Warren Jeffs Youngest Wife: Where Is Merrianne Jessop Now? Age And Divorce Update 2022

Merrianne Jessop is one of the two teenage girls who Warren Jeff had taken in a “celestial marriage”. He was later arrested for sexually assaulting both of the girls. 

Warren Jeff hurt a lot of people, and Merrianne Jessop is one of them. After his father died in 2002, Jeffs became a prophet in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

After taking on the role, he did some very bad things. He used to marry girls who were too young to marry, raped family members, and sexually abused the kids.

In her book “Preaching Evil: A Wife on the Run with Warren Jeffs,” Peacock writes about how he was eventually caught and charged with sexually abusing two teenage girls.

The show said that the names of the girls were Merrianne Jessop and Veda Keate. Read on to find out about Merrianne and where she is in 2022.

Merrianne Jessop
Merrianne Jessop

Warren Jeffs Youngest Wife: Where Is Merrianne Jessop Now?

By August 2009, Merrianne Jessopit was said to have gone back to the ranch in Texas. Since then, it has been the last place anyone has seen her. According to the news, she had been living with a foster family before that.

Later, her cousin, who was not a FLDS member, took care of her. Merrianne has decided not to be in the spotlight. After being saved from Warren Jeffs, she has been living a quiet life.

How Old Is Merrianne Jessop? Age In 2022

In 2022, Merrianne Jessop will be 28 years old. In July 2006, when they got married, she was only 12.

According to the show, Jessop was the sister of Naomie Fells, who was Warren’s wife and a writer. When the police found her, she told caseworkers that getting married to Warren was not illegal.

Merrianne insisted that these marriages were legal even after she was told it was illegal.

Did Merrianne Jessop Have Any Kids With Warren Jeffs?

The news stories don’t say that Merrianne Jessop and Warren Jeffs don’t have any kids. On the other hand, when the authorities found Veda Keate, she already had a child.

The DNA test showed that Warren was, in fact, the father of her child. Since the case was over, there hasn’t been much news about Veda.

Merrianne Jessop Divorce With Warren Jeffs

The police saved Merrianne Jessop from Warren Jeffs after they heard rumors that he had sexually assaulted a girl who was underage.

A 14-minute audiotape of Warren sexually abusing Merrianne was also found by the police. They also found out that he was having sex with a group of young girls in the temple vault of the ranch.

One of the teenagers told the police that Warren had sexual relations with her on a ceremonial bed during the wedding, while the other wives watched.

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