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What Happened To Kenyan Lawyer And Politician Paul Muite? Illness And Health Update 2022

No, Paul Muite does not have cancer or any other disease. His loss of weight is actually a good thing.

Muite is a lawyer, activist, and political figure from Kenya. During the 1990s, he was very involved in Kenya’s second struggle for freedom.

He was vice-president of the Forum for the Restoration of Democracy in Kenya before. Also, people think that his law firm is one of the best in the country.

Paul Muite
Paul Muite

Is Paul Muite Sick? Illness And Cancer Type Health Problems

In Kenya, Paul Muite is a well-known person. The famous lawyer’s cases are often talked about in the news.

Muite, on the other hand, had not been seen in public for a while. The last time the lawyer was caught on camera, he looked thinner than he ever had before.

Soon, the pictures were all over the internet, and his fans seemed worried. Some people even thought that the 77-year-sudden old’s weight loss might be because he was sick, maybe with cancer.

But Paul Muite later said that he is not sick and does not have cancer.

All of the claims were quickly shot down by the lawyer. Muite said that he lost weight on purpose to keep his blood sugar level from getting too high. He had even started jogging to stay in shape.

Muite wrote in a tweet, “People have said on social media that I have cancer, but that is NOT TRUE. Given my age, I’ve had to lose weight on purpose to keep my sugar levels where they should be. If I hadn’t done that, I’ve never felt better; this morning, I ran for an hour and a half in Ngong forest.”

Paul Muite Family Details

His wife, Dr. Edith Ndeto Muite, is a member of Paul Muite’s family.

They’ve been married for some time. After leaving her previous job, Edith now works in the business of women’s clothing.

Paul Muite and his wife also have three children. Everyone has finished school and is doing well in their own field.

Paul was born in Kenya on April 18, 1945. He went to Thika High School for his secondary education.

In the same way, he graduated from the University of Nairobi and went to the Kenya School of Law to study law. He is now one of the best-paid lawyers in the country, making about $150,000 a month, according to estimates.

Where is Paul Muite The Kenyan Lawyer Now?

Right now, Paul Muite is healthy and doing fine.

Paul showed up at Party NDC at Bomas in March of 2022. The NDC was supposed to back Jimi Wanjigi for president of Kenya. This was also the last time he went out in public before the new skinny photos came out.

Muite is the leader of the Safina Party, and he tweets for social causes all the time. In recent tweets, he was very clear that he did not like the “KPL monopoly.”

Muite still lives up to his 2015 title as Jurist of the Year. He is a well-known person in Kenya who fights for the Bill of Rights and constitutional order. His law firm is also one of the best in the whole country.

The lawyer also had more than one term in the National Assembly of Kenya. Because of this, he might have bigger goals for the future.

We’re glad Mr. Muite is healthy and doing things that are good for his body. We hope that he will live a long and happy life. Thank you.

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