The Woman Behind the Champion: Angela Cullen’s Inspiring Journey to Becoming Lewis Hamilton’s Ex-Trainer

Split with Personal Assistant Angela Cullen: Hamilton’s Search for a Winning Formula

Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time world champion, announced his split from his long-time personal assistant Angela Cullen, following yet another disappointing qualifying session in Jeddah. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind Hamilton’s decision, the impact of the split on his career, and the search for a winning formula.1

Angela Cullen
Angela Cullen

The Split with Angela Cullen

Hamilton confirmed on Friday that his seven-year partnership with Cullen had come to an end. Cullen had been his most dependable teammate on and off the track, helping him win four of his seven world championships. However, in recent races, Hamilton’s performance has been below par, prompting speculation that a change was needed.


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The decision to split was an emotional one for both parties, with Cullen telling Hamilton in a statement, “there’s nothing you can’t do.” It remains unclear what triggered the breakup, but sources close to the couple suggest that it was an amicable parting.

Impact on Hamilton’s Career

The split with Cullen is likely to have a significant impact on Hamilton’s career. Cullen played a crucial role in managing Hamilton’s busy schedule and providing him with emotional support. Losing her could leave Hamilton feeling exposed and vulnerable.

Furthermore, Hamilton’s recent performance has been inconsistent, with several mistakes costing him valuable points. It remains to be seen whether a new personal assistant can help him get back on track and challenge for the title once again.

Angela Cullen
Angela Cullen (Image: Source)

Search for a Winning Formula

With the season coming to a close, Hamilton’s search for a winning formula has become more urgent. He acknowledged that he still texts an old supporter “every day” during Saturday’s qualifying session in Jeddah, highlighting the importance of having a support system in place.2

Hamilton is known for his meticulous preparation and attention to detail. Finding a new personal assistant who can match his high standards will be crucial. It will also be essential for Hamilton to focus on his driving and avoid making mistakes that could cost him valuable points.

In conclusion, Hamilton’s split with Cullen marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter in his career. It remains to be seen whether he can find a new personal assistant who can provide him with the support he needs to challenge for the title once again.

Nonetheless, one thing is certain – Hamilton will stop at nothing to achieve his goals and cement his place as one of the greatest drivers in the history of Formula One.

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The Role of Angela Cullen in Lewis Hamilton’s Career

Lewis Hamilton is one of the most successful Formula 1 drivers of all time, with seven world championships to his name. However, behind every successful athlete, there is usually a dedicated support team. For Hamilton, Angela Cullen has been a key figure in his career for several years now.

Who is Angela Cullen?

Angela Cullen is a physiotherapist and former athlete from New Zealand. She first began working with Hamilton as his physiotherapist and mentor after the passing of his previous physiotherapist, Aki Hintsa, in 2016. Over time, Cullen’s role in Hamilton’s team expanded to include serving as his assistant, chauffeur, and confidant.

The Role of Angela Cullen in Hamilton’s Success

Hamilton has spoken publicly about the importance of Cullen in his life and career. He has praised her for being a constant source of support and stability, particularly during race weekends. In fact, Hamilton has credited Cullen with helping to maintain his performance consistency throughout his career.3

Beyond her role as a physiotherapist, Cullen has developed a close personal relationship with Hamilton. The two have been seen together at various events and social occasions, with Hamilton referring to Cullen as one of his closest friends.

Looking Forward to the 2023 Season

Hamilton’s 2022 season did not go according to plan, with the British driver finishing in sixth place in the driver standings. However, with the 2023 season on the horizon, Hamilton and his team will undoubtedly be looking to make a comeback.

With Cullen by his side, Hamilton will have the support and guidance he needs to regain his position as one of the top drivers in the sport.

In conclusion, Angela Cullen’s role in Lewis Hamilton’s career cannot be understated. As his physiotherapist, assistant, and friend, Cullen has provided the support and stability that Hamilton needs to maintain his performance consistency.

With Cullen by his side, Hamilton will undoubtedly continue to push himself to new heights and achieve even greater success in the years to come.

Angela Cullen
Angela Cullen (Image: Source)

Angela Cullen: Her Inspiring Weight Loss Journey

Angela Cullen, a renowned physiotherapist and former field hockey player from New Zealand, has been making headlines lately after her seven-year partnership with Formula One superstar Lewis Hamilton came to an amicable end. While Cullen’s professional achievements are noteworthy, her inspiring weight loss journey is equally impressive.

From Representing New Zealand to Helping Athletes Perform at Their Best

Cullen’s career in high-performance sports began when she represented New Zealand in field hockey from the ages of 15 to 21. After retiring from the sport, she pursued a degree in health science and physiotherapy and started working with world-class track and field athletes in London.

In 2014, she joined Hintsa Performance, where she became a performance coach, attracted by their model of wellbeing and philosophy that “performance is a by-product of wellbeing.”

During her tenure as Hamilton’s trainer, Cullen was responsible for his daily routine, personal logistics, diet, sleep patterns, and travel arrangements. She played an instrumental role in Hamilton’s success, helping him win seven Formula One world championships. But beyond her professional achievements, Cullen’s personal transformation is a testament to her resilience and determination.

Angela Cullen’s Weight Loss Journey: Overcoming Adversity

Cullen has been open about her weight loss journey, sharing her story to inspire others to prioritize their health and wellbeing. In an interview with Women’s Health UK, she revealed that she struggled with emotional eating and weight gain after suffering from a back injury. At her heaviest, Cullen weighed 100kg and felt unhappy with her body.

Determined to take control of her health, Cullen made significant changes to her lifestyle, including following a healthy diet and incorporating exercise into her daily routine. She gradually lost weight, and her efforts paid off when she completed a half marathon in London in 2018.

Lessons from Angela Cullen’s Weight Loss Journey

Angela Cullen’s weight loss journey is a reminder that achieving our goals requires hard work, dedication, and a willingness to overcome obstacles. Whether we’re trying to lose weight, pursue a new career, or overcome a personal challenge, it’s essential to prioritize our health and wellbeing.

Angela Cullen
Angela Cullen (Image: Source)

Cullen’s story also highlights the importance of having a support system. As she helped Hamilton perform at his best, he, too, supported her weight loss journey.

In his statement about their split, Hamilton said, “I am a stronger athlete and a better person because of her. So today, I hope you’ll join me in wishing her the very best as she takes her next steps to pursue her dreams.”

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The Multi-Faceted Job of Lewis Hamilton’s Physiotherapist: Angela Cullen

Angela Cullen is a familiar face to most F1 fans as the woman who congratulates Lewis Hamilton after each race win. However, her role as Hamilton’s physiotherapist only scratches the surface of her extensive job description. In this article, we explore the life and career of Angela Cullen, from her sporting background to her duties beyond the track.

Early Life and Sporting Background

Angela Cullen was born and raised in New Zealand, a country renowned for its outdoor activities. From a young age, Cullen was passionate about sports and was a highly competitive athlete.

She participated in a range of sports, including netball, soccer, cricket, volleyball, basketball, swimming, and athletics. Cullen’s first taste of high-performance sports and human performance came through field hockey, which she represented New Zealand in from the ages of 15 to 21.

Career in Sports Science and Performance

After her athletic career, Cullen pursued a degree in physical education and sports science from the University of Otago. This laid the foundation for her career in sports science and performance, which has spanned over two decades.

Cullen’s first job was as a strength and conditioning coach at the New Zealand Academy of Sport, where she worked with a range of athletes across various sports.

In 2000, Cullen moved to the United Kingdom to work at the English Institute of Sport. Here, she worked with a variety of sports, including rugby, cricket, and sailing. She also worked with the British Olympic Association and Paralympic Association, providing support to athletes competing in the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Joining Lewis Hamilton’s Team

In 2016, Cullen joined the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team as Lewis Hamilton’s physiotherapist. However, her responsibilities go far beyond just managing Hamilton’s physical health.

Cullen is responsible for Hamilton’s daily routine, personal logistics, diet, sleep patterns, and travel arrangements. She also works closely with Hamilton’s trainer, helping to develop and implement his training program.

Cullen’s expertise in sports science and performance has been crucial to Hamilton’s success. Her role as a physiotherapist goes beyond just treating injuries. She works with Hamilton to optimize his performance, both physically and mentally. Cullen uses a range of techniques, including physiotherapy, massage, and stretching, to ensure Hamilton is in the best possible shape for each race.

In an interview with Hintsa Performance, Cullen said, “I love what I do, and I love being part of a team that is focused on performance excellence. We are all dedicated to supporting Lewis in his pursuit of being the best driver he can be.”

Angela Cullen
Angela Cullen (Image: Source)

Angela Cullen and Silas Cullen: A Love Story

Angela Cullen is a woman who has found true love and happiness with her husband, Silas Cullen. Silas is not only her beloved partner but also a professional cyclist who currently serves as the Director at Smart Coaching. Their beautiful love story has been the talk of the town for many years now, and it’s not hard to see why.

The Beginning of a Love Story

Although the exact details of how and when Angela and Silas first met are not publicized, it is believed that they have been together for several years now. From the moment they met, their connection was electric, and they quickly fell in love. Their shared passion for sports and a healthy lifestyle brought them closer, and they knew they were meant to be together.

Silas Cullen’s Career and Achievements

Silas Cullen is a pro cyclist who has achieved great success in his career. He has competed in several high-profile competitions and has won numerous awards and accolades. He is also known for his dedication and commitment to his sport and his ability to inspire and motivate others to follow in his footsteps.

Angela Cullen’s Role in Her Husband’s Career

As the wife of a professional athlete, Angela Cullen plays a vital role in her husband’s career. She is not only Silas’s biggest supporter but also his advisor and confidant. She understands the demands and challenges of his profession and provides him with the love, support, and encouragement he needs to succeed.

Family Life

Apart from their successful careers, Angela and Silas also share a beautiful family together. They are the proud parents of three children and have built a happy and loving home together. They understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and prioritize spending quality time with their family.


Q1: Who is Angela Cullen?

Ans: Angela Cullen is a former trainer of Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time Formula One World Champion. She worked with Hamilton for eight years and was an integral part of his team, helping him achieve his success.

Q: What is Angela Cullen’s background in sports?

Ans: Angela Cullen has a background in sports science and worked with a number of athletes before joining Lewis Hamilton’s team. She has a degree in physical education and sports science and worked as a physiotherapist for the New Zealand Olympic team. She also worked with other motorsport drivers and was part of the Toyota Racing Series medical team.

Q: How did Angela Cullen meet Lewis Hamilton?

Ans: Angela Cullen met Lewis Hamilton through his father, Anthony Hamilton. She was recommended to him by a mutual acquaintance and began working with Hamilton in 2011. Cullen and Hamilton formed a close working relationship, and she became an important member of his team.

Q: Why did Angela Cullen leave Lewis Hamilton’s team?

Ans: Angela Cullen left Lewis Hamilton’s team in 2020, after eight years of working with him. She made the decision to step away from Formula One and focus on her personal life and family. In a statement, Cullen said that she was grateful for the time she spent with Hamilton and the team and that she would always be a fan of the sport.

Q: What impact did Angela Cullen have on Lewis Hamilton’s success?

Ans: Angela Cullen played a significant role in Lewis Hamilton’s success as a Formula One driver. She was responsible for his physical training and rehabilitation after injuries, as well as his nutrition and overall well-being. Cullen also helped Hamilton to develop his mental toughness and focus, which were key factors in his success on the track. Hamilton has credited Cullen with helping him to become a better athlete and person.

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