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Mick Lynch’s salary and net worth as the RMT union’s general secretary have piqued the public’s interest. How much does he earn? 

Mick Lynch is a leader of a British labor union. He was chosen as General Secretary in May 2021 and stayed in that job for five years, until May 3, 2026.

Before being chosen as General Secretary, Lynch was twice elected as Mts Assistant General Secretary and served twice on the RMT’s National Executive.

Mick Lynch
Mick Lynch

Mick Lynch RMT Salary And Net Worth

Mich Lynch’s monthly salary is about $15,640.

Lynch is the highest-paid government worker. His gross pay is $12,667, plus $14,515 in employer contributions to national insurance and $29223 in pension contributions. Even so, the exact amount of his net worth is not known.

A spokesperson for the RMT said that the salaries and benefits of RMT officials are decided through democratic structures and confirmed at the union’s Annual General Meeting. This is a completely open and transparent process that every member can comment on.

Also, he makes it clear that the employer’s contributions to national insurance should not be confused with wages, and that pension contributions are set by the union’s pension plan, which all staff members are part of.

Mick Lynch Unionist Wikipedia: His Early Life

Mick Lynch was born in 1962 in Paddington, where he grew up. At age 16, he stopped going to school and learned how to be an electrician. Lynch then went to work in construction and joined a union, but he was unfairly kicked out because of this.

After being unable to find work in the construction industry, he went to work for Eurostar in 1993. He joined the National Union of Rail, Maritime, and Transport Workers as well (RMT). Twenty years later, he was finally paid for being put on the blacklist illegally.

Lynch also worked for the RMT for two terms as assistant general secretary and two terms as executive. Mick Cash took a medical leave of absence from his job as general secretary in 2020. When he returned, he was named interim general secretary, but he quit after a few months, saying that members of the executive had intimidated and harassed him.

This was the same thing that was said about Mick Cash. He ran for and won an election for the General Secretary job, which he will start in May 2021.

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