Who is Allah Ghazanfar ? Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Personal Life And More

Allah Mohammad Ghazanfar: Rising Star in International Cricket

Allah Mohammad Ghazanfar, born on July 15, 2007, is a promising Afghan cricketer who has already begun to make waves in the international cricketing scene. At just 16 years old, he has demonstrated exceptional talent and skill, representing his national side and participating in various prestigious leagues.1

Early Life and Introduction to Cricket

Born in Afghanistan, Allah Mohammad Ghazanfar’s journey into cricket began at a young age. His passion for the sport and natural talent were evident early on, and he quickly progressed through the ranks of local cricketing structures.

His dedication and performance caught the attention of selectors, paving the way for his inclusion in higher-level competitions.

Mis Ainak Knights – Afghan Shpageeza Cricket League

Ghazanfar has played for the Mis Ainak Knights in the Afghan Shpageeza Cricket League, one of Afghanistan’s premier T20 leagues.

His performances in this league have been noteworthy, showcasing his potential as a future star in Afghan cricket. Playing against some of the best domestic talent, Ghazanfar has honed his skills and gained valuable experience.

Rawalpindi Raiders – Pakistan Junior League

In addition to his performances in Afghanistan, Ghazanfar has also represented the Rawalpindi Raiders in the Pakistan Junior League.

This exposure to international competition has been crucial for his development, allowing him to compete against and learn from young cricketers from different backgrounds and playing styles. His stint in the Pakistan Junior League has helped him refine his technique and gain confidence on a larger stage.

Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 – Kolkata Knight Riders

  • One of the significant milestones in Allah Mohammad Ghazanfar’s burgeoning career is his selection for the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in the 2024 Indian Premier League (IPL).2


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  • The IPL is one of the most prestigious and competitive T20 leagues in the world, and being selected to play for KKR is a testament to Ghazanfar’s talent and potential.
  • At such a young age, securing a place in an IPL team is an extraordinary achievement. This opportunity will allow Ghazanfar to train and play alongside some of the best cricketers in the world, providing him with invaluable experience and exposure.
  • The high-intensity environment of the IPL will further aid in his development as a cricketer, sharpening his skills and preparing him for the challenges of international cricket.

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Career of Allah Mohammad Ghazanfar

Allah Mohammad Ghazanfar began his cricketing journey relatively recently, during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Initially starting as a fast bowler, he later transitioned to bowling off-spin.

Allah Ghazanfar
Allah Ghazanfar (Image: Source)

This shift in his bowling style came after receiving training and guidance from former Afghanistan captain Dawlat Ahmadzai. Ahmadzai’s influence was instrumental in shaping Ghazanfar’s bowling technique and helping him discover his talent for spin bowling.

Evolution as an Off-Spinner

Ghazanfar’s transformation from a fast bowler to an off-spinner has been noteworthy. His style of bowling finger spin has drawn comparisons to that of Afghan international cricketer Mujeeb Zadran, known for his effectiveness and skill in limited-overs formats.

This comparison highlights Ghazanfar’s potential and the impact he could have in the future as a spinner for Afghanistan.

Training and Development

Ghazanfar’s training at the Mirza Mohammad Katawazai Cricket Centre in Kabul has been crucial in his development. The center provides him with the facilities and coaching necessary to hone his skills.3

Additionally, Ghazanfar has trained with the Afghanistan national under-19 cricket team, gaining valuable experience and exposure to competitive cricket at a young age. This training has been vital in preparing him for the demands of professional cricket.

Playing for Domestic and Junior Leagues

  • Ghazanfar’s domestic career includes playing for the Mis Ainak Knights in the Afghan Shpageeza Cricket League. This league is one of Afghanistan’s premier T20 competitions and has been a platform for Ghazanfar to showcase his bowling talent.
  • His performances in the league have helped him gain recognition and establish himself as a promising young cricketer.
  • In addition to his domestic performances, Ghazanfar has also played for the Rawalpindi Raiders in the Pakistan Junior League.
  • This experience has been essential for his growth, providing him with the opportunity to play in a different competitive environment and against diverse talent.
  • Playing in the Pakistan Junior League has also helped him adapt to varying conditions and improve his versatility as a bowler.
Allah Ghazanfar
Allah Ghazanfar (Image: Source)

Allah Mohammad Ghazanfar’s Net Worth and Financial Rise

Allah Mohammad Ghazanfar, born on July 15, 2007, in the Zurmat region of Afghanistan, has rapidly ascended the ranks in the cricketing world.

Under the guidance of legendary Afghanistan captain Dawlat Ahmadzai, Ghazanfar transitioned from a fast bowler to an off-spinner, a move that significantly boosted his cricketing prospects. His talents and performances have not only earned him a spot in prestigious leagues but also significantly increased his net worth.

Early Career and Transition

Ghazanfar’s initial foray into cricket saw him starting as a fast bowler. However, with the mentorship of Dawlat Ahmadzai, he successfully transitioned to off-spin bowling.

Allah Ghazanfar
Allah Ghazanfar (Image: Source)

This change was pivotal in his career, aligning him with the successful lineage of Afghan spinners like Mujeeb Ur Rahman and Rashid Khan. His unique ability to spin the ball and maintain consistent performance quickly garnered attention in domestic leagues.

Rise in Domestic Leagues

Playing for teams like the Mis Ainak Knights in the Afghan Shpageeza Cricket League and the Rawalpindi Raiders in the Pakistan Junior League provided Ghazanfar with the platform to showcase his skills. His performances in these leagues were instrumental in building his reputation as a talented young cricketer with immense potential.

Breakthrough in the Indian Premier League (IPL)

  • A significant milestone in Ghazanfar’s career came in 2024 when he was listed as a youngster player for sale in the Indian Premier League (IPL).
  • His impressive talent did not go unnoticed, and he was eventually signed by the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR).
  • This contract was a significant boost to his career and financial status.
  • In March 2024, Ghazanfar agreed to play in the IPL for a basic salary of ₹20 lakh.
  • His selection came as he took over the position from Mujeeb Ur Rahman, underscoring his growing prominence and potential in the cricketing world.

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The 2023 IPL Auction: A New Chapter for Allah Mohammad Ghazanfar

The stage is set for one of the most anticipated events in the cricketing calendar – the 2023 Indian Premier League (IPL) auction. Held in Kochi, this event sees 10 franchises engaging in an intense bidding war to strengthen their squads for the 16th edition of the tournament, slated to take place from March to May next year.

Among the 405 players up for auction, there is one name that has captured significant attention: Allah Mohammad Ghazanfar, a 15-year-old prodigy from Afghanistan.

The Youngest Hopeful

Allah Mohammad Ghazanfar stands out not just because of his talent but also due to his age. At just 15 years old, he is the youngest player in this year’s auction pool. His inclusion in the auction is a testament to his remarkable skills and potential.

Allah Ghazanfar
Allah Ghazanfar

If he secures a bid, Ghazanfar could become one of the youngest players ever bought at an IPL auction, marking a significant milestone in his burgeoning cricket career.

Early Beginnings and Rapid Rise

  • Ghazanfar’s journey into cricket began during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.
  • Originally a fast bowler, he transitioned to off-spin under the mentorship of former Afghanistan captain Dawlat Ahmadzai. This shift proved to be a pivotal moment in his career, allowing him to showcase his talent more effectively.
  • His performances for the Mis Ainak Knights in the Afghan Shpageeza Cricket League and the Rawalpindi Raiders in the Pakistan Junior League have been instrumental in his development.
  • These platforms have not only provided him with valuable experience but also placed him on the radar of IPL scouts and franchises.

Training and Development

Training at the Mirza Mohammad Katawazai Cricket Centre in Kabul, Ghazanfar has refined his skills and technique. His time with the Afghanistan national under-19 cricket team has further honed his abilities, preparing him for the rigors of professional cricket.

His bowling style, characterized by finger spin and variations, has drawn comparisons to established Afghan international spinner Mujeeb Ur Rahman.

Personal Life of Allah Mohammad Ghazanfar

Allah Mohammad Ghazanfar hails from the Paktia Province in Afghanistan, a region known for its rich cultural heritage and passionate love for cricket. His journey to becoming one of the youngest cricketers to enter the IPL auction is deeply rooted in his personal life and the support he has received from his family.

Family Background

Ghazanfar comes from a large family with five older brothers. Growing up in a family with multiple siblings has likely provided him with a supportive environment, where his love for cricket could flourish.

His brothers have played an essential role in his upbringing, providing him with the camaraderie and encouragement necessary for his development as a young cricketer.

Life in Kabul

As of 2022, Allah Mohammad Ghazanfar resided in Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan. Living in Kabul, a city that has faced numerous challenges over the years, Ghazanfar’s passion for cricket has been a source of inspiration and hope. Despite the hardships, he has continued to pursue his dreams, demonstrating resilience and dedication.

Allah Ghazanfar
Allah Ghazanfar

Cricketing Beginnings and Inspiration

Ghazanfar’s interest in cricket started at a young age, inspired by the success of Afghan cricket on the international stage. Players like Rashid Khan and Mujeeb Ur Rahman have been role models for him, showing that with talent and hard work, Afghan cricketers can excel globally.

His transition from a fast bowler to an off-spinner, guided by former Afghanistan captain Dawlat Ahmadzai, is a testament to his willingness to adapt and improve.

Training and Mentorship

Training at the Mirza Mohammad Katawazai Cricket Centre in Kabul, Ghazanfar has had access to quality coaching and facilities. The center has been pivotal in his growth, providing a structured environment to hone his skills.

Additionally, his training with the Afghanistan national under-19 cricket team has offered him exposure to competitive cricket, preparing him for the demands of higher-level play.


1. Who is Allah Ghazanfar?

Ans: Allah Ghazanfar is a promising cricketer from Afghanistan, known for his performances in domestic and international cricket. He is regarded as a talented player with significant potential in the sport.

2. How old is Allah Ghazanfar?

Ans: Allah Ghazanfar was born on May 18, 2003. As of 2024, he is 21 years old.

3. What is Allah Ghazanfar’s cricket career like?

Ans: Allah Ghazanfar’s cricket career began at a young age, playing in various youth leagues before making his way to the senior levels. He has represented Afghanistan in domestic tournaments and has started to make a mark in international cricket with his skills as a batsman and bowler.

4. What is Allah Ghazanfar’s net worth?

Ans: As of 2024, Allah Ghazanfar’s net worth is estimated to be around $200,000. His earnings come from his cricketing contracts, match fees, and potential endorsements.

5. What more should I know about Allah Ghazanfar’s personal life?

Ans: Allah Ghazanfar is known to be dedicated to his sport, often focusing on improving his skills and fitness. While there is limited information available about his personal life, he is seen as a role model for young cricketers in Afghanistan and is admired for his commitment to the game.

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