NCERT Class 5 English Solution Free PDF Download

English is the universal language and it is important to speak and write the language perfectly. It is always fun to learn languages because you might not find them to be boring like other subjects. At times, you love this subject because if the excellent stories you hear from the English teacher. Your lower standards would have covered basic lessons and a few poems. Here in class 5 you are going to learn a little advanced version of prose and different poems.

National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is the organization under Indian government to help the students in education. They print and publish textbooks and ncert books with solution for all the subjects from Class 1 to Class 12. All the books and solutions provided by them are based on the latest Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) syllabus. Their solutions are accurate and very easy for the students to learn and understand.

Download NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Free PDF – Chapterwise

Chapter No Chapter Name
1 Wonderful Waste
2 Flying Together
3 Robinson crusoe
4 My Elder Brother
5 Rip van Winkle
6 Talkative Barber
7 Gullivers Travels
8 The Little Bully
9 Around the World
10 Who will be Ningthought

Class 5 English Poem – NCERT Textbook

Poem No Poem Name
1 Ice Cream Man
2 Teamwork
3 My Shadow
4 Crying
5 The Lazy Frog
6 Class Discussion
7 Topsy Turvey Land
8 Nobodys Friend
9 Sing a Song of People
10 Malu Bhalu

NCERT/CBSE Class 5 English Textbook Solution

NCERT solution for Class 5 English provides answers to all the questions asked in CBSE Class 5 English textbook. The solutions are prepared by high skilled teaching and research professionals from NCERT. Their solutions are brief, precise, and accurate to the point. They can be studied from the beginning of the year so that you get used to it. It is enough to study the solution from NCERT Solution books rather than many confusing solutions on the internet.

NCERT Class 5 English has about 10 prose lessons and 10 poems respectively. The prose chapters are basically story based and can excite the students. Since it is of story type lessons, it will be easy for you to study and you will not forget the solutions easily. Most of the prose lessons are world famous literature. They each have morals at the end and it can be applied to our life’s situations. The prose and poems found in NCERT Class 5 English Solution books are as follows

Tips to prepare for NCERT Class 5 English Examination

English may be an easy subject to look, but it requires some serious effort to learn and score high marks. Following are some tips to score good marks

  • A language like English requires written practice. Only by writing, you can avoid spelling mistakes; also improve in speed and handwriting. NCERT solution for Class 5 English will help you to check if your answers are right or wrong.
  • Memory poems should be learnt properly and well practiced. Any small mistake can lead to reduction of more marks in this section. You can use the NCERT class 5th English textbook. We also have that on our website in easy to download option.
  • Study synonyms and antonyms everyday and try to impart those vocabularies in your speech too. Answers of all the questions in NCERT class 5th English textbook for synonyms and antonyms can be found in NCERT class 5 English Solution textbook available on this page in easy to download way.
  • A good mark in English means you are getting a new skill like Communication. So prepare well and give your best shot in the examinations.


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