Moriah Wilson Murder Suspect – Is Kaitlin Armstrong Related To Lance Armstrong? Case Update

According to a newly issued federal warrant for Kaitlin Armstrong, the murder weapon used in the killing of ‘Mo’ Wilson was found at the property of a wanted fugitive in Texas.

No one could have possibly anticipated that Moriah “Mo” Wilson’s accused murderer, Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, would still be at large more than five weeks after the tragic death of the dirt cycling phenom Moriah “Mo” Wilson.

In addition, the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force of the United States Marshals Service said on Thursday that a car that was connected to a lady who is wanted for questioning in connection with the murder of a professional cyclist in Texas had been discovered.

The last time anyone saw or heard from Armstrong was on May 18, the same day that Austin police obtained a homicide search warrant for her apprehension in connection with the death of Anna Moriah Wilson. During that time, her last known location was at Newark Liberty International Airport, where she was being dropped off.

Wilson, 25, is a successful racer who competes in gravel and mountain bike events in Vermont. He was in Austin to compete in one of those events.

On the other hand, Wilson was found by the cops on May 11 at a property in East Austin, bleeding and unconscious from several gunshot wounds. He had been shot multiple times.

Moriah Wilson Murder Suspect
Moriah Wilson Murder Suspect (Source: Nypost)

Update On Moriah Wilson Murder Suspect Kaitlin Armstrong

The existence of a new federal warrant puts an end to the myth that Austin police believe they are in possession of the pistol that was used to kill Moriah “Mo” Wilson in his own house. She was allegedly involved in a love triangle that led to her murder one month ago by Kaitlin Armstrong, who was motivated by jealousy.

The United States Marshals Service stated earlier on Thursday that the 34-year-old Armstrong is now facing a federal charge of leaving unlawfully to dodge prosecution. In a similar vein, Armstrong is already being sought for a murder that occurred in Texas, according to the USMS.

In addition, the warrant that was updated discloses that the spent cartridge casings that were found at the scene of the crime are identical to those that were shot later by the police from a handgun that was found at Armstrong’s residence.

The same apartment that she shared with her lover Colin Strickland, who is a professional cyclist and is 35 years old. Colin Strickland and 25-year-old Wilson had gone out to supper together the night of the shooting.

It has been determined that Kaitlin Marie Armstrong and Lance Armstrong are not connected to one another in any way. The two come from very different backgrounds, despite the fact that they have the same surname.

The fact that they are both from the state of Texas in the United States of America makes it possible for readers and internet users to draw this conclusion despite the fact that it is not explicitly stated.

Yoga instructor Kaitlin, who hails from the state of Texas in the United States, is wanted for questioning in connection with the alleged death of Moriah Wilson, also known as Anna “Mo” Wilson, a competitive cyclist.

In a similar vein, Lance Armstrong is an American professional cyclist who hails from Texas. He is widely regarded as a sporting icon due to the fact that he won the Tour de France an incredible seven times in a row between 1999 and 2005.

Where Is Kaitlin Armstrong Now?

Kaitlin Armstrong is wanted for questioning in connection with the ambush shooting of professional cyclist “Mo” Wilson. The charges against her include murder.

Armstrong was reportedly observed at the Camp Haven campsite in Livingston Manor, New York, about a month ago, according to a camper who contacted Fox News under cover of anonymity.

In addition, the camper who requested anonymity stated that Christine, Armstrong’s sister, had just been questioned by United States Marshals and worked at the location while also living there on a permanent basis.

KXAN reports that the United States Marshals Service has informed them that Armstrong’s black Jeep Grand Cherokee has been found. Armstrong sold the vehicle to a CarMax location in south Austin for the price of $12,200 on May 13, two days after Wilson was murdered there.

In addition, a new contributor who wishes to remain anonymous has increased the official reward of $6,000 for information that leads to her capture to a total of $15,000 dollars.

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