Meet Paris Brunner Parents: Valerie Brunner (Mother) And Norbert (Father)

In the realm of extraordinary families, the Brunners stand out as a beacon of love and togetherness. Let’s delve into the lives of the admirable Paris Brunner’s parents, the nurturing mother, Valerie Brunner, and the supportive father, Norbert

Paris Josua Brunner

Undoubtedly, one of the standout performers for Germany during this campaign was the 17-year-old forward, Paris Josua Brunner.1

Not only did he play a pivotal role in securing the championship, but he also earned the prestigious Golden Ball Award, recognizing him as the tournament’s best player.

Early Success with Borussia Dortmund’s Youth Team

  • Before making headlines globally, Brunner had already made a name for himself in Germany and across Europe.
  • As a promising talent in world football, he showcased his skills while playing for Borussia Dortmund’s youth side, a club renowned for its exceptional youth development program.
  • Brunner’s remarkable feat of scoring 16 goals in just five matches at the Under-17 level of the German league propelled him into the spotlight.

Rapid Promotion and Youth Success

His outstanding performance led to a rapid promotion to the under-19 side at the age of 16, where he marked his debut with a goal against Bonner SC.

Drawing comparisons to Youssoufa Moukoko, the youngest player in the FIFA World Cup 2022, Brunner’s pace and attacking prowess were evident.

Paris Brunner
Paris Brunner ( Image: Instagram )

Paris Josua Brunner: International Stage

Wearing the German colors, Brunner displayed clutch performances at the under-17 level. In the U-17 European Championship, he scored the equalizer for a 10-man side against Switzerland, forcing the match into penalties.2

Germany secured victory in the shootout, paving the way for their qualification to the U-17 World Cup.

Stellar Performances in the World Cup

Brunner continued his stellar form in the World Cup, scoring five crucial goals, with four of them coming in the knockout stages. His decisive goal against Spain in the quarterfinals and a brace against Argentina in the semis showcased his prowess on the big stage.

In the final against France, Brunner, though missing in the penalty shootout, had previously scored the opening goal in regulation time, contributing significantly to Germany’s journey to victory.

Brunner’s Playing Style

  • Brunner’s style of play is characterized by a dynamic combination of blistering pace and quick dribbles into the final third. This proved to be a challenging force that France struggled to counter in the intense final match.
  • Despite being yet to feature in any senior sides, be it at the club or national level, Brunner’s consistent performances hint at an imminent opportunity for him to shine on a bigger stage.
  • The football world eagerly awaits his potential ascent into senior football with anticipation.

Paris Brunner Parents : Valerie and Norbert Brunner

Paris Brunner
Paris Brunner ( Image: Instagram )

Paris Brunner, the rising star, entered the world on February 15, 2006, as Paris Josua Brunner. His journey is intricately woven with the unwavering support and inspiration provided by his parents, Valerie and Norbert Brunner.3

Valerie and Paris on “Mein Kind, dein Kind”

Paris Brunner shares a profound connection with his mother, Valerie, a relationship beautifully showcased on the VOX show, “Mein Kind, dein Kind.” In the episode titled “Jennifer vs. Valerie,” viewers witnessed heartwarming moments between Paris and his mom, providing a glimpse into their exceptional bond.

Family Chronicles: Paris, Valerie, Norbert, and Elton

The family’s genuine connection becomes even more apparent through delightful snapshots capturing moments with Paris, his mother Valerie, father Norbert, and brother Elton. These glimpses into their lives showcase the foundation of support and love that has nurtured Paris’s flourishing career.

Paris Brunner
Paris Brunner ( Image: Instagram )

Norbert Brunner

In contrast to the limelight, Paris’ father, Norbert Brunner, opts for a more private lifestyle, shying away from public attention. Despite his low-key demeanor, his influence on Paris’s life and career is undoubtedly significant.

Keeping it Private: Norbert’s Low-Key Lifestyle

Norbert Brunner, the soccer player’s father, chooses a life away from the public eye, focusing on providing steadfast support to Paris. His preference for privacy does not diminish his role as a crucial figure in Paris Brunner’s life.

Valerie Brunner: Beyond Motherhood

Valerie Brunner, Paris’s mother, proves to be a multi-talented force. A glance at her Instagram reveals her past candidacy for the deputy national of Kinshasa Funa. Beyond her political endeavors, Valerie actively contributes as a philanthropist and personal blogger.

Social Media Maven: Valerie’s Digital Presence

Valerie is not only an influential figure in Paris’s life but also maintains a vibrant online presence. Managing an Instagram page (@valerie_ndjibi_brunner) and a YouTube channel, Ndjibi TV, she shares insights into her dynamic personality and the supportive environment crucial to Paris Brunner’s life and career.

Paris Brunner Secures Golden Ball at FIFA U17 WC 2023


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A post shared by Paris Brunner (@princeparis.13)

In the world of football triumphs, Germany, a four-time FIFA World Cup champion, has now added another feather to its cap—an inaugural victory in the U-17 Men’s World Cup of 2023, triumphing over France in a nail-biting final that unfolded into a penalty drama.4

A Stellar Performance

Amidst this fervor, one standout luminary for the German squad throughout this remarkable odyssey was the 17-year-old prodigious forward, Paris Josua Brunner.

Notably, he not only played a pivotal role but also ascended to claim the coveted title of the tournament’s finest, being bestowed with the prestigious Golden Ball Award.

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From Borussia Dortmund’s Youth Echelons to Global Stardom

Paris Brunner
Paris Brunner ( Image: Instagram )
  • However, even before Brunner etched his name on the global football tableau, he had already illuminated headlines across Germany and Europe as a veritable wunderkind in the realm of world football.
  • His journey commenced in the youth echelons of Borussia Dortmund, a club distinguished for its prowess in youth development.
  • Here, the 17-year-old dynamo rattled the nets with astonishing frequency, tallying an astounding 16 goals in a mere quintet of matches in the Under-17 tier of the German league.
  • This extraordinary feat catapulted him into the under-19 echelon at the tender age of 16, where he made an indelible mark by scoring against Bonner SC on his debut.
  • His rapidity and attacking flair drew parallels with another rising German luminary, Youssoufa Moukoko, who held the distinction of being the youngest player in the FIFA World Cup of 2022.

Dominating the U-17 Stage

Clad in the German jersey, Brunner manifested both clutch performances and an intimidating aura at the under-17 level. In the U-17 European Championship, he notched the equalizer for a 10-man squad against Switzerland in the quarterfinals, compelling the contest into the high-stakes realm of penalties.

Emerging victorious with a 3-2 triumph in the penalty shootout, Germany secured its berth in the World Cup—a testament to Brunner’s mettle.

World Cup Heroics

The World Cup stage witnessed his unwavering consistency, where he rifled in five goals, with a staggering four of them materializing during the knockout rounds. His sublime skills orchestrated the decisive goal against Spain in the quarterfinals and a scintillating brace against Argentina in the semifinals.

Despite a hiccup in the penalty shootout during the final, Brunner not only inaugurated the scoring for the Germans in the tournament but also found the net during regular play in the title-deciding match.

Brunner’s Playing Style and Future Prospects

Brunner’s modus operandi on the field encapsulates a fusion of breakneck speed and nimble dribbling into the final third—an amalgamation that confounded the French defenders in the championship decider.

While the 17-year-old luminary is yet to grace the field for any senior sides, be it club or country, it appears to be merely a question of time before Brunner ascends to seize such opportunities. The footballing world eagerly awaits the inevitable ascent of this prodigious talent onto the grander stage.

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Paris Brunner’s Journey in Football

Paris Brunner
Paris Brunner ( Image: Instagram )

Paris Brunner Biography

Paris Joshua Brunner, born on 15th February 2006 in Germany, has emerged as a promising young player in the world of football.

As we delve into the life of this German sensation, you’ll discover a remarkable journey fueled by passion, talent, and unwavering support.

Early Years and Passion for Football

From an early age, Paris Brunner exhibited a profound love for football. His soccer-loving parents quickly recognized the spark of talent within him and actively encouraged his involvement in the sport. It was evident that young Brunner was destined for greatness.

Kickstarting the Journey with VfB Stuttgart Youth Team

Paris Brunner’s football odyssey began with the Stuttgart youth team, where his skills and dedication stood out. His potential didn’t go unnoticed, and football academies were quick to identify the rising star. Seizing the opportunity, he transitioned to none other than the renowned German youth team, VfB Stuttgart.

Learning and Growing: The VfB Stuttgart Experience

Within the VfB Stuttgart youth setup, Paris Brunner had the privilege of learning from seasoned coaches and interacting with peers who shared his passion. This pivotal phase in his career laid the foundation for the success that would follow.

Rise to Prominence: From Youth Team to Professional Debut

Transitioning from the youth team to the regular squad marked a significant milestone for Paris Brunner. In 2017, he made his professional debut, quickly establishing himself as a vital player for VfB Stuttgart.

His versatility as an attacking midfielder and winger added a dynamic edge to his gameplay, making him an indispensable asset for the club.

Contributions on the Field: Goals, Assists, and More

As a key player in the VfB Stuttgart lineup, Paris Brunner showcased his prowess by consistently scoring goals and providing crucial assists. His impact on the field went beyond individual achievements, contributing significantly to the overall success of the team.

Exploring Paris Joshua Brunner’s Wiki

For a comprehensive understanding of Paris Joshua Brunner’s journey and achievements, delve deeper into his Wiki. Uncover the details of his remarkable rise in the football world, from early aspirations to professional accomplishments.


1. Who is Paris Josua Brunner, and what has been his recent achievement in football?

Paris Josua Brunner is a 17-year-old forward from Germany who recently played a pivotal role in securing the championship for Germany in the U-17 Men’s World Cup of 2023. He also earned the prestigious Golden Ball Award, recognizing him as the tournament’s best player.

2. Which club did Paris Brunner start his football journey with, and what notable accomplishments did he achieve at the youth level?

Paris Brunner began his football journey with Borussia Dortmund’s youth team. At the youth level, he gained recognition by scoring an impressive 16 goals in just five matches in the Under-17 level of the German league, showcasing his exceptional talent.

3. How did Paris Brunner perform on the international stage, particularly in the U-17 World Cup of 2023?

Representing Germany, Paris Brunner displayed clutch performances in the U-17 World Cup of 2023. He scored a total of five crucial goals, including the opening goal in the final against France. Despite missing in the penalty shootout, his contributions were significant in Germany’s victory.

4. What is notable about Paris Brunner’s playing style, and what are the expectations for his future in senior football?

Paris Brunner’s playing style is characterized by a dynamic combination of blistering pace and quick dribbles into the final third. Despite not featuring in any senior sides yet, his consistent performances suggest an imminent opportunity for him to shine on a bigger stage, and the football world eagerly awaits his potential ascent.

5. Can you provide insights into Paris Brunner’s family life and the support he receives from his parents?

Paris Brunner comes from a supportive family, with parents Valerie and Norbert Brunner. His mother, Valerie, has been featured on the show “Mein Kind, dein Kind,” showcasing their strong maternal bond. Despite a low-key lifestyle, Paris’s father, Norbert, plays a crucial role in supporting his son’s football career.

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