What Is Interior Designer Eilyn Jimenez Age and Net Worth? Details On Her Husband Ray Jimenez and Family

Eilyn Jimenez’s net worth is supported by her $70,000 annual pay as an interior designer in Miami and the standing of their company.

Eilyn Jimenez, a renowned entrepreneur and interior designer, just joined the cast of Netflix’s Designing Miami alongside her husband, Ray Jimenez.

They are happily married, but they own separate design businesses and are professional competitors. As a result, it’ll be interesting to see how the couple maintains their personal relationships while competing to outdo each other at work.

Eilyn Jimenez comes out as a career-driven person from the start. After establishing her own design firm, she appears to be ready to take on Miami and the rest of the world. Eilyn believes she has what it takes to win the show and is ready to give it her all to win.

Eilyn Jimenez
Eilyn Jimenez

Eilyn Jimenez Quick Facts

Full Name Eilyn Jimenez
Age 37 Years Old
Born 1985
Birth Place Miami
Husband Ray Jimenez
Profession Entrepreneur and Designer

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What is the age of Eilyn Jimenez?

Eilyn is 37 years old right now. Eilyn grew up in a warm Cuban-American environment, where she formed deep relationships with her family members.

Living in the United States was initially challenging for the reality star because both of her parents were immigrants, but she quickly adjusted and had a beautiful adolescent.

She mentioned that her parents encouraged her to pursue her dreams, and she attributes her present level of success to them. She has maintained her familial ties and also frequently takes time out of her rigorous schedule to spend with her loved ones.

Early Years of Eilyn Jimenez

Eilyn, surprise, was drawn to design from a young age, since she constantly changed the furnishings in her room throughout her childhood. Nonetheless, the reality star desired to be a judge or an attorney and had no plans to become a designer. As a result, after graduating from high school at the age of 16, she enrolled in the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica to pursue a degree in service.

Fate quickly interfered, and as Eilyn learned more about design, she realized that style was her actual calling. As a result, she altered her major and began studying style in her second year.

Eilyn noticed that she was more interested in interior design than exterior design while researching the subject, therefore after graduating from university, she launched her interior design firm, Sire Design.

Eilyn taking a picture during one of her vacations
Eilyn taking a picture during one of her vacations

Eilyn Jimenez Net Worth In 2022

A pay for an interior designer in Miami ranges from $50,000 to $69,500. However, given how Eilyn works for celebrities, her annual salary might be up to $70k.

Eilyn Jimenez’s net worth is believed to be $2 million based on their ownerships, reality TV program, and high-profile clients.

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Her Professional Life

She began her job in a legal firm because she aspired to be a lawyer and then a judge, but business was the last thing on her mind. All of that changed in her second year of college, when she was introduced to architecture.

She fell in love with design and style right away and decided to alter her major. She didn’t achieve overnight success; she began by advertising her interior design skills on Groupon, charging $99 for a two-hour consultation. Her clientele grew over time through word of mouth, and she became known for her inventive designs and minimalistic style.

After graduating from college, Jimenez was employed by an overseas developer and began working on private homes, offices, hotels, and restaurants; she studied as much as she could and focused on acquiring hands-on experience of what it is like to work in the real world.

She then went to work in a showroom in Miami, where she assisted in the choosing of furniture for celebrity clients. She was selected from among the best local interior design businesses at the age of 23 for an E! Channel episode in which she was given the opportunity to redecorate a home for Macklemore’s mother-in-law.

Eilyn wanted to focus entirely on the design process, so Jimenez founded Sire Design, integrating the word “sire” for its regal importance; the company’s first assignment was successful and brought in about $2,000.

It has now grown from a one-man company to a five-person, all-female design team that handles projects worth up to $1,000,000. Eilyn and her team have already completed twenty-three projects.

They have brought in a large number of new customers while keeping many repeat customers; she is proud of the entire staff for sticking with her through thick and thin. She wishes to concentrate her company’s efforts on how architecture and design may influence people’s lives and moods.

Jimenez enjoys assisting people in need and has participated in a number of pro bono programs, including working with KidSanctuary Campus, which provides a safe haven for abused, abandoned, and neglected children in Florida. Eilyn’s specific income has not been disclosed, however she has earned a substantial sum of money over her career.

Eilyn Jimenez’s Husband: Who Is He?

Eilyn is happily married to Raymond Nicholas, an interior designer with his own firm; both have their own enterprises and get along well.

He’s also a member of the cast of “Designing Miami,” a show that follows their personal lives and displays how they handle their clients; the show came to them, and this dynamic duo couldn’t say no.

Eilyn met her husband at Art Basel, a global platform that links collectors and artists, and they hit it off right away because they shared a passion for art and design.

A Look at Their Marriage

Eilyn and Ray Jimenez On October 18th, 2019, they married in a private ceremony. Because the two lovebirds are designers, their reception was beautiful and eye-catching.

The bride was gorgeous in a light designer gown that emphasized her innate beauty. The groom, on the other hand, wore a light suit as he said yes to spending the rest of his life with the Woman of his Dreams.

Ray Jimenez is the husband of Eilyn Jimenez and the creator of Raymond Nicholas Designer Company. He is a South Florida-based interior designer, creative director, reality TV personality, and the husband of Eilyn Jimenez. Raymond Nicolas’s inventor, Ray, loves a maximalist aesthetic, whilst Eilyn, the founder of Sire Design, prefers a minimalist approach.

The couple’s creative adventures as they transform their South Florida homes from drab to dazzling will be chronicled in the new reality show “Designing Miami.” Furthermore, Jimenez’s interest in diverse design styles began at a young age, prompting him to pursue and get a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design in 2010.

The designer man graduated from Miami International University of Art and Design (MIU). Raymond Nicolas founded and co-owned a well-known architecture and interior design firm.

The pair also shares a passion for exploring the world and skiing, and they go skiing at least once a year.

Eilyn Jimenez On Designing Miami

Designing Miami, a new Netflix television series, will go into the genres of housing, construction romance, and reality. The show’s executive producers are Eric Wattenberg, Will Nothacker, Deanna Markoff, and Luke Neslage.

The producing company involved is Spoke Studios. The country of origin for the show is the United States, and English is its native language. All eight episodes of the series will be released on September 21, 2022. There is currently no information about the series’ availability outside of Netflix.

Netflix will be the series’ initial distributor. Raymond Jimenez and Eilyn Cueto, a power couple who have been married while competing in their occupations, will star in the show. They’ll be shown striving to help their clients turn their Miami homes from drab to beautiful. The team aspires to rule the entire globe, not just Miami, with their extraordinary abilities and expertise as interior designers.

Eilyn will be represented as a minimalist design with a more aesthetic and clean style, whereas Ray Jimenez will be more opulent and maximalist. The pair will be depicted working together to build millions of fantasy dwellings.

Eilyn Jimenez
Eilyn Jimenez

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Eilyn Jimenez’s Age: How Old Is She?

Eilyn Jimenez is 37 years old right now.

Eilyn Jimenez is married to who?

Ray Jimenez is Eilyn Jimenez’s husband.

How much does Eilyn Jimenez make?

Eilyn Jimenez’s annual salary is reported to be $70,000.00.

Eilyn Jimenez appears in what show?

Miami is being designed.

How tall is Eilyn Jimenez?

Eilyn stands at 5’7″ tall.

Is Eilyn Jimenez active on Instagram?

Yes, (eilynjimenez_).

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