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Former Social Worker Leads Controversial Pro-Palestine Protest at Big Ben

The organiser of a Pro-Palestine protest where a controversial slogan was projected onto Big Ben, has been pictured. Ben Jamal, a former social worker, led the demonstration outside the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday night where the phrase ‘from the river to the sea’ was beamed onto the iconic clock and the Elizabeth Tower.1


Ben Jamal, aged 60, is the director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and has been actively involved in organizing marches and protests advocating for Palestinian rights. He has faced criticism for his support of the chant ‘from the river to the sea’, which some perceive as anti-Semitic and a call for the removal of Jews from Israel.

The Controversy:

The phrase ‘from the river to the sea’ has sparked controversy due to its perceived anti-Semitic connotations. Jamal has defended the use of the chant, stating that it reflects the struggle for Palestinian rights across historic Palestine, but critics argue that it promotes the annihilation of the state of Israel.

Responses and Reactions:

Jamal has faced criticism from MPs and committee members for his support of the controversial slogan. However, he remains steadfast in his advocacy for Palestinian rights and has received praise from supporters for his leadership in organizing protests.

Personal Background:

Jamal’s family history includes Palestinian heritage, and he has been actively involved in advocating for Palestinian rights for many years. His leadership in the Palestine Solidarity Campaign has brought attention to the plight of Palestinians and has mobilized thousands of supporters in London.

Connections and Affiliations:

  • The Palestine Solidarity Campaign, led by Jamal, has garnered support from various individuals and organizations, including former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and film director Ken Loach. Additionally, Ben Soffa, a senior aide to Sir Keir Starmer, has been linked to the organization, highlighting its influence within political circles.
  • Despite facing criticism and controversy, Ben Jamal continues to be a prominent figure in advocating for Palestinian rights and organizing protests in support of the cause.
  • His leadership in the Palestine Solidarity Campaign has brought attention to the ongoing conflict in the region and has sparked important conversations about the plight of the Palestinian people.
  • Ben Jamal, the director of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign (PSC), has played a significant role in organizing pro-Palestine marches in London.
  • Born to a Palestinian vicar from west Jerusalem and an English mother, Jamal has been actively involved in advocating for Palestinian rights.

Ben Jamal: Biography

Ben Jamal
Ben Jamal ( Image: Source ) 

Ben Jamal, the Director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, has made significant contributions to advocating for Palestinian rights. Despite his notable achievements, he does not have a Wikipedia page.2

Professional Background

Ben Jamal has held various important roles throughout his career. He served as the CEO of DVIP for ten years before joining the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Prior to that, he worked as a Child Protection Manager at Westminster Children’s Services for nearly six years.

Contributions to Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Since assuming the role of Director in October 2016, Ben has been instrumental in organizing major events and advocating for Palestinian rights. He has played a key role in planning marches that have drawn hundreds of thousands of participants to the streets of London.

Ben Jamal: Age and Personal Background

As of 2024, Ben Jamal is 60 years old. His age reflects a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of societal issues. Born to a Palestinian father and an English mother, Ben’s mixed ethnicity has shaped his perspective on the Palestinian cause.

Ethnicity and Family History

Ben Jamal’s family history is deeply intertwined with the Palestinian struggle. His father’s family was forced into exile from Jerusalem in 1948 during the establishment of Israel. They were a Christian Arab family residing in Talbieh, West Jerusalem.

Ben Jamal
Ben Jamal ( Image: Source )

Ancestral Involvement in Palestinian Affairs

  • Ben’s grandfather, Shukry Jamal, was involved in travel agency and publishing businesses across the Middle East.
  • His great-uncle, Shibli Jamal, served as a secretary of a Palestinian delegation. The family’s involvement in Palestinian affairs dates back to negotiations with Winston Churchill in 1921 regarding the Balfour Declaration.
  • Ben Jamal’s biography reflects a lifetime of dedication to social justice causes, particularly the Palestinian struggle.
  • His expertise, rooted in personal experience and historical context, continues to shape his advocacy work at the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Organizing the Pro-Palestine March

Ben Jamal recently met with the Metropolitan police to finalize logistics for the upcoming pro-Palestine march in central London.

Despite initial concerns and calls for a ban on the march, the Metropolitan police commissioner, Sir Mark Rowley, confirmed that there were no grounds for a ban. The march is scheduled to take place from Marble Arch to Nine Elms, with precautions taken to avoid disrupting remembrance events.3

Ben Jamal’s Role In March

Ben Jamal, aged 60, has been the director of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign for seven years. With a background in social work, he joined the PSC recognizing the importance of advocating for Palestinian rights. He believes that the Palestinian cause is one of the fundamental issues of our time and has been actively involved in organizing marches to raise awareness.

Challenges and Controversies

While the demand of those marching is for a ceasefire in the conflict between Israel and Hamas, there have been controversies surrounding the protests. Some individuals associated with the PSC have made statements deemed unacceptable, leading to suspensions. Despite these challenges, Jamal has navigated the organization through difficult situations.

Future Plans

  • Representatives of six organizations, including the PSC, are meeting regularly to plan future demonstrations.
  • Jamal emphasizes the need for continued protests until a ceasefire is achieved, indicating that weekly demonstrations may be necessary.
  • Ben Jamal’s leadership in organizing pro-Palestine marches in London highlights the ongoing struggle for Palestinian rights.
  • Despite challenges and controversies, he remains committed to advocating for a ceasefire and addressing the fundamental issues facing the Palestinian people.
Ben Jamal
Ben Jamal ( Image: Source )

Role and Responsibilities:

Ben Jamal serves as the Director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, which is the largest organization in the UK dedicated to advocating for justice, freedom, and equality for the Palestinian people. In addition to his role at the PSC, he is also a member of the British Palestinian Policy Forum.


Ben Jamal’s leadership and activism within the Palestine Solidarity Campaign demonstrate his commitment to advancing the rights and welfare of Palestinians. As Director, he plays a crucial role in shaping the organization’s strategies and initiatives aimed at promoting awareness and mobilizing support for the Palestinian cause.

Additionally, his involvement in the British Palestinian Policy Forum highlights his engagement in policy discussions and advocacy efforts on behalf of the Palestinian community.Pro-Palestinian groups respond to James Cleverly’s call to end protest marches, expressing their intention to continue advocating for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

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Protests and Responses:

  • Cleverly’s Remarks: James Cleverly questions the effectiveness of regular marches in achieving their objectives.
  • Protesters’ Response: Shamiul Joarder of Friends of Al-Aqsa (FOA) asserts that marches will persist until a ceasefire is attained.
  • Coalition’s Perspective: Representatives from various groups, including FOA, condemn anti-Muslim sentiment from MPs and allege discriminatory policing by the Metropolitan Police during protests.

Criticism and Defense:

  • Critique of Protests: Some Conservative MPs advocate for a tougher stance on protests, citing concerns about disruptive behavior.
  • Counterargument: Ben Jamal of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign rebuffs claims of demonization, attributing criticism to pro-Israel interests seeking to divert attention from Palestinian rights.

 Chant Controversy:

  • Chant Interpretation: Debate surrounds the interpretation of the chant “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” with critics alleging it advocates for Israel’s destruction.
  • Protesters’ Perspective: Pro-Palestinian activists argue that the chant calls for an end to Israel’s occupation and blockade, not its destruction.

Security Measures:

  • Government Response: In response to concerns about MPs’ safety, James Cleverly announces a security package worth £31 million to protect MPs from intimidation and harassment.
  • Protest Regulations: The government considers increasing notice requirements for protests, following recommendations by the Commons Home Affairs Committee.

 Continued Advocacy:

  • Campaign Persistence: Despite government measures, pro-Palestinian campaigners vow to continue lobbying MPs and protesting until a permanent ceasefire is achieved.
  • Dialogue with Police: March organizers plan to discuss their grievances with Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Matt Twist ahead of future protests.

Event Overview: Doha Forum

The Doha Forum, a two-day event attended by heads of state, government officials, and representatives from regional and international organizations, including UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, was held with the theme “Building Shared Futures.” The forum aimed to address global crises, with a particular focus on the ongoing developments in Gaza.4

Interview with PSC Director Ben Jamal

MEMO’s Nasim Ahmed interviewed Ben Jamal, the Director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), at the Doha Forum. The discussion revolved around the discourse on Palestine in light of the Israeli war on Gaza, which has resulted in the loss of up to 20,000 Palestinian lives since October 7, 2023. Most of the casualties have been women and children.

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Press Release on Israeli Attack on Jenin – January 26, 2023

Ben Jamal
Ben Jamal ( Image: Source )

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) condemns Israel’s brutal attack on Jenin, resulting in the murder of 9 Palestinians. This incident underscores Israel’s ongoing violation of Palestinian rights.

Escalating Violence in Jenin:

The recent attack in Jenin adds to the increasing toll of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in the West Bank, totaling 29 since the beginning of the year. The surge in violence is alarming, with more Palestinians killed in 2022 than in any year since 2005.

Government’s Intentions and International Impunity:

Israel’s far-right government signals its intention to escalate attacks on Palestinians, confident in its impunity from international repercussions. The call for continued killings by a member of the governing coalition highlights this sense of impunity.

Call to Action:

PSC urges the UK Government to halt its complicity with Israel by ending the two-way arms trade. Additionally, banks like Barclays are urged to divest from companies supplying weapons used against Palestinians.

Ben Jamal
Ben Jamal ( Image: Source )

Statement from PSC Director:

Ben Jamal, Director of PSC, denounces Israel’s assault on Palestinians in Jenin and calls on the British public to pressure MPs and participate in protests outside Barclays branches.

Social Media Posts:


“Today, we condemn Israel’s brutal attack on Jenin, resulting in the murder of 9 Palestinians. It’s time for the UK Government to end its complicity with Israel’s violations of Palestinian rights. #JusticeForPalestine #EndIsraeliViolence”


“Israel’s escalation of violence in Jenin is alarming. We demand an end to the UK’s arms trade with Israel and urge Barclays to divest from companies supplying weapons used against Palestinians. #StopIsraeliViolence #PalestinianRights”

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