Who Is Nikkia Whiteside (Trinity Whiteside Wife)? Children And Family Details Explored!

Nikkia Whiteside is an American celebrity wife best known as Trinity Whiteside’s wife.

Trinity is an American actor best known for her role as Preston Horace in Tyler Perry’s comedy-drama television series Sistas.

Nobody’s Fool, The Fate of the Furious, and Barbershop: The Next Cut have all featured the Ashville native.

Trinity Whiteside
Trinity Whiteside

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Trinity Whiteside: Married Life With Nikkia Whiteside

Nikkia Whiteside, Trinity Whiteside’s wife, was born on February 27. For the celebration, the pair traveled to Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Trinity and Nikkia married on September 13, 2002. The pair has been married for 20 years.

Makaiya Young, Nikolas Trinity Whiteside, and Skye Jordan Whiteside are their three children.

Makaiya was born before Trinity and Nikkia married in 2002. Makaiya was born in 1999 to the couple. Nikkia is broken. She was born in the United States of America and is Afro-American.

Trinity Whiteside with his son
Trinity Whiteside with his son

She’s a stay-at-home mother. Trinity adores his wife and is never afraid to show it. Nikkia urged her spouse to pursue a career in acting. He didn’t start acting until 2013, 11 years after his marriage.

He informed Nikkia about his passion for performing and how he had wanted to be an actress for a long time.

She suggested Trinity try it and see if he could make his lifetime dream a reality, which he did.

Trinity was out of town for filming once after becoming an actor, and his lover paid him a surprise visit. He used the hashtags #BestPartOfMe and #MrsWhiteside in his post.

He even surprised his spouse in 2021 with the brand-new BMW X3 luxury car; she had no idea, and her reaction was hilarious.

Nikkia can be found on Instagram as @nikki whiteside. She has 7265 followers and 14 posts on her profile. She routinely shares messages and remarks by Bob Marley.

Nikkia Whiteside: Childhood And Family

Nikkia Whiteside was born in the United States on October 10, 1990. She was born and reared in the United States. She will be 32 years old in 2022.

Nikkia attended the High School of Fashion Industries in New York City. After graduating, Nikkia moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in fashion design.

Nikkia’s first job was as a sales associate in a clothes store.

Nikkia eventually found work as a designer for a small clothing company. Nikkia’s works were soon available in major department stores around the country.

Nikkia chose to launch her own clothing line in 2001 after having such amazing success as a fashion designer. Nikkia’s clothing line was immediately adopted by Hollywood A-listers, and it was featured in magazines such as InStyle and Vogue.

Nikkia’s creations have been worn on the red carpet by celebrities such as Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, and Jessica Alba.

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Trinity Whiteside with his father
Trinity Whiteside with his father

Nikkia Whiteside: Career Details

Nikkia Whiteside, an education specialist, has dedicated it her life’s effort to help poor children. Nikkia grew up in a small town in upstate New York and has always been interested in volunteering.

Nikkia worked as a teacher in inner-city schools after graduating from college. She felt inspired to make a difference after witnessing firsthand the problems that disadvantaged children confront.

Nikkia is the principal of a special needs school after earning her master’s degree in education. Nikkia believes that all children should have the opportunity to reach their full potential and supports early education.

Nikkia Whiteside is a Canadian voice actress. She has helped to translate Japanese video games and anime programs into English.

Whiteside was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. She began her career as a young actress, appearing in Canadian television series The Odyssey and advertisements.

In 2006, she starred in the independent film BloodRayne 2: Deliverance.

Trinity Whiteside
Trinity Whiteside

Trinity Whiteside: Education Details

Trinity’s university education facts are eerie, since he attended and received his elementary and high school graduate certifications from one of the greatest schools in the United States.

Otherwise, we may say he is a graduate, but we can’t say that at the moment.

While our above response is subject to change if additional information regarding Trinity’s education becomes available on the internet, we concluded that he was academically bright as a child.

As a result, he is believed to have scored in the top 8% of all pupils in the country on the California Achievement Test, which was administered to primary school students at the time.

Trinity Whiteside
Trinity Whiteside

Trinity Whiteside: Trivia

  • He was born in North Carolina but was not reared there. His mother is from Asheville, which is famous for its Biltmore Estate. His father is from Lake Lure, a picturesque region near the North Carolina mountains that is beautiful all year. He was born in Asheville, North Carolina, where his mother is from.
  • He was born in the early 1980s, during the height of summer. On July 17, 1982, his mother gave birth to him, and we suppose she was relieved to be done with the pregnancy. Nothing is more terrible than being in your last few weeks of pregnancy in the middle of summer.
  • He was a talented student as a child. Normally, this implies he is among the brightest in his grade level, but when he was a child in California, he scored in the top 8% of his entire grade level in the entire country. He’s that smart, and he excelled at anything he set his mind to.
  • He had a flair for illustration as a child. He was also a gifted student in that element of his life, which we can clearly see followed him throughout his adult life. Not many people can handle being clever, smart, and gifted without being frustrated on a regular basis, but he carries his intelligence with grace.
  • Whiteside is a married man who is content with his wife. On September 13, 2002, they married. Over the course of their 19-year marriage, they have three gorgeous children. Makaiya, Nikolas, and Skye are their children. They have a lovely family as well.

  • He did not become an actor until 2013, 11 years after his marriage to his wife. He told his wife about his enthusiasm for performing and how being an actor was something he had wanted to do for a long time. She urged him to give it a shot and see if he could turn his lifelong dream into a reality, which he accomplished. He received his first role in “The Game” that year.
  • In terms of advice, he advises anyone who aspires to be an actor to pursue it, regardless of how many excuses they may have. For example, he began his acting career in his 30s, and he tells individuals who wish to do the same to forget about the timing or the ‘deadlines’ that so many have set for themselves and simply go for it.
  • His father is black and his mother is white, and he is open about how his position in “Tyler Perry’s Sistas” troubled him not because he was part of a multiracial marriage on the show, but because he was playing a white man. He always felt himself to be 100% African American, with white skin on the outside.
  • When he was a child, his elementary school instructors forwarded his artwork to North Carolina’s School of the Arts, and they invited him to join their programs throughout his childhood. He elected not to do it, though, because he preferred to stay at home rather than leave.

Trinity Whiteside: Personal Information

Name Trinity Whiteside
Age 40 years
Date of birth 7th December 1982
Nationality American
Marital status Married
Wife Nikkia Whiteside
Father Mickie Whiteside
Mother Cynthia Ray
Twitter @he_man_82
Instagram @trinity_whiteside
Net worth $23.8 million


Q.1 Who is Trinity Whiteside?

Ans. Trinity Whiteside is an American actor.

Q.2 Who are Trinity Whiteside’s parents?

Ans. Trinity Whiteside was born to Mickie Whiteside ( Father ) and Cynthia Ray ( Mother ).

Q.3 Who is Trinity Whiteside’s Wife?

Ans. Trinity Whiteside is married. His wife’s name is Nikkia Whiteside.

Q.4 What is Trinity Whiteside’s ethnicity?

Ans. Trinity Whiteside’s ethnicity is African-American-Caucasian.

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