New trend in UPSC: Study Online with a Personal Tutor for UPSC Preparation

Tips to Prepare for UPSC Online Effectively: Here’s How Personal Mentors can Help You Out

Cracking the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) is perhaps one of the hardest tests of endurance; it not only tests how well a candidate is prepared but also their mental toughness, grit, and spirit for the job. A candidate prepares over a time of 12-15 months for the three phases of the IAS test – the prelims, the mains, and the personality test.

Online is the only way to safely prepare for UPSC as no one can afford to fall sick and waste time. The pandemic is a blessing in disguise as it has given the students ample time for online preparation.

So to prepare for their UPSC examinations students have turned to online modes of preparation. So, let’s check out what UPSC Pathshala, one of the best online platforms for UPSC preparation has to offer to the CSE aspiring students.

Is it Possible to Prepare for UPSC Online?

As an alternative to classroom coaching, aspirants are looking for coaching institutes that provide online personal mentoring. For example, an athlete on a racing track requires a mentor to prepare– someone who sets goals for every day and prepares with the athlete to improve their execution on the field, both regarding pace and strategy. Candidates hopeful of acing the UPSC test can significantly gain by having a personal mentor who takes an interest in their advancement, giving them their undivided attention.

Why do You Need a Mentor for Your UPSC Preparation?

There is no viable alternative for hard work. A personal mentor can guide you, check your work, push you towards the correct path, and extract the maximum amount of potential while preparing. This is how a personal mentor benefits you:

Making a Proper Plan to Cover Your Syllabus

A mentor helps you prepare notes for different topics from the exam syllabus, helps you go through current affairs daily and helps you allocate specific time to cover different areas of the syllabus. Each student has a different thought process on how to prepare, and the mentor takes these factors into account and creates a preparation strategy that suits you the best.

Varsha, one of the UPSC aspirants says in her review for UPSC Pathshala, “When I was preparing for the CSE UPSC exam before, my preparation had no proper direction or strategy. But, after I joined UPSC Pathshala, it seems like my whole preparation got the exact plan it was lacking till now. Now I know how I should proceed with my preparation”.

Topic-Wise Weightage

Mentors who are helping you prepare are experienced and have been teaching for a long time. They can tell you how much time and effort you need to invest in a particular topic.

Informing You about a Proper Preparation Source

There are texts which when covered add a specific level of clearness and edge to your preparation. For instance, alluding to NCERT books for general areas of studies, government notices and government-issued books, (for example, Economic Survey, India Year Book) and reports, and so on. Mentors can assist students with developing techniques to cover these sources easily. Moreover, online platforms like UPSC Pathshala provide all the study material along with a pen drive delivered at your home. Through this, all the study material can be accessed offline according to your own convenience and pace. The pen drive gets synced automatically when new content is updated on the portal.

Preparing a Revision Plan

When the date of the exam inches closer, then you need to revise your syllabus thoroughly. A mentor can help you create a revision plan in accordance to specifically fit your requirement.

Choosing an Optional Subject

A mentor can help you narrow down an important decision in regards to your optional subjects. You need to choose two optional subjects and the mentor can help you decide which subjects to choose, according to your strength and weakness.

Helps You Keep Calm

Data on subjects and points for the IAS exam abounds; tragically the degree of sources accessible and the way that new information continues to get added on an everyday premise makes it hard for aspirants to figure out all the data. When he/ she gets direction from a mentor, this task turns out to be a lot simpler.
With you needing to prepare and learn so much information, sometimes you might wonder how it is possible to complete this syllabus and you might get nervous. But the mentor would help you relax and will inspire you to continue moving towards your goal.

Which Platform should You Choose for Online Preparation?

In today’s day and age, there are multiple platforms which an aspirant can choose to prepare for UPSC exams via online mode. UPSC Pathshala is the most chosen an trusted one among all those available platforms. The reviews on their YouTube page brings great credibility to their services.

They offer you a dedicated mentor who makes a study plan for you, solves all your doubts, discusses current affairs with you, and keeps you focussed on the right path for your exam preparation. You can also keep a track of your preparation by attempting weekly tests and analyze them with your mentor.

Personal Mentors offered by UPSC Pathshala are picked after a thorough screening process. They are stringently reviewed on various parameters. The mentors are either former government workers or individuals who have at least appeared in the interview stage. Lot of them are graduates from top institutes like the IITs and IIMs along with several diverse backgrounds. The Trainers are prepared widely as far as course substance and direction of students. This causes them to manage the candidates well. Mentor’s teaching techniques are reviewed on different parameters.

Bharat, a student of UPSC Pathshala writes in his review, "Here, each student gets a personal mentor and is free to have direct interaction with them. This helps immensely as students get to know which books to study, how to study and also gets a proper plan for the preparation. Personal mentors at UPSC Pathshala are very helpful and are always available for their students.”


There are other modes to prepare online as well. You can watch videos on current affairs, read online books for UPSC preparation and you can prepare as per the latest topics mentioned on the UPSC website. But the constant and personal mentorship is the most effective way to prepare online and therefore you can perfectly prepare for your exam. This trend is here to stay and many students are going to benefit from this. You can visit UPSC Pathshala to get a free demo class with your mentor.

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