Ramla Ali vs. Yamileth Mercado: Live Fight Updates Round-by-Round and Style Comparison

The fight between Yamileth Mercado and Ramla Ali was a showcase of boxing prowess, strategy, and resilience. Each round brought its own set of challenges and triumphs for both fighters

Mercado’s early dominance and technical skill contrasted with Ali’s aggressive strategies and tactical adjustments.

In the end, the fight was a testament to the skills of both fighters, with Mercado’s initial advantages and Ali’s late-round successes creating a memorable and closely contested bout.

The official decision would ultimately determine the victor, but the fight itself was a compelling display of boxing excellence.

This detailed round-by-round analysis captures the essence of a fight that was as strategic as it was thrilling, offering insights into the techniques and strategies employed by both Yamileth Mercado and Ramla Ali throughout their exhilarating clash.

Ramla Ali
Ramla Ali (Image: Source)

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Yamileth Mercado vs. Ramla Ali: Each Round Breakdown

The bout between Yamileth Mercado and Ramla Ali was an exhilarating display of boxing skills, strategy, and endurance.1

Each round offered its own set of dynamics and crucial moments that influenced the course of the fight. Let’s delve into a comprehensive round-by-round analysis of this thrilling encounter.

Round 1: The Champion Sets the Pace

In the first round, Yamileth Mercado, the defending champion, immediately set the tone for the fight with her aggressive approach.

From the opening bell, Mercado used her quick jabs to maintain distance, keeping Ramla Ali at bay. The champion’s sharp and precise punches were instrumental in controlling the early exchanges of the fight. Mercado’s strategy was evident as she worked to prevent Ali from closing the distance and finding her range.

Ali, however, showed resilience and a willingness to adapt. She began to shift the momentum by becoming the aggressor, moving forward and trying to break through Mercado’s defenses.

Despite Ali’s efforts, Mercado landed a significant left hand, underscoring her intent to dominate the round. By the end of the first round, Mercado had a slight edge, having landed clean, effective punches and establishing her dominance early on.

Round 2: A Shift in Momentum

The second round saw a noticeable shift in the fight’s momentum. Ramla Ali began to find her rhythm, despite struggling to close the distance in the previous round.

Mercado’s jab continued to be a critical tool for maintaining her lead, but Ali’s persistence started to pay off. A notable moment came when Mercado executed a clean one-two combination, demonstrating her continued aggression.

In a dramatic turn, Ali landed a big right hand over the top in the closing moments of the round. This punch had a significant impact, and many observers felt that it might have been enough for Ali to steal the round from Mercado.

Despite the champion’s solid performance, Ali’s late-round success shifted the balance, making the round highly competitive and perhaps in favor of the challenger.

Round 3: Trading Shots and Tactical Adjustments

Round 3 was characterized by intense exchanges as both fighters sought to impose their strategies on each other.

Mercado and Ali traded shots near the ropes, with Mercado generally landing more punches. Mercado’s powerful left hand was a key weapon in her arsenal, and she effectively used it to her advantage in this round.

Ali continued to apply pressure, aiming to force Mercado into a defensive stance. Despite the constant pressure, Mercado managed to land a right to the body, demonstrating her ability to respond to Ali’s aggression.

The round was marked by a series of significant punches from both sides, but Mercado’s ability to land a multi-punch combination at the end of the round gave her a slight edge.

Round 4: A Battle of Stamina and Strategy

In Round 4, Ramla Ali’s strategy became clearer as she sought to capitalize on Mercado’s occasional lapses. A quick jab from Ali demonstrated her readiness to exploit any openings.

During an exchange, Mercado slipped and fell, momentarily giving Ali the upper hand. However, Mercado’s resilience was evident as she continued to fight back.

Throughout the round, Ali appeared to be the busier fighter, with more frequent punches and a focus on scoring points. Mercado, on the other hand, relied on single, powerful punches rather than combinations. The round was closely contested, with Ali’s activity and tactical approach slightly edging out Mercado’s strategic counters.

Ramla Ali
Ramla Ali

Round 5: The Champion’s Resilience

Round 5 saw Yamileth Mercado return to form with a renewed sense of aggression. Her use of range and effective jab work continued to be crucial in keeping Ali at a distance. Mercado landed a crisp one-two combination and a powerful left hand that showcased her technical prowess.

Despite the champion’s success, Ali was still finding ways to make her mark. Her jab remained a significant weapon, but her head movement was noticeably lacking, making her an easier target for Mercado’s attacks.

Mercado capitalized on this by landing multiple punches to Ali’s head, asserting her dominance in the round.

Round 6: Adjustments and Counterattacks

By Round 6, Yamileth Mercado had made effective adjustments to her opponent’s tactics. Her punches were more fluid and effective, with well-executed one-twos becoming a key part of her strategy. Mercado’s ability to adapt to Ali’s pace was evident as she moved in and out of range with ease.

Ramla Ali continued to apply pressure, but Mercado’s improved efficiency in her punches and counterattacks created a favorable situation for the champion.

Mercado’s smoother technique and effective counterattacks earned her a good round, demonstrating her ability to adapt and overcome Ali’s aggressive approach.

Round 7: Intense Exchanges and Power Punches

Round 7 was marked by intense exchanges and a dramatic display of power from both fighters. Ramla Ali remained the aggressor, with both fighters landing significant punches in the center of the ring. A standout moment was Ali’s left hook that stunned Mercado, showcasing her punching power.

Mercado responded with a well-timed left hand and a crushing body shot from Ali added another layer of complexity to the round. This round was characterized by high action and power punches, making it a close contest and a pivotal moment in the fight as both fighters sought to seize control.


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Round 8: An Action-Packed Finale

In Round 8, Yamileth Mercado came out with a determined and aggressive approach. Her intent was clear as she threw powerful punches and sought to capitalize on her previous successes. The round was a back-and-forth battle, with both fighters landing significant punches.

A notable moment was Mercado’s overhand right that landed flush and a subsequent left hook that dazed Ali. The round also saw an accidental headbutt that briefly halted the fight.

As the round neared its end, Mercado’s aggressive pursuit of Ali in the corner with a barrage of punches highlighted her determination to close the round strongly.

Round 9: Clinches and Tactical Exchanges

Round 9 was marked by frequent clinches as the referee intervened multiple times to break up the fighters. The clinching was a tactic employed by Ramla Ali to neutralize Mercado’s combinations and create a pause in the action.

Despite the clinches, both fighters managed to land effective punches. Ali’s right hand and Mercado’s counter hook were key highlights of the round. The ongoing clinches and tactical exchanges made this round competitive, with both fighters striving to gain an advantage in the final stages of the fight.

Round 10: The Final Push

As the fight reached its final round, the tension was palpable. Both Yamileth Mercado and Ramla Ali entered the round with a clear intent to make a decisive impact.

Mercado landed a significant right hook early in the round, but Ali responded with a powerful left hook of her own.

In the closing moments of the round, Mercado’s wild, aggressive shots contrasted with Ali’s more calculated approach.

A notable moment was Mercado’s flurry of punches aimed at Ali, demonstrating her desire to end the fight on a high note.

As the final bell rang, the round was too close to call, with both fighters giving their all in a dramatic conclusion to the bout.

Ramla Ali
Ramla Ali

Yamileth Mercado vs. Ramla Ali: Fight

A High-Stakes Clash at the Footprint Center

Tonight, the Footprint Center in Phoenix, Florida, will host an electrifying boxing event featuring two talented fighters vying for the WBC Women’s Super Bantamweight Title.2

Yamileth Mercado (23-3) and Ramla Ali (9-1) will step into the ring, bringing their unique backgrounds and skills to a high-stakes showdown. This match promises to be a thrilling spectacle for boxing enthusiasts.

The WBC Women’s Super Bantamweight Title represents one of the most prestigious belts in women’s boxing. Held by the World Boxing Council, this title signifies excellence in the super bantamweight division.

Fighters who compete for this championship are among the elite in their weight class, and the opportunity to claim such a title is a testament to both their skill and dedication to the sport.

A Career on the Upswing

Yamileth Mercado has been making waves in women’s boxing, showcasing impressive form and resilience in her recent fights.

Currently on a five-fight winning streak, Mercado’s most notable victory came when she captured the WBC Women’s Super Bantamweight Title with a unanimous decision win over Linda Laura Lecca. This achievement has solidified her position as a leading contender in the super bantamweight division.

Resilience Against Top-Tier Competition

Mercado’s career losses have come against some of the best fighters in the sport. Her last defeat was at the hands of the legendary Amanda Serrano, a seven-division world champion who is widely regarded as one of the greatest female boxers of all time.

This loss, while significant, highlights Mercado’s willingness to challenge herself against the very best in the sport.

Recent Performances and Current Form

In her recent fights, Mercado has demonstrated a blend of technical skill and strategic acumen. Her victories have showcased her ability to adapt and overcome various styles, which will be crucial in her bout against Ramla Ali.

Mercado’s training and preparation for this fight have been intense, as she seeks to defend her title and continue her upward trajectory in the sport.

Ramla Ali
Ramla Ali (Image: Source)

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Ramla Ali: Who Is She?

The Path to Professional Boxing

Ramla Ali, with a professional record of 9-1, represents a formidable challenge for Mercado. Despite her relatively short professional career, Ali has made significant strides in the sport.3

At 34 years old, she is a seasoned fighter with a strong background in amateur boxing, where she achieved notable success.

Amateur Achievements and Championship Titles

Ali’s amateur career is marked by impressive accomplishments, including multiple titles and international recognition.

Her achievements in the amateur ranks laid a strong foundation for her transition to professional boxing. Ali’s experience in the amateur sphere, combined with her time as the IBF Women’s Intercontinental Super Bantamweight Champion, underscores her capability as a serious contender for the WBC title.

Though Ali’s professional record is not as extensive as Mercado’s, she has proven herself to be a skilled and determined fighter.

Her lone professional loss was to a formidable opponent, and she has since been working to refine her technique and strategy.

With a background that blends both amateur success and professional ambition, Ali enters this fight with the determination to make her mark on the sport.

Ramla Ali
Ramla Ali (Image: Source)

Comparing Styles: Mercado vs. Ali

Yamileth Mercado’s Fighting Style

Mercado’s fighting style is characterized by a blend of technical precision and aggressive strategy. She is known for her strong fundamentals, including effective footwork, sharp punching, and defensive skills.

Mercado’s approach in the ring combines a solid defensive posture with the ability to capitalize on her opponent’s mistakes, making her a well-rounded and dangerous fighter.

Ramla Ali’s Approach and Tactics

Ali’s fighting style is marked by her agility, speed, and strategic approach. She is known for her ability to move in and out of range quickly, using her footwork to create opportunities for counterattacks.

Ali’s tactics often involve a combination of quick combinations and defensive maneuvers designed to disrupt her opponent’s rhythm and capitalize on openings.

What Each Fighter Brings to the Ring

The contrast in styles between Mercado and Ali sets the stage for an intriguing matchup. Mercado’s technical precision and experience against top-tier competition will be tested by Ali’s agility and tactical acumen.

This clash of styles will be a key factor in determining the outcome of the fight.

Current Betting Lines and Predictions

According to DraftKings Sportsbook, Yamileth Mercado is the favorite in this matchup, with odds of -260, while Ramla Ali is the underdog at +200. These odds reflect Mercado’s recent successes and her established position in the super bantamweight division.

However, the odds also highlight the potential for an upset, given Ali’s background and her own ambition to win the title.

Several factors contribute to the betting odds, including Mercado’s recent winning streak, her victory over Linda Laura Lecca, and her experience against top-level opponents like Amanda Serrano.

On the other hand, Ali’s underdog status is partly due to her shorter professional career and her single professional loss. Nevertheless, Ali’s amateur success and past championship title add layers of intrigue to the fight.

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