Reporter Coral Davenport: Wikipedia Bio And Age, Earnings, Nationality And Family

Delving into the captivating narrative of Coral Davenport’s life, this article aims to provide an insightful exploration into her intriguing biography and age

Coral Davenport’s biography and age intertwine to create a narrative that captivates and informs.

From her early days to her current standing as a distinguished journalist, every chapter of her life contributes to the compelling story that is Coral Davenport.

As we navigate through her professional and personal facets, the indelible mark she leaves on the realm of environmental journalism becomes ever more apparent.

Coral Davenport’s journey from her early years to becoming a prominent figure in American journalism is a testament to her unwavering commitment and passion for storytelling.

As we explore the chapters of her life, it becomes evident that her impact extends far beyond the headlines – it resonates in the hearts and minds of those who value the power of a well-told story.

Reporter Coral Davenport
Reporter Coral Davenport (Image: Source)

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Coral Davenport: Wikipedia Bio And Age

Exploring Coral Davenport’s Journey and Expertise

Coral Davenport stands as a prominent force in the realm of environmental journalism, currently serving as a correspondent for the National Journal of Energy and the Environment.1

At 48 years old, Davenport has woven a remarkable tapestry in the field, with a journey that began at the Daily Hampshire Gazette in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Early Beginnings and International Exposure

Graduating from Smith College with a degree in English literature, Davenport’s career initiation took place in the dynamic environment of the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

Coming from a background rooted in diplomacy, as the daughter of a US Foreign Service officer, Davenport’s upbringing unfolded across diverse corners of the globe, spanning Korea, Japan, Greece, and the Washington suburbs.

Global Reporting in Athens, Greece

Davenport’s journalistic footprint extends to Athens, Greece, where early in his career, he served as a correspondent covering a spectrum of topics including politics, economics, international affairs, and terrorism in Southeast Europe.

Diverse Contributions to Prominent Publications

Beyond news reporting, Davenport’s versatile expertise led to contributions in travel writing and restaurant reviews for renowned publications such as Conde Nast Traveler and Fodor’s Time Out and Eyewitness guidebook series.

Environmental Reporting Expertise

In 2010, Davenport honed his environmental reporting skills as a fellow at the Metcalfe Institute for Marine and Environmental Reporting.

Since then, he has been deeply entrenched in covering pivotal issues related to climate change, energy, and the environment.

Reporter Coral Davenport
Reporter Coral Davenport

Recognition and Awards

Before joining the National Journal of Energy and the Environment, Davenport made significant contributions to esteemed publications like Politico and Congressional Quarterly, earning recognition for his impactful journalism.

His efforts were acknowledged as part of a team at The New York Times, recognized as a finalist for the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for Outstanding Public Service Journalism.

In 2018, Davenport played a pivotal role in the team receiving Columbia University’s John B. Oakes Award for Outstanding Environmental Journalism, solidifying his standing in the journalistic community.

The New York Times Stint

Since joining The New York Times in 2013, Davenport has brought critical environmental issues to the forefront, covering topics such as sea level rise and climate change policy with impactful reporting.

A Commitment to Informing the Public

Davenport’s comprehensive coverage exemplifies a profound commitment to keeping the public informed about the intricate challenges posed by environmental issues.

This dedication has rightfully earned him accolades and recognition within the journalism community. Coral Davenport’s journey continues to shape the landscape of environmental journalism, making him a respected figure in the field.

Reporter Coral Davenport
Reporter Coral Davenport (Image: Source)

Coral Davenport: Earnings

In the realm of environmental journalism, Coral Davenport’s financial standing remains shrouded in secrecy.2

However, an informed estimate places her average income at approximately $80,000, a testament to the financial triumphs she has garnered throughout her illustrious career.

Pioneering Path from Daily Hampshire Gazette to National Journal

Davenport’s journey, commencing from her early tenure at the Daily Hampshire Gazette and culminating in her current role as the Energy and Environment Correspondent for the National Journal, traces an extraordinary trajectory marked by unwavering dedication and expertise in her field.

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Benchmarking Financial Success: A Comparative Analysis

  • To gauge Davenport’s financial accomplishments, comparing her potential earnings to industry standards for reporters and correspondents provides insightful benchmarks.
  • For those with less than one year of experience in similar roles, the average annual salary typically hovers around $29,040.
  • However, Davenport’s extensive career, with notable stints at esteemed outlets like Politico, Congressional Quarterly, and The New York Times, undoubtedly positions her to command a significantly higher salary.
  • Accumulating over a decade of experience, her estimated average of $80,000 places her in the echelons of professionals with a decade or more in the field, earning a median income of $81,300 annually.
Reporter Coral Davenport
Reporter Coral Davenport

The Intersection of Expertise and Compensation

Davenport’s success in securing a substantial income aligns seamlessly with her unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier journalism, particularly in the realm of environmental reporting.

Her financial achievements serve as a tangible reflection of the acclaim she has garnered for her contributions, including being an integral part of award-winning teams at The New York Times.

Unveiling the Nexus: Career Achievements and Financial Rewards

This correlation between Davenport’s career achievements and financial rewards serves to underscore the intrinsic value and impact of her work within the fiercely competitive landscape of journalism.

As she continues to carve her path in environmental reporting, Coral Davenport stands not only as a testament to financial success but also as a beacon of excellence in the dynamic field of journalism.

Reporter Coral Davenport
Reporter Coral Davenport (Image: Source)

Journalist Coral Davenport: Nationality And Family

In the dynamic realm of journalism, Coral Davenport stands tall as an influential figure, contributing significantly to the field.3

Let’s delve into the life and background of this prominent American reporter, exploring key aspects that shape her professional journey.

Early Life and Family Heritage

Coral Davenport, a proud American, was born to parents Amy Montgomery Osborne Davenport (mother) and Francis M. Davenport III (father).

Her roots trace back to a family with a rich legacy, instilling in her the values that would later define her career in journalism.

The Journey Begins: Coral’s Early Years

Coral’s formative years were marked by a keen interest in the world around her, driven by a curiosity to understand and communicate stories.

This early inclination towards storytelling paved the way for her future endeavors in journalism.

Academic Pursuits and Professional Growth

As she embarked on her academic journey, Coral honed her skills in communication and storytelling.

Her educational pursuits not only equipped her with knowledge but also provided a platform to refine her unique voice in the realm of journalism.

Breaking Barriers in Journalism

Coral Davenport’s ascent in the world of journalism has been characterized by breaking barriers and challenging the status quo.

Her commitment to delivering accurate, impactful news has earned her recognition and respect in the industry.

Environmental Reporting: A Specialization

Davenport’s journalistic prowess is particularly evident in her specialization in environmental reporting.

With a focus on critical issues such as climate change and sustainability, she has become a leading voice in advocating for a better and more informed world.

Awards and Accolades

The excellence of Coral Davenport’s work has not gone unnoticed, with numerous awards and accolades adorning her illustrious career.

These acknowledgments stand as a testament to her dedication to journalistic integrity and the pursuit of truth.

Embracing the Digital Age

In an era dominated by technological advancements, Coral has seamlessly adapted to the evolving landscape of digital journalism.

Her online presence and engagement reflect not only her adaptability but also her commitment to reaching a wider audience.

Legacy and Impact

Coral Davenport’s contributions extend beyond her individual achievements; they leave a lasting impact on the world of journalism.

Her legacy serves as an inspiration for aspiring journalists, emphasizing the importance of tenacity, accuracy, and a relentless pursuit of truth.


1. Who is Coral Davenport and what is her background?

Coral Davenport is a renowned journalist known for her contributions to environmental reporting. As of my knowledge cutoff in January 2022, she was a correspondent covering energy and environmental policy for The New York Times. Davenport has an extensive background in journalism, particularly in the field of climate change and environmental issues.

2. What is Coral Davenport’s age?

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Coral Davenport’s specific age is not provided here. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on her age, it is recommended to check reliable sources such as her official social media profiles or recent interviews.

3. Can you provide a brief overview of Coral Davenport’s Wikipedia bio?

Coral Davenport’s Wikipedia bio typically covers her career in journalism, focusing on environmental and energy-related topics. It may include details about her education, notable achievements, and the impact of her work in raising awareness about climate change and related issues. For the latest information, please refer to her official Wikipedia page.

4. What are Coral Davenport’s notable contributions in journalism?

Coral Davenport is known for her in-depth reporting on environmental and energy policy, particularly within the context of climate change. Her articles in The New York Times often analyze government policies, international agreements, and industry developments related to the environment. For a comprehensive understanding of her contributions, exploring her published articles and reports is recommended.

5. Do we have information on Coral Davenport’s salary as a reporter?

Details about Coral Davenport’s salary may not be readily available in public sources, as personal financial information of individuals, including journalists, is often private. Journalists’ salaries can vary based on their experience, the media outlet they work for, and other factors. For specific and up-to-date information on Coral Davenport’s salary, it is advised to refer to reliable news sources or official statements from The New York Times.

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