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Who Is Brandon Sharrett (Emmy Sharrett Father)? Net Worth 2023 Explored!

Emmy Sharrett is a well-known reality TV personality in the United States.

She rose to prominence as a result of her participation in the reality show Southern Hospitality, which will make its debut on Bravo TV on November 28, 2022.

Emmy Sharrett was born on March 14, 1998, and she is originally from Charleston, in the United States.

As of the year 2023, Emmy Sharrett will be 24 years old.

Emmy Sharrett
Emmy Sharrett

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Emmy Sharrett: Childhood And Family

Emmy Sharrett, who was born in March of 1998, spent her childhood in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Bromley, Montana, and Peyton are the names of the reality TV star’s three sisters.

The four brothers and sisters are very connected with one another and hold a deep affection for one another.

Their parents, Brandon and Shawn, tied the knot in October 1997 and have a lot of pride in the family they’ve built together.

Emmy has consistently taken great pride in the connection she shares with her family and in the family unit as a whole.

Emmy went on to earn a degree from the College of Charleston in 2021 after enrolling there immediately following her graduation from high school.

Emmy Sharrett
Emmy Sharrett

Emmy Sharrett: Father Brandon Sharrett Net Worth 2023

The total amount of wealth that Brandon Sharrett possesses is fifty million dollars. For the past three years and ten months, Brandon has held the positions of President and General Manager of Blackbout.

The yearly salary for the President and General Manager is an average of $186,393 and the hourly rate is $89.61. On average, Brandon earns roughly 110 dollars in an hour.

The executives of Blackbaud with the highest salaries are Kevin Mooney, who makes $2,446,958, and Brian Boruff, who makes $1,989,535.

The median analyzed compensation for executives at Blackbaud is $227,112, which is equivalent to $109 per hour. This figure takes into account both the base income and the bonus.

Emmy Sharrett with her dad
Emmy Sharrett with her dad

According to Wall Mine, Michael Gianoni, who serves as CEO of Blackbaud, has a personal net worth of $54.7 million.

Gianoni holds more than 8,659 units of Blackbaud Inc stock, which has a current market value of around $19,551,204; throughout the course of the past 13 years, he has marketed BLKB items with a combined value of more than $23,978,279.

In addition, his salary at Blackbaud Inc., where he serves as President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director, is $11,133,200 a year. During the current financial year (2022), the corporation has generated a total revenue of 927.74 million.


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Brandon Sharrett: Career Details

  • Prior to that, Brandon was employed in the Greater Philadelphia area from November 1998 to December 2000 in the role of Vice President and National Sales Director for the Regional and Community Bank Market.
  • He routinely achieved a ten million dollar annual growth in sales among five hundred prospects.
  • After that, he spent the next five years and five months serving as the Senior Vice President of the Regional and Community Bank Market. In this role, he was responsible for leading the Regional and Community Bank firm.
  • The company has marketing, sales, relationship management, and solution proposition as part of its operations, and it boasts a yearly revenue of $100 million and 250 satisfied clients.
  • In London, Sharrett was employed for a total of one year and seven months by Global Wealth Services in the capacity of Managing Director.
  • He oversaw the marketing, sales, and solutions department’s budget of ten million dollars.
  • In July of 2010, he resigned from his position. Since August 2019, Brandon has been working for Reading Partners on a part-time basis in the capacity of Board Member.
  • In April of 2019, he took a position with Blackbaud firm as Vice President of Faith Solution, a role in which he worked for an entire year.
  • After some time, he was given the position of President and General Manager while still working full-time for the same company.
  • Since one year and eleven months ago, he has held the position of President and General Manager of Corporate Solutions. The Georgia Institute of Technology is where Sharrett received his bachelor’s degree in industrial management.
  • Presently, he makes his home in Charleston, South Carolina, which is also the location of the worldwide headquarters of Blackbaud, and he is a member of the board of directors for Reading Partners South Carolina.
Emmy Sharrett with her father
Emmy Sharrett with her father

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Emmy Sharrett: Dating Life And Boyfriend

It’s possible that viewers are already familiar with the pleasant connection that Emmy Sharrett has with Will Kulp.

The latter may be seen working as a bartender in the show ‘Southern Hospitality,’ and he is currently pursuing an education in the field of law.

When rumors began to circulate that Emmy was having an affair with the boyfriend of one of her coworkers during the first season of the show, the two went through a difficult time in their relationship.

Despite the fact that they are now quite content in their partnership, they did go through this challenging time.

Despite this, it seems as though Emmy and Will’s relationship is going from strength to strength while this article is being written.

The couple gives off the impression that they are happy, and their admirers can’t help but cheer on their endearing romantic partnership.

They both have the same birthday, which is an interesting coincidence, and they usually enjoy celebrating together. We know that Emmy and Will’s appearances on the show have been a source of fascination for the audience over the years, and we want to send our best wishes their way for the years to come.

Emmy Sharrett with will kulp
Emmy Sharrett with will kulp

Emmy Sharrett: Trivia

  • Emmy Sharrett was born in the United States, in the city of Charleston.
  • Pisces is the zodiac sign that Emmy Sharrett was born under.
  • Her education culminated in a degree from the College of Charleston.
  • Emmy is a reality TV personality who first came to public attention with her participation in the reality show Southern Hospitality, which will make its debut on Bravo TV on November 28, 2022.
  • She is a Very Important Person (VIP) Server by trade.
  • On Instagram, Emmy posts under the username @emmysharrett. You may find her there.
  • She and her fellow American actress Charlotte Kilcher got their start performing on television.
Emmy Sharrett
Emmy Sharrett

Emmy Sharrett: Career Details

Sharrett is one of the cast members of Southern Hospitality, which is scheduled to make its debut on November 28th, 2022.

Sharrett works as a VIP Server. She is a proud alumna of the College of Charleston where she received her degree. While she waits for her big excursion, she is having a wonderful time attending to important guests.

Will will definitely be a part of whatever Emmy decides to do next, despite the fact that she isn’t entirely sure what it is she wants to accomplish at this point in time.

During the show, the host, Leva, makes a joke about Emmy and her partner appearing to have no flaws whatsoever in their appearance.

The relationship, on the other hand, starts to show signs of strain when a shocking rumor about Emmy and her boyfriend comes to light.

As more troubling information comes to light, it is unclear what effect this will have on her friendships and on her relationship with Will. Additionally, she has prior experience working for Disney Channel.

The first episode of the new show titled “Southern Hospitality” aired on November 28th, 2022, and Sharretti was one of the actors who appeared in it. The previous title in this series is Southern Charm.

Leva Bonaparte, the local boss-lady, is in charge of hosting the show. This is because she manages the larger-than-life crew at Republic Garden & Lounge, which is renowned as Charleston’s very own “it crowd.”

Along the illustrious King Street in the city, Leva and her husband Lamar are the proprietors of four different eateries.

Nevertheless, Republic is the most prized possession in their realm. Alongside the other ten members of the cast, Sharrett is considered to be a member of the ensemble.

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