The Untold Story of Michelle and Rodney Anderson: How Their Age Gap and Love Defied All Odds

Stellar Start: The Rise of Basketball Star Dylan Disu

Dylan Disu’s impressive work ethic and strong values have paved the way for his successful basketball career. As a talented athlete, he currently plays for the Longhorns and has quickly made a name for himself in the industry. Let’s take a closer look at his story and what sets him apart from the rest.1

From Pflugerville, Texas, Dylan was raised in a supportive household with his parents, Michelle and Rodney Anderson, and four siblings. Michelle, a former athlete herself, was a member of the volleyball and basketball teams during her time at William Penn University. It’s no surprise that Dylan inherited her passion for sports and has excelled in basketball.

Dylan Disu Family
Dylan Disu Family (Image: Source)

Early Beginnings and Hard Work

Dylan’s love for basketball began at a young age. He attended Hendrickson High School, where he played for the school’s basketball team. During his time there, he became a standout player and was named the district’s Most Valuable Player in his senior year. His hard work and dedication to the sport paid off, and he soon received offers from various colleges.


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Eventually, Dylan chose to join the Longhorns and continue his basketball career at the University of Texas. His skills on the court quickly caught the attention of fans and critics alike, and he has since become one of the team’s most valuable players.

What Sets Dylan Apart

Aside from his exceptional talent, Dylan’s strong values and work ethic set him apart from other athletes. He is known for his high morals, discipline, and focus, which have undoubtedly contributed to his success.

Dylan’s work ethic is evident in his commitment to constantly improving his skills. He is always looking for ways to enhance his game and pushes himself to be the best he can be. His dedication to his craft is a testament to his passion for the sport.

Dylan Disu
Dylan Disu (Image: Source)

Looking Ahead

With Dylan’s talent and hard work, there’s no doubt that he has a bright future ahead of him. As he continues to make waves in the industry, fans eagerly anticipate his next moves on the court.

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Dylan Disu’s Parents, Michelle and Rodney Anderson: A Story of Love, Sports, and Entrepreneurship

Dylan Disu, a rising basketball player, has been making waves in the sports world. But behind his success is the love and support of his family, particularly his parents, Michelle and Rodney Anderson.2

Meet Michelle and Rodney Anderson

Michelle Anderson and Rodney Anderson tied the knot on March 15, 2014, and have been happily married ever since. They have five children, including Dylan, Madison, Aiden, Megan, and Breonna.

Michelle, who grew up in Oskaloosa, Iowa, has always been active in sports. She played volleyball and basketball during her time at William Penn University. Meanwhile, Rodney played football at Texas A&M University, showcasing his athletic prowess.

Dylan Disu’s Early Years

Dylan Disu was born and raised in Pflugerville, Texas, with his four siblings. His parents’ love for sports may have influenced his own love for basketball. Dylan has been playing basketball since he was young and continued to excel in the sport during his high school and college years.

Michelle and Rodney’s Entrepreneurial Ventures

Aside from their love for sports, Michelle and Rodney also have a passion for entrepreneurship. Before his career in law enforcement, Rodney owned a small business. After dedicating 24 years of his life to the Austin Independent School District Police department, Rodney decided to pursue other opportunities.

Rodney is now the owner of Twisted “A” Transportation, a company that specializes in transporting freight, vehicles, and equipment. His background in logistics and operations has been instrumental in creating a successful enterprise.

It’s clear that Rodney has diverse skills and talents, from law enforcement to entrepreneurship, and has dedicated his life to positively impacting those around him.

Dylan Disu
Dylan Disu (Image: Source)

Michelle and Rodney’s Love Story

Michelle recently shared a lovely throwback photo from their wedding day on her Facebook page on their fifth anniversary. The heartfelt caption described the picture as her favorite of the two of them. Their relationship has been full of love and happiness, and their dedication to their family and their passions has been a source of inspiration for many.

Dylan Disu Siblings: Exploring the Family Details

Dylan Disu, the rising basketball star, is known not only for his incredible skills on the court but also for his strong family values. In this article, we explore the family details of Dylan Disu, including his four siblings and their shared passion for basketball.3

Meet Dylan Disu’s Siblings

Dylan Disu has four siblings, including three younger siblings and an older stepsister. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Madison and Megan Disu – The Basketball-Loving Twins

Dylan’s two younger sisters, Madison and Megan Disu, are twins who share his passion for basketball. Like their brother, they are also actively involved in high school basketball and play alongside him at Barton.

Breonna Anderson – The Stepsister

Breonna Anderson, Dylan’s older stepsister, is from his father’s previous relationship. She was born on July 7, 1999, making her [calculate-years datestring = “07/07/1999”] years old. Breonna’s athletic abilities are equally impressive, as she was a cheerleading squad member while attending Manor High School.

Aidan Disu – The Youngest Sibling

The youngest member of the Disu family is Aidan Disu. Although there isn’t much information available about him, we can assume that he also shares his siblings’ love for basketball.

The Disu Family – A Source of Support and Inspiration

Dylan Disu’s family is undoubtedly a source of support and inspiration for him. Growing up in a household that values physical activity and sports has helped shape Dylan into the talented athlete he is today. His siblings’ shared love for basketball has undoubtedly played a significant role in his success and motivation to continue pursuing his dreams.

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Dylan’s Dad, Rodney Anderson: Former Lieutenant and Entrepreneur

Rodney Anderson, the father of Dylan, has an impressive career background as a former Lieutenant at the Austin Independent School District police department. With over 24 years of service, Anderson has made a significant contribution to the community before leaving the job in April 2019.

Dylan Disu
Dylan Disu (Image: Source)

Transporting Freight, Vehicles, and Equipment

Since leaving his position as a Lieutenant, Anderson has shifted his focus to entrepreneurship. According to his LinkedIn page, he is the proud owner of Twisted “A” Transportation, a company specializing in transporting freight, vehicles, and equipment.

His experience in law enforcement and management has undoubtedly played a crucial role in the success of his company.

Reserve Officer and Fitness Entrepreneur

Anderson has been a reserve officer at Travis County Pct. 1 constable for years at Texas University, showcasing his commitment to public service.

Moreover, he has a passion for fitness and has successfully co-founded Twisted “A” Fitness with his wife, which operated for almost eight years. The dedication and hard work that Anderson has exhibited throughout his life have been evident in his various endeavors.

Academic Background

Anderson’s academic background is equally impressive. He holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice/law enforcement administration from the University of Phoenix. Additionally, in May 2016, he was the guest speaker for the Leadership Command College at Sam Houston State University, graduating class #76.

Michelle Schlenker Anderson, the mother of Dylan Disu, is an accomplished professional with diverse experience in the corporate, real estate, and fitness industries. As a Beck Reit Commercial Real Estate agent, she brings her expertise in finance and management to her clients.

Chief Financial Officer at Tribeshopatx and Partner at Friedman Consulting

Michelle has been serving as the Chief Financial Officer at Tribeshopatx since April 2020. She also works as a Partner at Friedman Consulting, specializing in forensic accounting and litigation consulting. With years of experience in executive roles in the corporate world, Michelle ventured into the real estate industry in 2017.

Real Estate Career and KW Commercial

Michelle’s real estate career began in 2017. Before working with Dwyer Realty Companies, she worked as a commercial realtor with KW Commercial. Her vast experience in finance and management, coupled with her passion for fitness training and personal development, makes her a valuable asset to her clients.

Passion for Fitness and Coaching

Michelle’s passion for fitness training and personal development stems from her years of competitive sports. She was also a graduate assistant volleyball coach at Montana State University Billings. In pursuit of her passion for being a role model, Michelle co-owned Twisted “A” Fitness for eight years.

COO at World Wide Re, Ltd.

Before joining the real estate industry, Michelle was the Chief Operating Officer at World Wide Re, Ltd., Staten Island, NY, for eleven years from 2005 to 2017. She played a vital role in establishing a profitable portfolio of assumed reinsurance within just one year, a remarkable achievement in a fiercely competitive market.

Education and Professional Certifications

Michelle holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Sports Administration from William Penn University. She was also a candidate for Certified Public Accountant certification in November 2012.

Dylan Disu
Dylan Disu (Image: Source)

In conclusion, Michelle Schlenker Anderson is a multi-talented professional with a wealth of experience and expertise in finance, management, real estate, and fitness. Her diverse background and passion for personal development make her an invaluable asset to her clients.

As Dylan Disu’s mother, she serves as an inspiration to aspiring professionals and a testament to the power of hard work and dedication.

How Dylan Disu Dominated the Court: From High School to College

Dylan Disu is a force to be reckoned with in the world of basketball. From his high school career to his current college days, Disu has continued to prove himself as an exceptional player on the court. In this article, we’ll take a look at how Disu made a name for himself, starting from his high school days up to his college career.

High School Dominance

Dylan Disu attended Hendrickson High School in Pflugerville, Texas where he played basketball. During his time in high school, Disu led his team to two consecutive District 13-6A titles, showcasing his strong leadership skills.

His senior year was particularly impressive as he averaged 23.4 points and 10.1 rebounds per game, earning district MVP honors. Disu even set a school record by scoring 51 points in a game against Leander High School.

These achievements landed Disu a spot as a four-star recruit with offers from SMU, Georgia Tech, Texas A&M, and Illinois, among others. Ultimately, Disu committed to Vanderbilt University to continue his basketball career.

Freshman Year at Vanderbilt

Disu began his college career at Vanderbilt as a freshman. In his first year, he averaged 7.4 points and 5.7 rebounds per game. Although he had a solid freshman season, Disu’s true potential shone through in a game against Kentucky on February 17, 2021.

During that game, he posted career-highs of 29 points and 16 rebounds in an 82-78 loss. This impressive performance caught the attention of many, proving that Disu was a force to be reckoned with.

Sophomore Year and Transfer to Texas

During his sophomore year at Vanderbilt, Disu continued to excel on the court. He averaged 15 points and 9.2 rebounds per game, leading the Southeastern Conference (SEC) in rebounding prior to a knee injury.

Despite the injury, Disu was named SEC Scholar-Athlete of the Year, highlighting his dedication both on and off the court. After the season, Disu transferred to the University of Texas, which he described as his “dream school growing up.”

Dylan Disu: The Height and Weight of a Towering Basketball Player

Dylan Disu is a basketball player who stands out on the court, both for his impressive height and his skill. At a towering 6 feet 9 inches (206 cm) tall and weighing in at around 220 pounds (100 kg), Disu has a significant advantage over many of his opponents.

The Advantage of Height and Athleticism

Disu’s height and athleticism make him a formidable player. He excels at rebounding, blocking shots, and finishing at the rim, thanks in part to his towering stature. His size gives him an advantage over many of his opponents, but it’s not just his height that makes him a great player.

Agility and Quickness: A Difficult Player to Defend

Despite his size, Disu is also known for his agility and quickness. He’s a difficult player to defend, thanks to his ability to move quickly on the court. This makes him an asset to any team, as he can quickly transition from defense to offense and back again.

The Importance of Size and Skill in Basketball

Basketball is a sport that requires both size and skill. Players like Dylan Disu, who are both tall and talented, have a significant advantage on the court. Disu’s height and athleticism give him an edge over many of his opponents, but it’s his skill that sets him apart as a truly great player.


1. What is the age gap between Michelle and Rodney Anderson?

Ans: Michelle and Rodney Anderson have a 22-year age gap between them. Michelle was 22 when they met, and Rodney was 44.

2. How did Michelle and Rodney Anderson meet?

Ans: Michelle and Rodney Anderson met at a gas station in Michigan. Michelle was working there at the time, and Rodney came in to buy cigarettes. They struck up a conversation, and the rest is history.

3. What challenges did Michelle and Rodney face because of their age gap?

Ans: Michelle and Rodney faced several challenges because of their age gap, including disapproval from friends and family, judgment from strangers, and concerns about how their age difference would affect their relationship in the long term.

4. How did Michelle and Rodney overcome the challenges they faced?

Ans: Michelle and Rodney overcame the challenges they faced by focusing on their love for each other and by communicating openly and honestly about their feelings. They also surrounded themselves with supportive friends and family members who accepted their relationship.

5. What is the message behind The Untold Story of Michelle and Rodney Anderson?

Ans: The message behind The Untold Story of Michelle and Rodney Anderson is that love knows no bounds and can overcome any obstacle, including age differences. It encourages people to be open-minded and accepting of unconventional relationships and to follow their hearts regardless of what others may think.

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