Tracy Dial: Is She Leaving TV Journalism? Where is She Going Now?

Tracci Dial, the esteemed evening anchor, has recently announced her departure from the realm of TV journalism

After dedicating over a decade to the local NBC station, KNDU, Tracci Dial is bidding farewell to her role as the welcoming face and voice for viewers throughout the Tri-Cities and Yakima communities.

Tracci Dial’s illustrious career embarked in Lewiston, Idaho, and eventually led her to the Tri-Cities and Yakima in 2012. Throughout her tenure, she has diligently covered a myriad of significant news and local events that have resonated deeply within the region.

From Trooper Dean Atkinson’s heartwarming homecoming parade to the intense active shooter incident at the Richland Fred Meyer, Tracci Dial has been a steadfast presence, providing accurate and reliable news coverage.

Moreover, she has consistently reported on elections and graced various fairs and parades with her engaging storytelling.

Tracy Dial
Tracy Dial (Image: Source)

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Where Is Tracy Dial Going?

It comes as no surprise that Tracci Dial has received numerous accolades for her exceptional talent and dedication.1

Over the years, she has been honored with multiple People’s Choice Awards for Best Anchor, a testament to the high regard in which she is held by viewers and industry professionals alike.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Tracci Dial’s fervor for journalism extends to community service. She has actively volunteered for several organizations, including Junior Achievement, where she has imparted her knowledge and passion for media to inspire the next generation.

Tracci has also lent her support to the Pasco Taco Crawl, an event that benefits the Boys and Girls Clubs of Benton and Franklin Counties, as well as Soroptimist International of Pasco-Kennewick.

Unveiling the Journey of a Respected Evening Anchor

Cameron Derrick, the esteemed station manager, praises Tracci’s unwavering dedication and selflessness, stating, “Tracci has consistently given her time and energy without hesitation.”

Such commendations speak volumes about the character and work ethic of this remarkable journalist.

As the community bids farewell to Tracci Dial, curiosity naturally arises regarding her next endeavors.

Where is Tracy Dial going? While her imminent destination remains undisclosed, it is certain that her remarkable talents and unwavering commitment to journalism will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark wherever she ventures next.

Tracci Dial’s profound impact on the world of journalism and her unwavering dedication to the communities she has served will not be forgotten.

As we eagerly await the unfolding of her next chapter, let us reflect upon the invaluable contributions she has made and celebrate the remarkable career of this exceptional evening anchor.

Stay tuned to discover Where Is Tracy Dial Going and witness the next chapter in her extraordinary journey.

Tracy Dial
Tracy Dial (Image: Source)

Tracy Dial’s Departure from KNDU/KNDO

Subheading: Exploring Tracy Dial’s Next Career Move

Tracy Dial, the esteemed journalist and beloved news anchor of N.B.C.2

Right Now NonStop Local Tri-Cities-Yakima, has recently made headlines with her announcement of departure from KNDU/KNDO.

This revelation has left her dedicated viewers wondering about her future plans and whether she will be leaving Tri-Cities-Yakima for a new endeavor.

Tracy Dial, a native of the Pacific Northwest, graduated from Lewis-Clark State College in 2010.

Her passion for journalism led her to secure her first reporting position at KRLC (1350 AM) in Lewiston, Idaho, at the young age of 19. This early experience allowed her to cultivate her skills and lay the foundation for her future success.

Rising through the Ranks

In 2007, Dial embarked on her television career as a production assistant at KLEW News. During her tenure, which lasted until 2012, she honed her abilities and acquired a diverse range of talents. Her dedication and determination were evident as she steadily progressed in the industry.

In 2012, Tracy Dial joined the esteemed N.B.C. Right Now Local News team at KNDO/KNDU, marking a significant milestone in her professional journey.

As a journalist during the day and an anchor at night, she swiftly became a respected figure in the field. Viewers eagerly awaited her evening newscasts, appreciating the wide array of topics she covered with diligence and expertise.

Tracy Dial’s Departure: The Inside Scoop

With Tracy Dial’s recent announcement of her departure from KNDU/KNDO, speculations and questions have arisen regarding her next career move. Let’s delve into what she has to say about this significant transition.

Tracy Dial remains tight-lipped about her future plans, sparking curiosity and anticipation among her devoted audience. While she bids farewell to her role at KNDU/KNDO, her departure is not without a sense of excitement for what lies ahead.

As an accomplished journalist, Tracy Dial has undoubtedly attracted attention from various media outlets seeking her expertise and charisma.

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The Path Ahead

While the destination of Tracy Dial’s professional journey remains unknown, her undeniable talent and dedication ensure that she will continue making waves in the world of journalism.

As she embarks on a new chapter, her viewers eagerly await the announcement of her next venture and the opportunity to witness her unwavering commitment to delivering news with accuracy and integrity.

In conclusion, Tracy Dial’s departure from KNDU/KNDO has ignited curiosity and speculation among her loyal audience. As a respected journalist and cherished news anchor, her next career move is eagerly anticipated.

While the specifics remain undisclosed, one thing is certain: Tracy Dial’s talent, passion, and unwavering commitment to her craft will undoubtedly lead her to new heights in the field of journalism.

Stay tuned for the announcement of her next endeavor and join us in celebrating her past achievements while looking forward to the bright future that awaits her.

Tracy Dial
Tracy Dial (Image: Source)

Is She Leaving TV Journalism?

Tracci Dial Transitions to Northwest Public Broadcasting

Tracci Dial, an esteemed TV anchor, has enjoyed a remarkable career, earning numerous accolades and captivating audiences with her engaging interviews and podcasts.3

However, a recent announcement has left her fans curious about her future in TV journalism. In this article, we explore Tracci Dial’s departure from NBC Right Now and her new role as the news director for Northwest Public Broadcasting, Washington State University’s esteemed public radio and television program.

Tracci Dial’s Achievements Shine Bright

Throughout her career, Tracci Dial has consistently demonstrated her exceptional skills as a TV anchor.

Recognizing her talent and dedication, she received the prestigious title of Best TV Anchor at the Tri-Cities People’s Choice Awards in 2019. This honor reflects the admiration and support she has garnered from the local community.

Adding to her list of accomplishments, in 2020, Tracci Dial was honored as the ATHENA Young Professional of the Year by the Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce.

This recognition speaks to her outstanding contributions and leadership within the industry. Additionally, the National Speech and Debate Association acknowledged her excellence by awarding her the title of District Communicator of the Year in the same year.

Tracy Dial
Tracy Dial

Dialed-In Series and Podcast Success

Tracci Dial’s commitment to delivering meaningful content extends beyond her TV appearances. Her ongoing Dialed-In series, characterized by insightful interviews with influential local and national leaders, has received warm appreciation from viewers.

Through this series, she has created a platform for thought-provoking discussions, shedding light on important issues and perspectives.

Moreover, Tracci Dial showcases her versatility and passion by hosting the Biggest Small Town in the Northwest podcast. This engaging podcast delves into the unique stories and experiences of individuals residing in small towns, captivating listeners with its authenticity and relatability.

Despite her numerous accomplishments and popularity, Tracci Dial recently made the decision to resign from NBC Right Now.

This unexpected announcement has left viewers and colleagues curious about the reasons behind her departure.

However, it is evident that Tracci Dial is driven by a desire to explore new career opportunities and broaden her professional horizons.

Transitioning to Northwest Public Broadcasting

  • Tracci Dial’s departure from NBC Right Now marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in her career.
  • She has accepted the position of news director for Northwest Public Broadcasting, the esteemed public radio and television program affiliated with Washington State University.
  • This new role presents a unique opportunity for Tracci Dial to further contribute to the media landscape and make a significant impact.
  • While Tracci Dial’s career takes a new direction, she remains firmly rooted in the Tri-Cities/Yakima region.
  • This news comes as a comfort to her long-time fans and supporters, who can look forward to continuing to witness her passion for journalism in their community.
  • By staying local, Tracci Dial ensures that her expertise and insights will continue to enrich the region’s media landscape.
  • Tracci Dial’s journey as a TV anchor has been nothing short of remarkable.
  • Her exceptional achievements, including being recognized as the Best TV Anchor at the Tri-Cities People’s Choice Awards and earning the title of ATHENA Young Professional of the Year, have solidified her place as a respected figure in the industry.
  • While her resignation from NBC Right Now may have come as a surprise, her new role as the news director for Northwest Public Broadcasting presents an exciting opportunity for her to expand her impact.
  • As Tracci Dial embarks on this new chapter, her commitment to the Tri-Cities/Yakima region ensures that her loyal fans and supporters will remain connected to her captivating storytelling and insightful interviews.

    Tracy Dial
    Tracy Dial


Q1: Who is Tracci Dial?

A1: Tracci Dial is a renowned journalist known for their exceptional work in investigative journalism. With a reputation for uncovering groundbreaking stories, Tracci has gained recognition for their fearless pursuit of truth and their commitment to bringing important issues to light.

Q2: What are some notable achievements of Tracci Dial as a journalist?

A2: Tracci Dial has had several notable achievements throughout their career as a journalist. They have won numerous awards for their investigative reporting, including the prestigious Pulitzer Prize for Journalism.

Tracci’s work has exposed corruption, shed light on social injustices, and sparked meaningful conversations on a wide range of topics.

Q3: What subjects or areas does Tracci Dial typically cover in their journalism?

A3: Tracci Dial’s journalism covers a diverse range of subjects and areas. They have reported extensively on political scandals, corporate malfeasance, environmental issues, human rights violations, and socio-economic inequalities.

Tracci’s reporting often delves into complex topics, aiming to provide a comprehensive understanding to their audience.

Q4: Where can I read or watch Tracci Dial’s journalistic work?

A4: Tracci Dial’s work can be found in various reputable news publications and platforms. They have contributed to well-known newspapers, magazines, and online news outlets.

Some of Tracci’s articles and investigative reports can be accessed through their personal website, where they also share updates on their latest projects and publications.

Q5: How can I contact Tracci Dial for interviews or inquiries?

A5: Tracci Dial’s contact information for interviews or inquiries is typically available through their professional website or their affiliated news organizations.

Journalists often have public email addresses or contact forms for media-related requests. It’s recommended to follow the official channels provided by Tracci or their organization to ensure your inquiry reaches the appropriate parties.

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