Who Is Anthony Simonsen Parents? Meet Father Benjamin And Mother Teresa

Family Background

Parents and Siblings

Anthony Simonsen was born to his parents in Austin, Texas. While his mother’s name is Teresa, information about his father is currently unavailable. Details regarding his siblings remain unknown at this time.1

Ethnicity and Nationality

Anthony Simonsen identifies as White and holds American nationality.

Biography and Age

Anthony Simonsen is renowned as an American professional ten-pin bowler, born on January 6, 1997, in Austin, Texas. As of 2022, he is 25 years old.

Simonsen pursued his primary education at a Private High School and completed his graduate studies at a Private University.

Anthony Simonsen
Anthony Simonsen ( Image: Instagram )

Family Background of Anthony Simonsen

Parents of Anthony Simonsen

Anthony Simonsen’s upbringing and family background shed light on his parents’ influence on his career in bowling.

  • Mother: Teresa Simonsen, a former bowler who played a significant role in Anthony’s early development.
  • Father: Despite remaining unnamed, Anthony’s father was also a former bowler, contributing to his son’s passion for the sport.

Early Exposure to Bowling

Growing up in a family of bowlers, Anthony Simonsen was immersed in the world of bowling from a young age.

  • Both of his parents were accomplished bowlers, fostering his interest in the sport.
  • Despite facing personal loss with the passing of his mother in 2015 and his father in 2021, Anthony’s dedication to bowling persisted.

Origin of Anthony Simonsen


Anthony Simonsen hails from Little Elm, Texas, providing context to his early experiences and roots.

  • Little Elm, an expanding suburb of Denton, served as the backdrop for Anthony’s formative years.
  • The town’s growing population reflects its evolving community dynamics during Anthony’s upbringing.

Career Timeline

Early Career and Achievements (1997 – 2013)

Anthony Simonsen, born on January 6, 1997, hails from Little Elm, Texas. He joined the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) in 2014. Simonsen gained recognition in bowling circles during the 2016 season for becoming the youngest player to win a PBA major championship.2

Utilizing a dominant right hand, he employs the two-handed style delivery and is affiliated with the Roto Grip and Vise Grips pro staffs.

Early Professional Career (2014 – 2017)

In 2014, Simonsen became a PBA member at the age of 17. Prior to this, he tasted success on the PBA regional circuit, clinching two Regional tournaments as a non-member. Notably, at 18 years old, he secured a doubles victory with partner Mark Sleeper, Jr. at the 2015 USBC Open Championships.

His seventh PBA Tour title came in 2017 at the PBA Bear Open in Aurora, Illinois, where he clinched victory in a thrilling sudden-death roll-off against E. J. Tackett.

Emergence and Major Wins (2015 – 2018)

Simonsen made his mark on the PBA Tour in 2015, winning his first title at the Mark Roth/Marshall Holman PBA Doubles Championship. His victory made him the second-youngest winner of a standard PBA Tour event.

The 2016 season proved monumental for Simonsen as he claimed his first major at the USBC Masters, becoming the youngest player ever to win a PBA major title.

He continued to excel, finishing in televised finals in major tournaments throughout the year. In 2018, he faced controversy in the Brunswick Euro Challenge but secured his fourth PBA title at Gene Carter’s Pro Shop Classic.

Rise to Prominence (2019 – 2020)

Simonsen’s career continued its upward trajectory in 2019 when he won the PBA Players Championship, becoming the youngest player in PBA history to win two major championships.

His success extended to international competitions, such as the 2019 Weber Cup, where he led Team USA to victory.

Despite finishing as a runner-up in notable events like the U.S. Open and PBA World Championship, Simonsen’s prowess on the lanes solidified his status as one of bowling’s rising stars.

Anthony Simonsen
Anthony Simonsen ( Image: Instagram )

Early Life and Introduction to Bowling

Born in 1997, Anthony Simonsen hails from Little Elm, Texas, and made waves in the bowling community by becoming the youngest player in history to win a PBA major championship in 2016. He employs a unique two-handed delivery style, with a dominant right hand, and is affiliated with the Roto Grip and Vise Grips pro staffs3

Third Major Win at 2022 U.S. Open

Anthony Simonsen secured his third major victory at the 2022 U.S. Open held in Indianapolis, Indiana on February 6, 2022. This historic win marked his ninth PBA Tour title, achieved by defeating Jason Belmonte. Simonsen’s triumph also set a record as the youngest bowler in PBA history, clinching three major titles at the age of 25.

Achievements of Anthony Simonsen

Professional Accomplishments

Anthony Simonsen’s achievements in professional bowling underscore his status as a rising star in the sport.

  • Joining the PBA in 2014, Simonsen has amassed an impressive collection of titles, including nine PBA Tour titles and seven PBA Regional titles.
  • Notably, he became the youngest bowler to win three major titles with his victory in the 2022 U.S. Open Championship.

Meet Anthony Simonsen and Morgan Petrin

Anthony Simonsen’s Background and Career

Anthony Simonsen, hailing from Little Elm, Texas, is a prominent figure in the world of professional ten-pin bowling. Since joining the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) in 2014, Simonsen has made significant strides in his career, earning recognition as the PBA’s youngest major champion early in the 2016 season.

Known for his distinctive two-handed shovel delivery, Simonsen represents Roto Grip and Vise-Grips as a pro staff member.4

Morgan Petrin: Anthony’s Partner

Anthony Simonsen’s romantic partner, Morgan Petrin, is a 25-year-old coffee enthusiast currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. A graduate of Robert Morris University in Illinois, Morgan works as a barista at Starbucks. The couple frequently shares glimpses of their relationship on their respective social media platforms.


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Anthony Simonsen’s Family and Personal Life

Anthony Simonsen’s Parents

Anthony Simonsen was born on January 6, 1997, in Texas, although the names of his parents remain undisclosed to the public. Despite their identities being kept private, it’s known that his parents played a pivotal role in supporting his bowling aspirations during his formative years.

Tragically, both of Simonsen’s parents have passed away. Notably, Simonsen clinched the doubles title at the 2015 USBC Open Championships at the age of 18, partnering with Mark Sleeper, Jr.

Benjamin A. Simonsen: A Dedicated Father

Early Life and Career

Benjamin A. Simonsen, lovingly known as Ben, was born on April 6, 1960, in the United States. He dedicated his life to supporting his family and children’s aspirations. Working as a diesel parts seller, he managed to provide for his family despite financial constraints.

Involvement in Anthony’s Career

Benjamin also actively participated in his son Anthony’s life, occasionally appearing on his game shows. He played a pivotal role in nurturing Anthony’s passion for bowling, always encouraging him to pursue success in his chosen field.

Tragic Passing

Tragically, Benjamin Simonsen passed away on September 10, 2021. The exact cause of his death remains undisclosed, leaving behind cherished memories and a legacy of love and support for his family.

Anthony Simonsen
Anthony Simonsen ( Image: Instagram )

Anthony Simonsen’s Tribute to His Father

Announcement of Passing Anthony

Simonsen shared the heartbreaking news of his father’s passing on Instagram, expressing his deep sorrow and gratitude for his father’s unwavering support throughout his life. He fondly remembers his father’s presence during his achievements, particularly his first title in bowling.

Legacy of Love

Although Benjamin Simonsen is no longer physically present, Anthony continues to honor his memory and seeks to make him and his late mother proud through his endeavors. Their love and guidance remain a driving force in his life.

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Teresa Gayle Simonsen: An Artistic Soul and Loving Mother

Anthony Simonsen
Anthony Simonsen ( Image: Instagram )

Early Life and Career

Teresa Gayle Simonsen, born on August 25, 1959, in Galveston, TX, grew up in Amarillo. After graduating from Amarillo High School in 1977, she pursued a career in the grocery industry, eventually working for Fiesta in Dallas.

Passions and Hobbies

Gayle Simonsen was not only a dedicated mother but also an artist at heart. She found joy in painting beautiful scenes and arranging colorful flowers. Additionally, she shared her love for bowling with her children, fostering a family tradition.5


Her Spirit Known for her outgoing personality, Teresa enjoyed playing Bingo and effortlessly connected with others, leaving a lasting impact wherever she went. Her passing on March 18, 2021, left a void in the lives of those who knew her, her exact cause of death remaining undisclosed. Yet, her vibrant spirit lives on in the hearts of her loved ones.

Anthony Simonsen’s Siblings

While Anthony Simonsen has not divulged details about his siblings, there’s speculation regarding his family members. Simonsen maintains a private stance on his family matters, opting to keep them out of the public eye. Despite this privacy, occasional glimpses of his family members, possibly cousins or close relatives, can be found on his social media profiles.

Relationship Status

Anthony Simonsen shares his life with his girlfriend, Morgan Petrin, adding a personal dimension to his public persona.

  • Girlfriend: Morgan Petrin, a Las Vegas native, has been Anthony’s companion for over two years.
  • Despite celebrating milestones together, such as their two-year anniversary, their future plans, including marriage, remain undisclosed.

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Anthony Simonsen: Career Achievements and Net Worth

Anthony Simonsen
Anthony Simonsen ( Image: Instagram )

Having joined the PBA at the age of 17, Simonsen quickly made an impact, securing multiple victories both at the regional and national levels. With nine PBA Tour titles, including three majors, and seven PBA Regional titles to his name, Simonsen has solidified his status as one of the sport’s elite competitors.

While his exact net worth remains undisclosed, it’s estimated to be around $2 million as of 2022, primarily stemming from his lucrative bowling career.

Financial Status

Estimates of Anthony Simonsen’s net worth offer insight into his financial success as a professional bowler.

  • In 2022, his net worth is estimated between $1 to $5 million, primarily from tournament earnings.
  • His recent win at the U.S. Championship further solidifies his financial stability, although official confirmation is pending.

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