180,000 in unpaid settlements from a foreclosure case. These legal issues suggest that Josephs may have experienced financial difficulties, leading to speculation about her true net worth.

Margaret Josephs’ Net Worth and Financial Outlook

The discrepancies in Margaret Josephs’ net worth estimates make it challenging to determine her exact financial standing. While some sources value her at $50 million, others suggest a more modest figure of $5 million.

The lavish lifestyle she portrays on RHONJ, along with the success of her business, Macbeth Collection, implies a certain level of wealth, but legal challenges related to unpaid debts and settlements raise concerns about her financial stability.

Margaret Josephs’ Personal Life: Marriage, Family, and Home in New Jersey

Margaret Josephs, one of the main cast members of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ), has shared glimpses of her personal life on the show. From her marriages and children to her home in New Jersey, Josephs’ journey has been filled with significant events and relationships.

Current Residence in Englewood, New Jersey

  • Margaret Josephs currently resides in Englewood, New Jersey, where she has established her home and business. Englewood, known for its suburban charm and proximity to New York City, offers a comfortable setting for Josephs’ lifestyle.
  • The location provides a balance between urban convenience and suburban tranquility, allowing Josephs to maintain her business ventures while enjoying a peaceful home environment.
  • Before moving to Englewood, Josephs lived in nearby Tenafly, another affluent suburb in Bergen County, New Jersey.
  • Her former home in Tenafly gained attention for its unique design and luxurious features, and it was featured in several publications, including 201 Magazine.
  • The exposure from these features added to Josephs’ reputation as a successful entrepreneur and reality television star.
Margaret Josephs
Margaret Josephs

Marriage to Joe Benigno and Previous Marriage

Margaret Josephs is currently married to her second husband, Joe Benigno. Their relationship has been a central storyline on RHONJ, with viewers following their interactions and family life.

Josephs and Benigno have demonstrated a strong bond and support for each other, with their marriage serving as a source of stability amid the drama of reality television.

Margaret Josephs’ Personal Life and Family

Margaret Josephs’ personal life has been marked by significant relationships and family dynamics. Her current residence in Englewood, New Jersey, reflects her desire for a comfortable and peaceful home environment while pursuing her career and business ventures.

Her marriage to Joe Benigno and her previous marriage to Jan Josephs have played important roles in shaping her journey.


1. Who is Margaret Josephs?

Ans: Margaret Josephs is an American fashion designer, entrepreneur, and reality television personality. She is best known for her role on the reality TV series “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” Known for her bold style and outspoken personality, Josephs has become a prominent figure on the show since joining the cast in 2017.

2. How old is Margaret Josephs?

Ans: Margaret Josephs was born on April 9, 1967, making her 57 years old as of 2024. Despite her age, she remains active in the fashion industry and on reality television, where her unique style and vibrant personality are key aspects of her public image.

3. What is Margaret Josephs’ career background?

Ans: Margaret Josephs began her career in fashion design, eventually founding her own line, the Macbeth Collection, known for its bold patterns and designs.

She gained national recognition through her role on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” where her business ventures and personal life are explored. Josephs is also an author, releasing a memoir titled “Caviar Dreams, Tuna Fish Budget” in 2021.

4. What is known about Margaret Josephs’ family?

Ans: Margaret Josephs is married to Joseph Benigno, and they have a blended family, including children from her previous marriage. Her family life and relationships are often explored on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” where her interactions with other cast members and her family play a significant role in the show’s storyline.

5. What is Margaret Josephs’ net worth?

Ans: Margaret Josephs’ net worth is estimated to be between $50 million and $60 million. Her wealth comes from her fashion business, reality television appearances, and other ventures, including her book and speaking engagements. Josephs’ successful career in fashion and reality TV has contributed to her considerable net worth.

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