NHRA Racer Antron Brown Came Into The Spotlight Following His Testimony Regarding The Dangers Involved In Motorsports

An American drag racer by the name of Antron Brown competes for AB Motorsports in the NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series driving the Matco Tools Top Fuel dragster. Brown hails from Florida.

Brown is perhaps best known for his three consecutive championship victories in the Top Fuel class in 2012, 2015, and 2016. Antron is the first athlete of African American descent to ever win the championship in this sport. Brown took first place in sixteen different motorcycle races and finished second overall in both 2001 and 2006.

When he first started participating in professional drag racing, he had a lot of fun riding a Pro Stock Motorcycle, and as a result, he quickly gained a lot of popularity, not only among fans but also among other racers.

Antron brown
antron brown

Quick Facts

Name Antron Brown
Age And Birthday 46 years, March 1, 1976
Birthplace New Jersey, United States
Marital Status Married
Children 3

Where Antron Brown Initially Encountered His Future Wife, Billie Jo Brown

Brown wed Billie Jo Brown in 2001, while he was competing in his very first Pro Stock Motorcycle Race. They first became acquainted with one another in 1998 during Antron’s first Pro Stock Motorcycle race in Gainesville, and ever since then, they have been together.

Antron took to Instagram not too long ago to mark the occasion of his and his wife’s 21st wedding anniversary by posting a photo of themselves in their wedding attire. Because of how well they understand one another and trust one another, the couple has been together for a very long time.

In a similar vein, Billie has consistently been a pillar of support for her husband. In a conversation with Don Schumacher Racing, she was asked about what it’s like to have a husband who is a race driver, and she responded that he is the most humble person and the most supportive husband anyone could ask for.

NHRA Driver Antron and His Wife, Billie, Have Three Children Together

Brown’s children are named Jo-Anson, Adler, and Arianna. He and his wife, Billie, also have a daughter. The development of an NHRA racer’s children takes precedence over the accomplishments of the racer’s professional career.

At the age of eight, Anson, who is the son of Antron, expressed interest in competing in races; in response, his family enthusiastically supported his goal and enrolled him in the Junior Dragster ranks.

Anson has garnered a few championships in the Midwest Jr. The Super Series, demonstrating that he possesses talent that has great potential. Later on, he made the decision to get a more powerful vehicle for his 17th birthday in 2021, and his parents surprised him by enrolling him in a Super Comp license course at Frank Hawley.

Antron’s other two children, in addition to Anson, Adler, and Arianna, follow in their father’s footsteps by pursuing their interests in drag racing in order to carry on the family tradition. No matter where any of their careers ultimately take them, whether it be in the automotive industry or another field entirely, Antron and his wife, Billie Jo, will continue to love and support them no matter what.

In a similar vein, Brown wants his children to have as many experiences as possible because he wants them to find something that they enjoy doing.

Since the Beginning of time, the Brown family has been involved in auto racing

His grandfather was the first to start the Brown drag-racing gene in Antron Brown’s family, with help from his grandmother Dolores, who attends many races. Antron Brown is Antron Brown’s grandson.

In later years, NHRA Racer’s father, Albert, followed in his grandfather’s footsteps by pursuing the same line of work as his grandfather. He was a sportsman drag racer in addition to operating a septic tank service. Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey was where Antron spent his childhood watching his father and uncle, Andre Brown, compete in auto races.

After observing his father and uncle compete, he developed an interest in the sport himself. Therefore, he started racing motorcycles when he was six years old, and when he was twelve years old, he started motocross, practicing on a course he built on the farm. As a senior in high school, he competed in his first ever drag race, which was a competitive event.

Anson Brown, Antron’s son and a drag racer himself at the age of 13, represents the fourth generation of drag racers in the Brown family. In addition to this, both of his children, Arianna, his other daughter, and Adler, his son, have followed in his footsteps.

Brown has stated that his children have shown early success in Junior Dragsters and have gained valuable lessons for life through their participation. The year before, his son Anson won the championship for the Midwest Junior Dragster class. At this point, members of the Brown family spanning three generations will take part in the NHRA Summernationals.

Antron Brown
Antron Brown

Early Life

Brown and his family moved to his grandmother’s 10-acre farm in rural Chesterfield Township, New Jersey, when his grandfather passed away. Brown had been living in Trenton, New Jersey, until he was six years old at the time of the move.  In addition to operating a septic tank service, his father Albert competed in drag racing at the sportsman level. Antron began racing motorcycles at the age of six and motocross at the age of twelve, practicing on a course he built on the farm, where he also maintained the cars when he was a child. As a senior in high school, he participated in his first ever competitive drag race.

Brown attended Northern Burlington County Regional High School prior to becoming a track star at Mercer County Community College in New Jersey as a sprinter and long jumper. He graduated from Mercer County Community College in 1997 with an associate’s degree in business administration. Brown’s athletic accomplishments earned him the nickname “Brown Lightning.” After receiving a full scholarship to run track for Long Island University, he was contacted by football player Troy Vincent, who was beginning a racing team. Brown’s cousin was married to Troy Vincent, so he knew Brown through their shared family connection.

In Popular Culture

Brown made a guest appearance on the third season, episode 8 of the A&E reality show Storage Wars, titled “The Fast and the Curious.” Brown played the role of an appraiser in this episode. He also made an appearance in episode 3 of Idris Elba: No Limits, playing the role of Elba’s drag racing coach. In its current iteration, Top Gear America, he shares hosting duties with Tom Ford and William Fichtner .

In the fifteenth season of the Discovery show Wheeler Dealers, Brown competed against a 1965 Barracuda that was driven by Ant Antstead . His opponent was in the driver’s seat.

Career in racing

Between the years 1998 and 2007, Brown competed in the NHRA’s Pro Stock Motorcycle division. He spent his first three years in the division with Vincent’s Team 23 Racing. In the motorcycle division, Brown was victorious in 16 events, and he finished a career-best second in points in both 2001 and 2006. He made the transition to Top Fuel dragsters in 2008. In 2012, 2015, and 2016, Brown was crowned champion of the Top Fuel class.

Net Worth Of Drag Racer

Antron Brown net worth and salary: Antron Brown is a Race Car Driver who has a net worth of $3.5 million. Antron Brown was born in in March 1, 1976. American drag racer and the 2012 Top Fuel National Hot Rod Association Champion.


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