Meet Sebastian’s Siblings – Czarina, Alezandra, and Rico

Sebastian Robles: A Triumph of Family Unity in Athletic Pursuits

At the heart of Sebastian Robles’ achievements lies a resilient family network, united by a common passion. Together, Sebastian, his sisters Czarina and Alezandra, and brother Rico embody the true spirit of kinship and dedication to athletic pursuits.1

Unveiling the Athlete: Sebastian Robles’ Journey

Sebastian Robles, born on August 23, 2002, in Tucson, Arizona, is a distinguished American collegiate athlete at the University of Iowa. His wrestling journey commenced at Sunnyside High School, where he clinched consecutive state championships in 2020 and 2021.

A Legacy in the Making: The Wrestling Family of Sebastian Robles

Hailing from a family deeply rooted in wrestling, Sebastian’s father played a pivotal role in Sunnyside’s state championship team, while his mother contributed as a Mat Maid. This rich heritage laid the foundation for Sebastian’s own wrestling prowess.

Overcoming Setbacks: Robles’ Ascension in Iowa’s Wrestling Program

  • Despite encountering initial challenges, Robles evolved into a crucial member of Iowa’s wrestling program. In his freshman year, he showcased his skills with a commendable 12-4 record at 157 lb.
  • for the Hawkeyes team. Additionally, Robles secured second place at the Luther Open and third at the Lindenwood and Harold Nichols Opens.
  • Currently pursuing a B.S. in Sport and Recreational Management, Sebastian Robles aims to graduate in May of 2025. Balancing academics and athleticism, he exemplifies the dedication required to excel both on the mat and in the classroom.
  • Sebastian Robles’ journey is not just an individual triumph but a testament to the strength of family bonds and shared passions.
  • From his early victories at Sunnyside High School to his current pursuits at the University of Iowa, Robles continues to carve a legacy as a wrestler and scholar, fueled by the unwavering support of his robust family network.

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The Robles Siblings: A Tapestry of Athletic Excellence

The robust wrestling legacy of the Robles family isn’t confined to Sebastian’s achievements alone; it extends to encompass the collective triumphs of his siblings, creating a rich tapestry of athletic excellence.2


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Czarina and Alezandra: Trailblazing Paths of Distinction

The younger sisters of Sebastian, Czarina, and Alezandra Robles, contribute their unique talents, weaving shared ambitions into the fabric of their family.

Sebastian Robles
Sebastian Robles (Image: Source)

Czarina Robles: A Journey in Medicine and Academic Brilliance

Czarina, the elder of the two sisters, has chosen a path in Pre-Medicine at the University of Arizona. A proud alumna of Sunnyside High School, she not only embraced her passions but excelled in them.

As a former member of the Sunnyside HOSA team, Czarina qualified for State in 2022, participating in the CERT (Community Emergency Response Team). Her academic prowess is underscored by numerous scholarships, a testament to her commitment to healthcare.

Alezandra Robles: Carrying the Wrestling Torch with Fervor

  • The youngest sibling, Alezandra, continues the family’s wrestling tradition with unwavering determination. A rising star in the Sunnyside wrestling program, she has triumphed in significant tournaments.
  • Notably, Alezandra claimed the title of section champion in the 165 lb. class during Sunnyside’s victory in the Girl’s Wrestling Sectional in February 2023.
  • She replicated this success in December 2023, securing first place in the William Bell tournament. As a shining star for the Blue Devils, Alezandra continues to hone her skills, embodying the tenacity synonymous with the Robles name.
  • The athletic prowess of the Robles siblings goes beyond individual achievements. Czarina’s academic brilliance and Alezandra’s triumphs on the wrestling mat are threads in the rich tapestry of the Robles family legacy.

Rico Robles: A Stellar Presence in the Wrestling Arena

Meet Rico Robles, the elder brother of Sebastian, whose unique brand of excellence has left an indelible mark on the wrestling arena. In a noteworthy parallel to Sebastian’s achievements, Rico Robles secured a state championship in 2019. This shared triumph is a testament to the wrestling prowess embedded within the Robles family.

A Journey Through Sunnyside and Beyond

A seasoned competitor with accolades from Sunnyside High School, Rico’s wrestling journey took him to Waldorf College initially. However, in 2022, he made a significant move, transferring to Arizona Christian University, where he continues to illuminate the mat with his skills.

Sebastian Robles
Sebastian Robles (Image: Source)

Wrestling Glory: Achievements with the Firestorm Team

Reports indicate that Rico achieved a remarkable 2nd place finish in the Cascade Conference Tournament during his sophomore season with the Firestorm Wrestling team. His contributions have undoubtedly added to the wrestling legacy he shares with his siblings.

Academics and Aspirations: Nurturing a Future in Medicine

  • Beyond his wrestling prowess, Rico is carving a path in academics and aspiring to contribute to the medical field. Majoring in biology, he harbors aspirations of becoming a nurse—a trajectory that aligns with the family tradition, echoing the footsteps of his father and uncles.
Sebastian Robles
Sebastian Robles (Image: Source)
  • Rico’s journey exemplifies resilience and adaptability, embodying the inherent attributes of the Robles family legacy. As he continues to excel on the wrestling mat and pursue his academic goals, Rico stands as a stellar representation of the commitment to excellence synonymous with the Robles name.
  • Rico Robles emerges as more than just Sebastian’s brother; he is a formidable presence in the wrestling arena, contributing to the rich tapestry of the Robles family’s legacy.
  • His achievements, both on and off the mat, underscore the enduring commitment to excellence that runs deep within the Robles lineage.

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Sebastian Robles: A Stellar Addition to Iowa’s Wrestling Program

In a strategic move, the Iowa wrestling program has once again tapped into the rich talent pool of Arizona’s historic Sunnyside wrestling program for its latest recruit in 2021.

Sebastian Robles: Senior Standout from Tucson

Sebastian Robles, a senior hailing from the wrestling powerhouse in Tucson, has officially committed to the Hawkeyes. His addition marks a significant boost to Iowa’s 2021 recruiting class, where he is projected to compete at the formidable 157/165 pounds weight class.

A Humble Announcement of Commitment

Expressing his enthusiasm, Robles took to Twitter to share the exciting news. In a tweet, he stated, “Very excited and humbled to announce that starting in the fall I will be pursuing my athletic and academic goals at the UNIVERSITY OF IOWA!!”

A Legacy of Excellence: Sunnyside Wrestling Program

  • Robles follows in the footsteps of notable wrestling talents from the Sunnyside program, including Jesse Ybarra, a current Iowa freshman, and Roman Bravo-Young, a 2021 NCAA champion at Penn State.
  • Sunnyside’s wrestling legacy boasts four consecutive Arizona state team titles and an impressive total of 34 state titles overall.
  • As Sebastian Robles joins the esteemed ranks of Iowa’s wrestling program, anticipation builds for the impact he will undoubtedly make on the mat.
  • His commitment reflects not only his individual prowess but also the continued success of the Iowa Hawkeyes in recruiting top-tier talents from renowned wrestling programs like Sunnyside.
Sebastian Robles
Sebastian Robles
  • In conclusion, Sebastian Robles’ decision to join the University of Iowa’s wrestling program adds a new chapter to the storied legacy of both the Hawkeyes and the Sunnyside wrestling powerhouse.
  • As he embarks on this exciting journey, all eyes will be on Robles as he contributes his skills and determination to the Hawkeyes’ pursuit of wrestling excellence.

Sebastian Robles: From Sunnyside High School Champion to the University of Iowa

Sunnyside High School’s wrestling champion, Sebastian Robles, is set to elevate his talents to the collegiate level as he officially signs with the University of Iowa. The pivotal moment took place as Robles inked his National Letter of Intent in the high school auditorium on a Friday.

Humble Reflections: Robles on His Signing Day

Expressing his thoughts on the monumental occasion, Robles shared, “I don’t really think it’s hit me. It still hasn’t. I just feel like a normal kid at Sunnyside on a regular day, even though I signed. That’s how I feel.”

Sebastian Robles
Sebastian Robles

Undefeated Glory: Senior Season Triumphs

Robles concluded his senior season with a remarkable 12-0 record, sealing his dominance with a victory in the 160-pound Division 1 State Championship. This undefeated streak underscores the exceptional skill and dedication he brings to the mat.

Joining the Big 10 Conference: A Noteworthy Achievement

  • As he embarks on his collegiate journey, Sebastian Robles will join the Big 10 Conference, a testament to the caliber of talent that Sunnyside High School produces.
  • He becomes one of four former Sunnyside wrestlers set to compete in the prestigious conference in the upcoming season.
  • The transition from high school champion to collegiate athlete signifies the beginning of a new chapter for Sebastian Robles. As he dons the Hawkeye colors, anticipation mounts for the impact he will make in the Big 10 Conference, carrying with him the legacy of Sunnyside High School’s wrestling program.
  • Sebastian Robles’ signing with the University of Iowa marks a significant milestone in his wrestling journey. The undefeated senior champion is poised to leave a lasting impression as he steps onto the collegiate stage, representing both Sunnyside High School and the Hawkeyes with skill, humility, and determination.


1. Who is Sebastian, and who are his siblings?

Ans: Sebastian has three siblings: Czarina, Alezandra, and Rico. They are part of Sebastian’s family, and each sibling likely has their own unique background and pursuits.

2. What is known about Czarina, Sebastian’s sibling?

Ans: As of the latest available information, specific details about Czarina, including her background and interests, are not extensively publicized. Family members of individuals not in the public eye often maintain privacy, and fans are encouraged to respect their personal boundaries.

3. Can you provide information about Alezandra, another sibling of Sebastian?

Ans: Details about Alezandra, such as her personal and professional life, may not be widely known or publicly disclosed. Siblings of private individuals are not typically in the public eye, and they may choose to keep certain aspects of their lives private.

4. Who is Rico, and what is known about him as Sebastian’s sibling?

Ans: Rico is one of Sebastian’s siblings, but specific details about his life, background, and profession may not be extensively publicized. Like other family members, Rico may choose to maintain a level of privacy.

5. Have Sebastian’s siblings been involved in his public life or career?

Ans: While family members may be supportive of each other, Sebastian’s siblings are not extensively known for being directly involved in his public life or career. Siblings of private individuals often lead their own lives away from the spotlight, and the extent of their involvement in the public eye may vary.

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