Owachige Osceola Murder: Who Killed Her? How Did She Die?

Owachige Osceola Murder: Who Killed Her? How Did She Die?

When 911 operators in Norman, Oklahoma, were asked to check on Owachige Osceola’s wellbeing by his friends, they assumed the call was one of the many ordinary calls they receive every day. However, when the authorities arrived at Owachige’s residence, they discovered the entire place in disarray, and the victim was discovered lying dead in her bedroom. Murdered: Owachige Osceola, a documentary produced by Crime Junkie, tells the story of the tragic murder and follows the police investigation that did its utmost to figure out who was responsible for the murder. If you are interested in gaining further insight into the unfortunate circumstances behind Owachige’s passing, we got you covered.

Owachige Osceola Murder
Owachige Osceola Murder

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How Did Owachige Osceola Die?

Owachige Osceola was just 27 years old when she was killed, and according to sources, she was a descendent of the chief of Florida’s Seminole tribe. She was found dead in her home in Florida. Owachige went through a divorce and relocated from Anadarko, Oklahoma, to Norman, Oklahoma, in hopes to begin a new life just a short time before she passed away. People who knew her characterized her as a wonderful and compassionate spirit who loved to serve others and always faced everyone with a grin, despite the fact that she lived alone in an apartment in Norman. They said she always greeted everyone with a smile. In addition, she was generally pleasant to deal with, which made it all the more difficult to come to terms with the devastating news of her passing.

Because they were unable to get a hold of Owachige by phone in September 2013, a couple of her friends traveled all the way to Norman to visit her. When the friends arrived at her apartment, they saw that the front door had been kicked in, which led them to assume that there was something suspicious going on. In addition to that, there was no one there to answer the door when they knocked. As a consequence, they did not squander any time and immediately dialed 911 to request that the authorities check on Owachige’s well-being.

When the authorities arrived to the apartment, they discovered the entire location to be in disarray, with items and furniture strewn all over the floor in various locations. In addition to this, when the authorities entered the bedroom, they discovered a human body covered with a blanket and laying on the bed. A short time later, the deceased body was determined to be that of Owachige, and the authorities confirmed that she had passed away. In addition to the fact that the victim’s entire body was covered in bruises, and despite the fact that the victim’s surroundings gave the impression that a struggle had taken place, detectives discovered injuries on the victim’s neck. However, the autopsy was unable to determine the cause of death, and the medical examiner did not deem the manner of death to be that of a homicide, despite the fact that it was performed.

Owachige Osceola Murder
Owachige Osceola Murder

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Who Killed Owachige Osceola?

It is interesting to note that in the hours that followed the discovery of Owachige’s body, the police discovered a person by the name of “Moose” who was regarded a person of interest because they were in frequent touch with Owachige. According to the podcast, the police discovered that Owachige had posted on social media about how Moose was supposedly trying to kill her and had even withdrawn $500 the day before her death. They also discovered that Owachige had posted about how Moose was allegedly trying to kill her. However, it was discovered that “Moose” had a credible alibi, thus he was not punished for the crime.

After that, a few of months into the inquiry, the police made an announcement that they had a suspect in custody who they suspected was responsible for the murder of Owachige. The fact that the autopsy was unable to establish that the victim had been the victim of a homicide prevented the authorities from making an arrest in spite of the fact that the suspect has not been identified to this day. In addition, footage obtained from surveillance cameras revealed that on the day of the murder, a man with the alias “Cocaine Rob” was seen exiting his vehicle at the apartment complex where Owachige lived. However, because the manner in which the victim died was never established, the investigation into the murder was eventually discontinued, and it is now considered a cold case.

According to the reports, the investigation into the death of Owachige was reopened in 2017, and after the authorities reexamined the evidence, they became convinced that the victim had been killed. In addition to this, the officer in charge of the investigation sought the assistance of a federal medical examiner’s office in Maryland, which arrived at the conclusion that Owachige’s death was the result of a homicide. However, when the evidence was given to the office of the district attorney in Oklahoma, they refused to acknowledge it and instead remained steadfast in their adherence to the initial autopsy findings.

Unfortunately, because the incident hasn’t been officially labeled as a homicide, the investigation has been rather challenging, and the police haven’t been able to come up with many leads. However, now that the killing of Owachige is garnering a lot of attention, her family and the Seminole tribe in Florida have filed letters to the authorities requesting them to bring Owachige’s killer to justice. Even though a suspect has not been found or apprehended, the police are asking anyone who may have any information to come forward. They are hopeful that by doing so, they may be able to provide Owachige’s family and friends with some much-needed closure.

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