Who Is Buccaneers New OC Liam Coen Wife? Exploring Ashley Coen, Career And Net Worth

Liam Coen’s Appreciation for Family Sacrifices

Liam Coen’s career trajectory, transitioning between coaching roles with the LA Rams and the University of Kentucky (UK), has been marked by considerable sacrifices from his family, particularly his wife, Ashley, and young son, Jackson.1

Understanding and Support from Ashley

Coen acknowledges the strain his career choices have placed on his family, expressing gratitude for his wife’s unwavering understanding of his demanding job. Despite initially being unfamiliar with the football world, Ashley’s support has been instrumental in Coen’s professional journey.

Her own successful career and financial stability before they met underscore her strength and independence.

Transitioning to Kentucky: Challenges and Adaptations

Moving from California to Kentucky posed significant challenges for the Coen family. Ashley’s roots and support network were firmly established in California, making the decision to relocate a difficult one. However, both Liam and Ashley felt a strong pull towards Kentucky, recognizing it as a place they could call home.

The warmth and hospitality of the people in Kentucky played a crucial role in easing their transition.

Liam Coen
Liam Coen ( Image: Instagram )

Embracing Kentucky’s Football Culture

Coen’s affinity for Kentucky’s football culture stems from his childhood dreams and aspirations. Growing up in Rhode Island and later living in California, he longed for the fervor and passion for football that he found in Kentucky.2

The community’s genuine love for the sport resonated deeply with Coen, reaffirming his decision to make Kentucky his professional and personal base.

A Home Ground for Football Enthusiasts

For Coen, Kentucky embodies the essence of his childhood aspirations. The state’s unwavering support for football and sports, in general, creates an environment that feels like a natural fit for him and his family.

Their move to Kentucky wasn’t just a career choice; it was a heartfelt embrace of a community where their shared passion for football is celebrated and cherished.

Liam Coen: Coaching Career and Achievements

Early Career and Transition to NFL

Liam Coen embarked on his coaching journey initially as a quarterback coach. His venture into the NFL commenced in 2018 with the Los Angeles Rams, where he started as a wide receiver coach. By 2020, he ascended to the role of quarterback coach, showcasing his prowess in player development.3

Later that same year, he transitioned to the role of offensive coordinator at the University of Kentucky, a tenure marked by significant victories.

Return to the NFL

  • In 2022, Liam Coen reentered the NFL scene with the Los Angeles Rams, this time as their official offensive coordinator.
  • This move followed the departure of Kevin O’Connell, who assumed the head coach position with the Minnesota Vikings. Despite his successful stint with the Rams, Coen returned to the University of Kentucky to resume his role as offensive coordinator.
  • However, on February 3, 2024, he joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, adding another chapter to his NFL coaching career.

Liam Coen: Financial Profile and Earnings

Liam Coen
Liam Coen ( Image: Instagram )

Salary and Net Worth

During his tenure with the University of Kentucky, Liam Coen earned an estimated salary of $1.7 million, ranking him eighth among college football assistant coaches in terms of earnings. Over a span of 14 years, Coen has built a substantial net worth and legacy within the realm of football coaching.

His transition to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers also brought about a significant increase in his remuneration, reflecting his value and contribution to the sport.

Liam Coen: NFL Statistics and Contract Details

Notable Contracts and Achievements

Liam Coen’s NFL journey has been punctuated by notable achievements and lucrative contracts. His five-year contract with the Los Angeles Rams, valued at $65 million, garnered widespread attention within the football community.4

This substantial sum includes various bonuses and amenities, underscoring Coen’s significance within the coaching landscape. As he embarks on his role with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, anticipation surrounds his potential impact on the team’s performance during the 2024 season.

Liam Coen
Liam Coen ( Image: Instagram )

Early Life of Ashley Coen

Born on October 8, 1986, in the Philippines, Ashley Coen’s upbringing was marked by frequent moves due to her father’s military career. After relocating to the United States following the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991, Ashley’s family experienced significant changes, including her parents’ divorce shortly after settling in Northern Virginia.

Family Background and Childhood

Ashley’s father, serving in the Air Force, led the family’s decision to move to the United States, where she developed strong bonds with both her mother and father despite the divorce.

Living with her mother until high school and then transitioning to her father’s residence, Ashley adapted to the challenges of relocating, changing schools eleven times during her upbringing.

Love Story: Ashley and Liam

Meeting on “Hinge”

Contrary to the conventional narrative of football couples meeting during their college or high school years, Ashley Coen and Liam Coen’s relationship began through the dating app “Hinge.” Despite initial rejections, Liam persisted, leading to their first date on New Year’s Eve. At the time, Ashley worked as an executive producer for a visual effects studio, while Liam had been coaching football for a decade.

Family Life: Liam, Ashley, and Jackson


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Welcoming Jackson Coen

Liam Coen, then coaching the Rams, became a central figure in Ashley’s life, as depicted in her Instagram posts from 2020. Their relationship progressed, culminating in Liam’s proposal at the Malibu pier. In January 2021, Ashley shared the joyous news of their engagement, followed by the birth of their son, Jackson Ford Coen, in August 2021.

Growing Family

Continuing to share their journey on social media, Ashley recently announced their anticipation of welcoming a baby boy in June, further solidifying their growing family’s joy and milestones.

Liam Coen Returns as Offensive Coordinator for Kentucky Wildcats Football

Commitment to Success

The announcement of Liam Coen’s return to the Kentucky Wildcats football program emphasizes the program’s dedication to building on the success achieved under Mark Stoops.5

Contract Details

According to Jon Hale of the Lexington Herald-Leader, the specifics of Coen’s contract have been made public:

  • Contract Duration: A three-year contract, commencing from December 12th.
  • Salary: Coen’s salary for the upcoming season is set at $1.7 million, with incremental increases of $100,000 over the following two years.
  • Ranking: Coen’s salary would position him as the eighth-highest paid assistant coach for the 2022 college football season, as per Hale’s report. He would have tied for the seventh-highest in the 2021 season.
  • Buyout Clause: Notably, Coen’s contract does not include a buyout clause. Should he choose to depart before the contract’s conclusion in June 2026, he will not be obligated to compensate the university.

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Career Background

Liam Coen’s Transition in Football Coaching

Liam Coen serves as the offensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Rams in the NFL, previously holding the same position for the Kentucky Wildcats. Prior to his NFL roles, Coen worked as an assistant coach at various universities.

Roots and Athletic Beginnings

Born in Warwick, Rhode Island, Liam Coen hails from an athletic family. His grandfather, Phillip Coen, was a team manager for Boston College. Coen played high school football at La Salle Academy, where he was coached by his father, Tim Coen, achieving accolades such as Rhode Island’s Gatorade Player of the Year.

Collegiate Career and Achievements

Success at UMass

Coen played as the quarterback for the University of Massachusetts from 2004 to 2008, setting records in passing statistics. Notably, he shares a connection with NFL wide receiver Victor Cruz, having worn the number 12 jersey in homage to Tom Brady.

Coaching Career Progression

From Collegiate to Professional Coaching

Following his collegiate career, Coen transitioned to coaching. He started as a quarterbacks coach at Brown University before returning to UMass as the passing game coordinator. He later held positions at Rhode Island and Maine universities before making his leap to the NFL as a coach.

Liam Coen
Liam Coen ( Image: Instagram )

Personal Life

Family and Relationship

Liam Coen is married to Ashley Ford Coen, with whom he has a child. The couple has maintained a private life, with limited information available about their family.

Financial Details

Liam Coen’s Net Worth and Salary

As of 2022, Liam Coen’s net worth is estimated at $4 million, primarily earned through coaching. His salary details indicate a significant income, particularly during his tenure at Kentucky, where he contributed to notable achievements in football history.

Liam Coen’s Transition to Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Previous Role at University of Kentucky

Liam Coen served as the offensive coordinator at the University of Kentucky for two years before his recent transition.

Career Highlights

Coaching Experience

Coen has a diverse coaching background, including coaching roles with the Los Angeles Rams.

Strategic Expertise

With over fifteen years of experience, Coen possesses extensive knowledge of on-field strategies.

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Transition to Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Liam Coen
Liam Coen ( Image: Instagram )

New Role as Offensive Coordinator

Coen assumes the position of offensive coordinator for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, replacing Dave Canales who departed to join the Panthers as their head coach.

Anticipated Impact

Expectations surround Coen’s ability to bring his expertise in integrating run-and-pass strategies to enhance the Buccaneers’ offensive gameplay.

Previous Connections

Coen’s notable chemistry with Baker Mayfield adds intrigue to his transition to the Buccaneers.

Professional Background

Ashley’s Career in LA

Before marrying Liam, Ashley had a successful career as an executive producer based in Los Angeles.

Relocation and Career Transition

After their wedding, Ashley and Liam moved to Lexington, where Liam coached for a year before returning to the Rams.

Liam’s Coaching Career

In 2023, Liam moved to Kentucky as an offensive coordinator. Now, he is set to return to the NFL with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Coaching Transition

Coen is replacing Dave Canales and has already received the approval of the quarterback Baker Mayfield.

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