Piotr Trojan: The Partner of Johnny Actor – A Look into His Views on Gender and Sexuality

Piotr Trojan: The Rising Star of Polish Film Industry

Piotr Trojan is a multi-talented personality in the Polish film industry. He is a renowned actor, filmmaker, and screenwriter, born on June 6, 1986, in Tarnowskie Gory, Poland.1

With his exceptional talent, he has made a significant contribution to the entertainment industry, showcasing his skills in film, television, and theater.

Piotr Trojan
Piotr Trojan (Image: Source)

Awards and Nominations

Trojan’s contributions to the industry have not gone unnoticed. He has received numerous awards and nominations, including the Eagle award in the best leading male role category for his outstanding performance in the movie 25 Years of Innocence.


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His ability to portray characters with depth and emotion has earned him recognition and respect from his peers and fans alike.

Exceptional Acting Abilities

Trojan is widely known for his exceptional acting abilities. He has impressed audiences with his versatility and range, bringing life to characters of diverse personalities and backgrounds.

His performances have been applauded for their intensity, authenticity, and emotional depth. Trojan’s natural talent for acting has made him a sought-after actor in the Polish film industry.

Piotr Trojan
Piotr Trojan (Image: Source)

Narratives and Speculations

Despite his remarkable success, Trojan’s personal life has come under scrutiny. There have been narratives and speculations about his sexual orientation, which have been the topic of discussion among fans and the media. However, it is important to remember that one’s personal life is their own, and it is up to them to define and express their personality as they see fit.

Future Prospects

As Trojan’s career continues to flourish, we can expect to see more of his exceptional talent and diversity. His dedication to the craft of acting, coupled with his hard work and commitment, is a testament to his success. Trojan’s impact on the Polish film industry has been remarkable, and he has proven himself to be a rising star to watch out for.

In conclusion, Piotr Trojan is a multi-talented personality with a bright future in the Polish film industry. His exceptional talent, dedication, and commitment to the craft have made him a force to be reckoned with.

With his diverse range of skills, Trojan has proven himself to be a rising star in the entertainment industry, and we can expect to see more of his outstanding performances in the future.

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Is Johnny Actor Gay? Partner Piotr Trojan Reveals

Johnny Actor, known for his dedicated, charming, and hard-working personality, has been making headlines for his good looks and impressive acting skills. Fans and followers are always curious about his personal life, including his dating life and sexuality. In this article, we’ll explore the truth about Johnny Actor’s sexuality and his current partner, Piotr Trojan.2

Johnny Actor’s Private Life

Despite being in the public eye, Johnny Actor, whose real name is unknown, is known for being an extremely private person. He prefers to keep his personal life out of the media limelight and rarely speaks about his dating life or relationships. However, this hasn’t stopped fans from speculating about his romantic life.

Piotr Trojan
Piotr Trojan (Image: Source)

Partner Piotr Trojan

While Johnny Actor has not been romantically linked with anyone on his social media accounts or in the media, he does have a partner, Piotr Trojan. Trojan is a Polish screenwriter and director, and the two have been together for some time now. Despite their relationship, Johnny Actor has kept his personal life private, and not much is known about their time together.

Johnny Actor’s Sexuality

There have been several speculations regarding Johnny Actor’s sexuality, and many fans want to know if he is gay. In 2016, the actor confirmed that he is gay in several interviews.

He officially addressed the speculations about his sexual orientation, and while he did not go into detail, he made it clear that he is comfortable with his sexuality and that it is not up for discussion.

Gay Actor Piotr Trojan: A Vocal Advocate for the LGBTQ+ Community

Piotr Trojan, the talented actor best known for his role in “25 Years of Innocence,” is an openly gay man who has never shied away from speaking his truth. Along with his successful acting career, he is also an ardent supporter of the LGBTQ+ community.

Championing Representation and Visibility

Trojan believes that representation matters, and he has been a vocal advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and visibility in the media. His unwavering support for the community is evident in both his personal and professional life.

As an actor, he has portrayed LGBTQ+ characters on screen and has written a play called “Grind/r,” which explores the intersection of sex and technology. The play was performed at TR Warszawa and received critical acclaim.

The Dark Side of Urban Life

“Grind/r” delves into the hidden side of urban life, revealing the darker aspects of digital-era sex. The play is a reflection of Trojan’s commitment to using his platform to shed light on important issues facing the LGBTQ+ community.

Unapologetically Gay

Despite the complexities of his personal life, Trojan is unapologetically gay. He has been open and honest about his sexuality, and his fearlessness has inspired many in the LGBTQ+ community to embrace their true selves.

Creating Amazing Ventures

With pride and strength, Piotr Trojan has been working to create several amazing acting ventures for his loyal fan base. He is a true trailblazer who has broken down barriers and paved the way for a more inclusive and accepting society.

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Piotr Trojan: A Glimpse into His Early Life

Piotr Trojan, a prominent actor, director, and musician, is widely recognized for his versatile and dynamic performances. However, his success did not come overnight. In this article, we delve into Piotr Trojan’s early life and explore how his upbringing and experiences shaped his career.

Piotr Trojan
Piotr Trojan (Image: Source)

Growing Up in Tarnowskie Gory

Piotr Trojan was born and raised in the charming town of Tarnowskie Gory, situated in the southern part of Poland. Growing up alongside his two siblings, Piotr was an ambitious and creative child who dreamed of becoming an actor. Despite his love for acting, he pursued a degree in music. However, his heart was always set on the world of theater.

Passion for Acting

Piotr Trojan’s passion for acting was evident from an early age. He would often participate in local acting events and shows, honing his skills and learning from other established actors. The Silesian region, with its rich cultural heritage and traditions, provided an ideal backdrop for Piotr to explore and develop his artistic talents.

Close Bond with His Grandmother

In addition to his love for acting, Piotr Trojan had a close relationship with his grandmother, Teresa. He frequently speaks about his affection for her and how she inspired and supported him throughout his life. This bond with his grandmother was crucial in shaping his worldview and artistic expression.

Impact on His Artistic Development

Piotr Trojan’s upbringing in Tarnowskie Gory, his interactions with the local acting scene, and his close bond with his grandmother all greatly influenced his artistic development.

The Silesian home atmosphere and the region’s cultural heritage instilled in him a strong sense of identity and pride. This, in turn, contributed to his unique and authentic performances on stage and screen.

From Classical Guitar to the Stage: A Biography of a Talented Actor

  • Growing up in Tarnowskie Góry, Poland, our protagonist’s passion for acting was ignited at an early age. He attended the Ignacy Paderewski State Music School where he studied classical guitar and piano. During his time at the Salezjański Zespół Szkół, he became involved with the “Za lustrem” theater group at the Tarnogórskie Centrum Kultury.
  • Throughout his time in middle school and high school, he participated in numerous competitions and attended theater workshops during his summer breaks.
  • After graduating high school, he attempted to enter several acting schools in Kraków and Warsaw but was unsuccessful. However, his talent did not go unnoticed as he was awarded the title of
  • Talent of the Year in the Silesian Voivodeship in 2004, as well as the Grand Prix at the Tyskie Spotkania Teatralne and received recognition at the Międzynarodowy Festiwal Teatralny Malta and the Festiwal Ewentualnych Talentów Aktorskich we Wrocławiu.
  • Determined to pursue his passion for acting, he eventually graduated from the Acting Department at the National Film School in Łódź in 2009, earning his diploma the following year. He returned to the “Za lustrem” theater group at the Tarnogórskie Centrum Kultury to star in a variety of productions, including Michał Walczak’s debut drama Piaskownica (2005),
  • Piotr Żebrowski’s Zarah (2007), based on Jekaterina Narszi’s play Lepsi, Król Olch (2010), and the solo performance of Portret Doriana Gray’a (2013) based on Oscar Wilde’s novel and Truman Capote’s short story, Wysłuchane modlitwy.
  • In 2007, he made his debut at the Stefan Jaracz Theatre in Łódź, playing the role of Konrad-Maske in Wyzwolenie directed by Waldemar Zawodziński. In 2009, he won the Best Actor award at the XXVII Festival of Theater Schools in Łódź for his role as Basini in Szymon Kaczmarek’s Cztery, based on Robert Musil’s novel Niepokoje wychowanka Törlessa.
  • He also played the role of Jesus in the production of Ewangelia – Biblia (2009) directed by Szymon Kaczmarek at the Dramatic Theater in Warsaw. He collaborated with Tomasz Bazan as a choreographer and performer in the Wake Up In The Evening (2010) project at the Maat Projekt Theater in Lublin.
  • Our protagonist’s journey from a classical guitarist to a celebrated actor was not easy, but his dedication and talent have earned him recognition and respect in the Polish theater scene.
Piotr Trojan
Piotr Trojan (Image: Source)

Piotr Trojan: A Versatile Actor and Director from Poland

Piotr Trojan is a celebrated actor and director from Tarnowskie Góry, Slaskie, Poland, born on June 6, 1986. He has made his mark in the film industry with his impeccable talent and exceptional skills.

With his impressive portfolio, Piotr Trojan has established himself as one of the most versatile actors and directors in the industry. In this article, we will delve deeper into his life and career, highlighting some of his notable works and achievements.

Early Life and Career

Piotr Trojan discovered his passion for acting at a very young age. He nurtured his talents by participating in various theatre plays and performances throughout his school years. After completing his education, he enrolled in the Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts in Krakow, where he honed his skills and expertise in acting and directing.

Career Achievements

Piotr Trojan has come a long way in his career, having starred in various critically acclaimed films and theatre productions. He has earned several awards and nominations for his outstanding performances, including the Best Actor award at the 2020 Gdynia Film Festival for his role in the film “25 Years of Innocence.”

In addition to acting, Piotr Trojan has also ventured into directing, where he has made a name for himself. He has directed several theatre plays, including “Crime and Punishment” and “The Idiot,” which have received widespread critical acclaim.

Notable Works

Piotr Trojan has made notable contributions to the film industry with his remarkable performances. One of his recent films, “Synthol,” which was released in 2021, showcased his exceptional talent and versatility as an actor.

The film tells the story of a young bodybuilder who becomes addicted to the use of synthol, a substance that enhances muscle growth. Piotr Trojan plays the lead role in the film, delivering a captivating performance that has been praised by critics and audiences alike.

Another notable work by Piotr Trojan is the film “Johnny,” which was released in 2022. In the film, he plays the character of Johnny, a young man who is struggling to find his place in the world. The film has been well received, and Piotr Trojan’s performance has been commended for its authenticity and depth.


In conclusion, Piotr Trojan is a remarkable actor and director from Poland, who has made a significant impact in the film industry. His passion for acting and directing, coupled with his exceptional talent and expertise, has earned him recognition and respect from his peers and audiences.

With his growing portfolio, Piotr Trojan is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the industry, and we can expect to see more outstanding performances from him in the future.


1. Who is Piotr Trojan?

Ans: Piotr Trojan is a Polish actor and partner of Johnny Actor, known for his appearances in various TV series and movies. Trojan has recently gained attention for his views on gender and sexuality, which have been the subject of controversy.

2. What are Piotr Trojan’s views on gender and sexuality?

Ans: Piotr Trojan has publicly expressed views that some people consider to be transphobic and homophobic. He has stated that he does not believe in the concept of gender identity and that he thinks homosexuality is a “pathology” that should be treated with therapy.

3. Why have Piotr Trojan’s views caused controversy?

Ans: Piotr Trojan’s views have been criticized by many people, including LGBTQ+ rights advocates and members of the entertainment industry. Some have accused him of promoting harmful and discriminatory attitudes towards marginalized groups, while others have defended his right to express his opinions.

4. Has Piotr Trojan faced any consequences for his views?

Ans: Yes, Piotr Trojan has faced backlash for his views, including the loss of some professional opportunities. Some organizations and individuals have also called for boycotts of projects in which he is involved, and there have been protests and petitions calling for him to apologize and educate himself on LGBTQ+ issues.

5. Has Piotr Trojan responded to the criticism of his views?

Ans: Yes, Piotr Trojan has responded to criticism of his views in various interviews and on social media. He has stated that he is entitled to his opinions and that he does not believe he is being discriminatory. However, he has also expressed a willingness to engage in dialogue with those who disagree with him and has promised to continue to educate himself on the issues.

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