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Who Is Chase Young Sister Weslie Young? Age Difference and Family Details

Defensive End Chase Young and the Determination to Excel: A Story of Self-Discipline and Hard Work

Discover the inspiring journey of Chase Young, the talented defensive end for the Washington Commanders, and his unwavering commitment to success. Raised in a strict household, with his father serving as a sheriff, Chase and his sister Weslie learned the values of discipline and perseverance from an early age.1

Chase Young
Chase Young (Image: Source)

The Foundation of Self-Discipline

From the beginning, Chase Young’s parents instilled a strong sense of self-discipline in him. Growing up under the guidance of a sheriff father meant that rules were not to be taken lightly. The household’s emphasis on discipline helped mold Chase into a young athlete who understood the importance of dedication and hard work.


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Tough Love and Graded Performance

Young’s parents believed in tough love as a means of fostering growth and resilience. Even after his early successes in the NFL, they didn’t hesitate to provide honest feedback.

Following his first seven games in the league, his mother graded his performance with a C+. This critical evaluation pushed Chase Young to reevaluate his approach and strive for continuous improvement.

The Words of Coach Ron Rivera

Ron Rivera, the esteemed head coach of the Washington Commanders, spoke highly of Chase Young in an interview. He emphasized that the decision not to extend Young’s contract would only serve as motivation for the talented defensive end.

Rivera drew parallels to Young’s teammate, Daron Payne, who had a remarkable season after facing a similar situation. This comparison highlights the potential for Young to rise above adversity and emerge as an even stronger player.

Chase Young’s journey is a testament to the power of determination and perseverance. Rather than allowing setbacks to define him, Young uses them as fuel to propel himself forward.

His unwavering work ethic and commitment to self-improvement make him a force to be reckoned with on the field. While the Commanders’ decision not to extend his contract may be disappointing, it serves as a catalyst for Young to showcase his true potential and surpass expectations.

Weslie Young
Weslie Young (Image: Source)

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Chase Young’s Sister, Weslie Young: A Supportive Big Sister and Advocate

Chase Young’s sister, Weslie Young, has played a significant role as a supportive big sister throughout her brother’s career.2

Beyond her supportive role, Weslie has also made her mark in the world of sports as a former collegiate basketball player. She showcased her talents as a standout forward for North Carolina Wesleyan, culminating in her graduation in 2019.

Weslie’s Support for Chase’s Achievements

As an adoring sister, Weslie has taken to her Instagram page to celebrate her brother’s remarkable achievements. Through various posts, she has shown unwavering support and pride in Chase Young’s accomplishments. Her genuine admiration for her brother’s success shines through in these heartfelt messages.3

Advocacy for African-Americans’ Treatment

Weslie Young, along with her family, has been an active part of the conversation surrounding the treatment of African-Americans by law enforcement officers.

In an interview conducted by the NFL’s official site, Chase and his family opened up about their personal experiences with the police. Although Weslie herself hasn’t encountered such harrowing situations, she acknowledges the prevailing sense of uncertainty that arises during routine traffic stops.

Last year, Weslie received a heartwarming surprise from her father, Greg. He gifted her a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, which she joyfully shared with her followers on Instagram. Through a series of captivating photos, Weslie expressed her gratitude and gave her followers an inside glimpse of her exciting new ride.

Celebrating Milestones and Creating Lasting Memories

Weslie has embraced life’s special moments, seizing opportunities to create unforgettable memories. On her 25th birthday last year, she embarked on a memorable trip to Mexico with her close friends. This year, the Young family went all out to celebrate Chase’s 24th birthday in a truly grand style, demonstrating the strong bond they share.

By providing unwavering support, advocating for important causes, and cherishing cherished moments, Weslie Young continues to prove herself as a supportive big sister, an advocate, and an individual who embraces life to the fullest.

Chase Young’s Upbringing: The Role of Greg and Carla Young in Shaping His Success

Chase Young’s journey to success can be attributed in part to the unwavering support and guidance of his parents, Greg and Carla Young. Their influence and emphasis on hard work from a young age have played a significant role in shaping Chase into the exceptional athlete he is today.

Chase Young Sister Weslie Young
Chase Young Sister Weslie Young (Image: Source)

Greg Young’s Dedication to Service

Greg Young dedicated 22 years of his life to serving the community as a member of the Arlington County Sheriff’s Department. His commitment to his work and the values it instilled in him became an important aspect of Chase’s upbringing. The sense of responsibility and discipline that Greg exemplified left a lasting impression on Chase.

Carla Young’s Professional Endeavors

Carla Young, Chase’s mother, pursued a career in the Department of Transportation. Despite her professional commitments, Carla always found time to prioritize her family and their spiritual growth.

As a deeply religious family, Carla and Greg ensured that their children accompanied them to church, fostering a strong foundation of faith that would guide Chase in both his personal and professional life.

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Dominating the Field: Chase Young, the Unstoppable Force

Chase Young, a powerhouse in the realm of American football, has become a formidable figure on the field. Born on April 14, 1999, this exceptional athlete currently serves as a defensive end for the esteemed Washington Commanders of the National Football League (NFL).

Hailing from the great state of Maryland, Young honed his skills during his college years at Ohio State University, where he left an indelible mark on the Buckeyes’ football program. With an impressive junior season in 2019, Young shattered records, claimed prestigious accolades, and solidified his place among the game’s elite.

The Rise of a Record-Breaker

During the 2019 season, Chase Young’s extraordinary abilities catapulted him to new heights. The field witnessed his exceptional talent as he shattered the Ohio State University’s single-season sack record with an awe-inspiring 16.5 sacks. This remarkable feat not only showcased his dominance but also established him as a force to be reckoned with.

Unanimous All-American Recognition

In recognition of his outstanding performance, Chase Young was bestowed with the title of unanimous All-American. This prestigious honor solidifies his status as an elite athlete in the realm of American football. By showcasing his exceptional skills and unwavering dedication, Young garnered the respect and admiration of fans, peers, and experts alike.

Chase Young
Chase Young

Defensive Player of the Year Awards

Young’s relentless pursuit of excellence led to him being named the recipient of several defensive player of the year awards. His exceptional defensive prowess, unrivaled athleticism, and unwavering determination proved to be a winning combination.

With each game, Young consistently demonstrated his ability to dominate opponents and make game-changing plays, earning him the admiration and recognition of the football community.

Chase Young: The Rising NFL Star with a Staggering Net Worth

Chase Young, the talented NFL player, has recently made waves in the sports industry with his exceptional skills on the field. Not only has he secured a lucrative four-year contract extension with his team, but he has also become a sought-after figure in the world of endorsements.

Chase Young’s Contract Extension and Earnings

Chase Young’s dedication and remarkable performance have paid off handsomely, as evidenced by his four-year contract extension. According to the reputable source Spotrac, Chase is set to earn an impressive guaranteed total of $34.5 million by the conclusion of the 2023 NFL season.

This contract not only underscores the faith his team has in his abilities but also reflects his undeniable value in the NFL.

Furthermore, as a testament to his exceptional skills and potential, Chase Young has secured a staggering signing bonus of $22.6 million. This remarkable figure stands as a testament to the confidence his team has placed in his ability to make a significant impact on the field. Such a substantial signing bonus further solidifies his financial standing and reinforces his status as an emerging star in the league.

Chase Young’s Net Worth

With his flourishing NFL career and lucrative contract extension, it is no surprise that Chase Young has amassed a considerable net worth. Estimates place his net worth at a staggering $20 million. This significant sum is a testament to his talent, hard work, and the value he brings to the game.

Chase Young’s Relationship Status: Focused on Football and Career

Chase Young, the talented star player of the Commanders, is currently dedicated to his football career and remains unmarried and unengaged. Despite online speculation, there is no evidence to suggest that he is dating anyone at the moment.

Chase Young
Chase Young

Chase Young’s Commitment to Football

Amidst the glitz and glamour of professional sports, Chase Young stands out for his unwavering dedication to his first love—football. With an impressive track record and incredible skills, Young has captured the attention of fans and experts alike. He understands the importance of focusing on his career and aims to maximize his potential as a professional football player.

 An Unattached Status

Contrary to speculation, Chase Young is currently not romantically involved with anyone. Numerous sources, including his official Instagram account, confirm that he is single and not dating. This status aligns with his dedication to football, as he invests his time and energy into perfecting his game.

Chase Young’s commitment to his football career transcends personal relationships. His passion for the game drives him to devote countless hours to training, strategizing, and improving his skills. Instead of pursuing romantic endeavors, he channels his love and focus towards becoming the best version of himself on the field.


1. Who is Weslie Young and how is she related to Chase Young?

Ans: Weslie Young is the sister of Chase Young. They are siblings.

2. What is the age difference between Weslie Young and Chase Young?

Ans: The exact age difference between Weslie Young and Chase Young is not publicly available. However, it is known that they are siblings, indicating that they were born in different years.

3. What are the family details of Weslie Young and Chase Young?

Ans:  The family details of Weslie Young and Chase Young are not extensively available in the public domain. They both share the same parents and are part of the Young family.

4. Does Weslie Young have a public presence or profession like Chase Young?

Ans: As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Weslie Young does not have a prominent public presence or a widely known profession like Chase Young, who is a professional football player. However, please note that information may have changed since then, and it’s always a good idea to refer to the latest updates.

5. Are there any notable achievements or activities associated with Weslie Young?

Ans: Specific notable achievements or activities associated with Weslie Young are not widely known. It’s important to respect her privacy and allow her to pursue her own endeavors separate from her brother’s spotlight as a professional athlete.

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