Portia Woodman(Rugby Star) And Her Wife-To-Be Renee Wickliffe Have A Daughter Kaia

Portia Woodman(Rugby Star) And Her Wife-To-Be Renee Wickliffe Have A Daughter Kaia

Portia Woodman, a New Zealand rugby player, is engaged to be married to Renee Wickliffe. Renee, her World Cup-winning partner, and their baby daughter Kaia make up her tiny family.

The duo has been together for almost a decade since they are teammates on the same New Zealand female rugby union squad. They have also managed to balance their responsibilities as rugby union athletes and mothers.

Aside from that, Wickliffe celebrated the World Cup victory a day earlier on Instagram, congratulating the group and her partner, Portia, who had a minor mishap that day.

Furthermore, Woodman sustained a concussion as a result of a horrible collision in the Rugby World Cup final against England, which resulted in a brain injury. Nonetheless, Renee Wickliffe, her wife and teammate, escorted her off the field on a cart.

Portia Woodman
Portia Woodman

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Portia Woodman Wife Renee Wickliffe: A Female Rugby Union

Portia Woodman and her wife Renee Wickliffe decided to marry last year and exchanged rings. The long-term partners were overjoyed, looking forward to a successful career as female rugby union players for New Zealand and Auckland.

She also played on teams that won the 2010 Rugby World Cup and the 2013 Rugby World Cup sevens. She was also named to the Ferns Sevens team for the 2014 Women’s Rugby World Cup.

She was also included to the 2017 Rugby World Cup squad as well as the Ferns Sevens team for the 2015 Women’s Rugby Super Series in Canada.

She scored a hat-trick against England in the Super Series championship game in 2019, propelling her team to victory.

Wickliffe was selected for the Chiefs team for the 2022 Super Rugby Aupiki season and was brought in to fill in for an injured member of the Ferns team for the 2022 Pacific Four Series.

Renee Wickliffe Announced Her Retirement As A Fern Sevens

Wickliffe was chosen for her first 15s World Cup start on the right flank. However, as she stated on Instagram, this could be her final game in the Seven’s shirt.

Her performance for Bay of Plenty in this year’s Farah Palmer Cup secured her a position on the World Cup roster, and she should be rewarded considering the team’s wingers, which included champion sevens players Portia Woodman, Ruby Tui, Stacey Fluhler, and midfielder Theresa Fitzpatrick.

Wickliffe announced her retirement ahead of the historic World Cup in her native country, saying she would hang up her boots after their campaign was over.

Wickliffe has played a vital role in several of New Zealand’s successful teams and has seen the women’s game evolve substantially, with the Ferns becoming a full-fledged professional squad for the first time this season.

Portia Woodman And Renee Wickliffe Have Been Dating Since 2013

After nearly nine years together, Portia and Renee, the powerful sporting couple, are engaged.

The couple had been dating since 2013. Woodman and Wickliffe first met in 2012 after being invited to the same national women’s sevens camp.

Wickliffe, a quick-footed winger who previously played rugby 15s and touched rugby while representing New Zealand, made the switch to sevens after winning a World Cup in 15s.

Woodman, a Northern Mystics contract player, transitioned from netball to rugby. This was the start of her quest to become World Rugby Sevens Player of the Year.

Similarly, the two professionals initially thought their connection was solely based on sports, but a year later, they met and bonded via their mutual love of rugby.

Woodman Is Greatful For The Impact Her Partner Has On Her

Woodman, a legendary sevens try scorer, is grateful for the influence her partner, fellow Ferns great Wickliffe, has had on her life.

According to a post on, she also claimed to have learned a lot from her partner about being a mother, an athlete, and a person from him. When they were injured during their individual games, the duo was there for each other.

They had trained together, especially throughout the 2020 turmoil. During the Level 4 lockdown, they rehearsed their side steps and whnau work-outs in their Mt Maunganui driveway.

And Woodman is grateful to Wickliffe for showing her that there is more to life than major athletics, especially now that she has the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Wickliffe’s ten-year-old daughter Kaia.

Age Gap Between Renee Wickliffe & Portia Woodman Is 4 Years

Wickliffe is four years older than her partner, Woodman, who celebrated his 31st birthday on July 12. Wickliffe, on the other hand, was born on May 30, 1987, making her present age 35 years.

Her partner, on the other hand, was born in 1991, is Maori, and is a member of the Ngapuhi iwi. Her father, Kawhena, and uncle, Fred Woodman, were both former rugby players, therefore she comes from a sporting family. Te Aroha Keenan, her aunt, is also a previous Silver Fern.

The Couple Are Mothers To A Ten-Year-Old Daughter Kaia

Woodman and Wickliffe have a daughter named Kaia, who was born on August 19, 2012.

According to their Instagram posts, Kaia was only eight weeks old when the couple first met, and it was difficult for them both to start a new relationship while still having a toddler.

Besides, Woodman was still figuring out her place in the family and how to relate with Kaia. “She’s not her mother, she’s not her aunty, she’s not her step-mum, she’s her Portia,” she’s always told Kaia.

According to, Wickliffe and Kaia will move in with Woodman in Mount Maunganui on July 13, 2021. It is the home of the national sevens programme, where both females can follow their sports love as professionals.

Their coworkers were really helpful throughout their demanding schedules, even with minor details like getting them on the pick-up list for Kaia’s kindergarten, which is only down the road from the Blake Park training camp.

They have made time to coach the Arataki U9s, an all-girls rugby side representing Kaia in the open category of their local Mount tournament.

Renee Wickliffe Father Passed Away When She Was Nine Years Old

Wickliffe Tao was born to Wayne Maurice and Elena (Finny) Tao. Her Instagram post revealed the death of both of her parents.

Wayne died on December 16, 1995, at the age of 41, and her mother died in 2013, at the age of 57. She says she has a close relationship with her mum.

She claims she grew up in a family full of partying and drinking after her father died when she was nine years old. She also has an adoptive sister with whom she played rugby when she was 12 years old.

Renee Wickliffe And Portia Woodman Are The Mother Of Kaia

Kaia, the daughter of Renee Wickliffe and her companion Portia Woodman, is fortunate to be reared by two mothers.

Renne and Portia had been dating and eventually in a relationship for over ten years. They brought a daughter named Kaia into the world on August 19, 2012.

Wickliffe, a 35-year-old New Zealand rugby union player who is married to Portia, also a rugby union player, contributed to New Zealand’s miraculous win against England in the 2021 Rugby World Cup final.

Despite the fact that Woodman had to leave the field midway through the game due to an injury, her teammates, particularly Wickliffe, were able to hold England’s relentless attack and lead the country to its sixth World Cup title and first since 2017.

Portia, 31, was extremely upset after suffering an injury and being unable to continue playing. She did, however, manage to join her teammates for their post-game celebration on November 12.

Woodman was allowed to go up on stage to accept her winner’s medal and join the celebrations following the Ferns’ 34-31 triumph over the Red Roses, which was sealed with a lineout heist after the hooter.

Following her injury, Portia, the 2015 World Rugby Women’s Sevens Player of the Year, was escorted by her soulmate Renee Wickliffe. Woodman shared a photo of herself beaming with the winner’s award on Instagram.

“I don’t remember the game, but I know I got a gold medal because we won; I’m so proud of our girls, the 32 here, and the 244 who helped us get here!”

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The Age Difference Between Portia Woodman And Renee Wickliffe Is Four Year

Renee Wickliffe, Portia Woodman’s partner, is four years her senior. Renne is 35 years old, while Portia is 31.

In January 2021, Portia and Renee got engaged. Despite the fact that they have been preparing their wedding for quite some time, they have yet to visit the church to say their vows.

On January 12, 2019, they tweeted a photo of themselves at a friend’s wedding, and their admirers encouraged them to start planning their own. Portia asked Renee to marry her two years later, and she accepted.

Wickliffe was only 22 years old when she was called up to the New Zealand national rugby team in 2009. After nearly 13 years with the national team, the 35-year-old chose to retire following the World Cup final victory over England Sunday night.

She was appointed to the Ferns squad for the Women’s Rugby World Cup in 2014, the Women’s Rugby Super Series in Canada in 2015, and the Ferns team that competed in the Rugby World Cup in 2017.

Furthermore, Wickliffe was a crucial member of the 2019 Super Series-winning squad, scoring three of the team’s five goals in the series-clinching match against England.

Wickliffe celebrated her wife Woodman’s birthday on July 12 by posting a joyful video in which she commented, “Happy Birthday, wifey.” She thanked her for always having her back, loving her, and cheering her up when she was down.

After having worries about either of them competing a month ago due to injuries, the couple went on to win the Rugby World Cup together. While they were rejoicing after the final, Wickliffe announced her retirement.

“Absolutely GOAT, you’ll def go down in the history books, my sis,” said one Instagram user in response to one of her latest photos.

Renee Wickliffe Partner Portia Woodman
Renee Wickliffe Partner Portia Woodman

Where Are Renee Wickliffe Parents From?

Renee Wickliffe was raised in New Zealand by her Mori parents. As a child, she received little caring and protection.

Wickliffe, a winger for the New Zealand national team, credits rugby for saving her life. Growing up in an environment where narcotics and alcohol were frequent led to her early experimentation with these substances.

She chastised her mother for not doing enough for Renee’s future. “My mum wasn’t very supportive of what I wanted to be,” the 35-year-old says of her long-term partner and soulmate, Portia Woodman, with whom she has a 10-year-old daughter, Kaia.

Renee Holmes, another member of her squad, had a difficult childhood as well. Her parents split when she was a young girl, and she was raised alone by her father, Laurie Holmes.

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Woodman played for the Northern Mystics before switching to rugby union in 2012.


She made her debut for the Black Ferns in 2013 against England. She was included in the squad that won the 2013 Rugby World Cup Sevens in Russia. She was named in the 2017 Women’s Rugby World Cup squad.


Woodman comes from a sporting background with both her father, Kawhena, and her uncle, Fred Woodman being former All Blacks. Her aunt Te Aroha Keenan is a former Silver Fern. Of Māori descent, Woodman affiliates to the Ngāpuhi iwi.

Renee Wickliffe Partner Portia Woodman
Renee Wickliffe Partner Portia Woodman

Quick Facts About Renee Wickliffe

Full Name Renee Wickliffe
Age 35 years
Married Status Married
Partner Portia Woodman
Children 1
Daughter’s Name Kaia

Some FAQs

Who is Renee Wickliffe partner Portia Woodman?

Renee Wickliffe and her partner Portia both are New Zealand’s female national team rugby union players. They won the World Cup on November 12.

Does Renee Wickliffe have any kids?

Renee Wickliffe has a daughter Kaia with her wife Portia Woodman. Kaia was born ten years ago on August 19.

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