Who Is Derrick Josi Brother? What Happened To Him? Parents And Family Explored

Derrick Josi’s Parents: Don and Desi Josi

Derrick Josi, a key figure in the history of Wilsonview Dairy, owes much of his success to the pivotal role played by his parents, Don and Desi Josi.

This section delves into the significant contributions made by Don and Desi, shedding light on their impact on the family farm.1

Don Josi: A Transformational Figure

  • Don Josi, armed with a bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University, returned to the farm to assume the role of co-owner.
  • This marked the beginning of a transformative era for Wilsonview Dairy.
  • From its humble beginnings with 60 acres and 65 cows, the farm, under Don’s leadership, evolved into a sprawling 450-acre expanse, specializing in Jersey cattle.

Key Decisions and Foundations

Don’s strategic decisions, including the acquisition of the bull “Merrit” and his marriage to Desi, set the foundation for one of the most significant Jersey herds in American history.

These choices, pivotal in the development of the genetic program, laid the groundwork for the farm’s success.

Derrick Josi
Derrick Josi with wife ( Image: Source )

Desi Josi: Integral to Success

Desi Josi’s role was equally crucial to the dairy’s success.2

Beyond her partnership with Don, Desi made substantial contributions in areas such as bookkeeping, overseeing the calf program, and more. Her multifaceted involvement played a vital role in the farm’s recognition as the 14th nationally ranked Jersey herd for genetic merit.

Achievements and Recognition

  • The dedication and hard work of Don and Desi did not go unnoticed.
  • In 2020, the American Jersey Cattle Association honored the Josi family with the prestigious Master Breeder Award.
  • This recognition underscored their commitment to breeding exceptional cattle and their invaluable contributions to the dairy industry.

Legacy and Family Dynamics

The Josi family stands as a testament to the enduring tenacity required to sustain a successful farm across generations.

Serving as Wilsonview Dairy’s third and fourth-generation co-owners, the family’s legacy exemplifies the dedication needed to navigate the complexities of running a profitable dairy business.

Specialized Roles

  • Within the family, each member plays a specialized role, showcasing the diverse skill set essential for a thriving dairy enterprise.
  • Desi’s oversight of the calf program and finances complements Derrick’s focus on individualized nutrition plans and feeding regimens.
  • Together, they supplement Don’s expertise in genetic selections, creating a harmonious and efficient operation at Wilsonview Dairy.

Derrick Josi: You tube Video On Farming

What Happened to Derrick Jose’s Brother?

Derrick Joss, a fourth-generation farmer associated with Wilsonview Dairy in Tillamook, Oregon, is not just a prominent figure in the dairy community but also a blogger known as TDF Honest Farming on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.3

His active involvement in the agricultural industry showcases his passion for the constant innovation within the dairy community.

Derrick Joss’ Bro

  • Recently, Derrick Joss shared a heartfelt Instagram post commemorating his late brother’s first birthday in heaven.
  • While the exact cause of his brother’s death remains unknown, Derrick’s emotional message reflects the profound sorrow and unwavering love he feels for his late sibling.
  • The lack of specific details surrounding the circumstances adds an element of mystery to the tragedy, leaving friends, family, and followers grappling with an unexplained loss.
  • Derrick’s public expression of love and longing for his brother resonated deeply with his online community, evoking heartfelt condolences and support from followers.
  • This collective outpouring of compassion underscores the strength of the bonds formed within both the farming and online communities.

The Talks Today

During times of bereavement, the absence of clear details about the cause of death can intensify the emotional toll on survivors. Unanswered questions contribute to confusion, complicating the already challenging process of coming to terms with the reality of the tragedy.

Derrick’s decision to share his grief on social media not only fosters community support but also promotes understanding for those facing similar challenges.

Derrick Josi
Derrick Josi ( Image: Source )

Parents and Family

Derrick Joss Parents: Don and Desi

  • Derrick Joss comes from a family deeply rooted in farming.
  • His parents, Don and Desi, are an integral part of the Joss family’s farming heritage. The family’s commitment to agriculture is evident in Derrick’s active involvement and contributions to the farming community.
  • The support from parents like Don and Desi highlights the importance of familial ties in sustaining a farming legacy.

Derrick Joss Family: Wife Casey and Children

  • Derrick’s wife, Casey, plays a crucial role in the Joss family’s farming legacy.
  • Hailing from a family that owns quarter horses, Casey brings a unique perspective and skills to the farm. Involved in accounting and logistics, Casey actively nurtures the next generation of Josis, contributing to the farm’s continuity.
  • As co-owners of Wilsonview Dairy, Derrick and Casey’s dedication to family and farming is recognized not only in daily operations but also in their award-winning contributions to Jersey cattle breeding.
  • Their commitment to raising the fifth generation of Joss emphasizes the importance of passing on values, traditions, and a deep connection to the land.
  • Despite the demanding nature of dairy farming, Derrick and Casey’s dedication to family and community underscores the resilience required to maintain both a thriving farm and a loving home.

Derrick Josi and TDF Honest Farming

Derrick Josi is on a steadfast mission to disseminate farming knowledge and experiences through the online community he has built under the moniker TDF Honest Farming.4

2. The Legacy of Dairy Farming in the Pacific Northwest

Derrick and Kaycee Josi’s Heritage

Derrick Josi, hailing from a family deeply rooted in dairy farming in the Pacific Northwest, continues the legacy of his great grandfather, Alfred Josi.

Alfred, an indentured servant from Switzerland, arrived in the United States in 1912 and began farming on the same land that Derrick operates today.

2.2 Evolution of the Farm

Starting as a 60-acre lease in 1918, the farm has flourished over the years. Currently spanning 450 acres, it hosts an all-Jersey dairy herd, producing an impressive 35,000 pounds (3,000 gallons) of milk daily.

The farm boasts modern facilities such as a double-12 herringbone parlor, a free stall barn, and extensive corn and grass silage fields, complemented by open pasture for grazing.

Derrick Josi
Derrick Josi with family ( Image: Source )

3. The Josi Family: Generations on the Tillamook County Farm

3.1 Family Dynamics

Derrick and his wife, Kaycee, who brings her own background from the western horseman world and a distinguished college softball career, are actively involved in raising the fifth generation of Josis. Bryson, Addison, Reagan, and Dylan are growing up on the Tillamook County family farm, surrounded by Derrick’s parents, Don and Desi.

3.2 Personal Journey and Community Integration

Since their blind date in 2011, marked by a casual fist bump, Derrick and Kaycee have become inseparable.

They not only strengthen family bonds but also deepen their connections within the community. Actively participating in networking events with the food and agricultural industries across the country, the Josis are establishing a lasting presence.

Derrick Josi
Derrick Josi  with wife ( Image: Source )

4. Wilsonview Dairy: Tillamook, Oregon

4.1 Historical Roots

In 1912, Alfred Josi and his siblings from Switzerland arrived in the United States as indentured servants.

They discovered the allure of the lush Oregon coastal pastures, perfectly suited for dairy farming. This marked the beginning of the Josi family’s farming legacy in the Pacific Northwest.

4.2 Present Day: Wilsonview Dairy

The Josi family’s farming footprint, established over a century ago, is embodied in Wilsonview Dairy in Tillamook, Oregon. This picturesque location reflects a harmonious blend of tradition and modern farming practices.

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Derrick Josi’s Instagram Post: Commemorating His Late Brother’s Heavenly Birthday

Derrick Josi, a prominent figure in the online community, recently shared a poignant Instagram post commemorating his late brother’s first heavenly birthday.

The emotional message provided a glimpse into Derrick’s profound grief and enduring love for his departed sibling.

The Mystery Surrounding His Brother’s Death

While Derrick’s message conveyed the emotional weight of the loss, the exact cause of his brother’s death remains undisclosed.

The absence of specific details surrounding the circumstances leading to the passing adds a layer of mystery, leaving friends, family, and followers grappling with the poignant tribute and the unexplained tragedy.

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Derrick Josi’s Brother: A Cherished Memory


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A post shared by Derrick Josi (@tdf_honest_farming)

Derrick’s brother, whose memory is honored on his heavenly birthday, left an indelible mark on the Josi family legacy.

The love and longing expressed by Derrick resonated deeply with his online community, drawing a flood of heartfelt condolences in the comment section.

Strength of Bonds in the Farming and Online Communities

  • The outpouring of support showcased the strength of the bonds formed within the farming and online communities.
  • Friends and well-wishers extended prayers and comforting words, acknowledging the difficulty of navigating the “firsts” without a loved one.
  • The collective expression of empathy illustrates the power of social media in fostering connections and providing a virtual space for shared grief and solidarity.
Derrick Josi
Derrick Josi ( Image: Source )

The Unanswered Questions: Navigating Loss in the Absence of Clarity

In times of loss, the absence of clarity regarding the cause of death can amplify the emotional toll on those left behind.

The unanswered questions surrounding the circumstances may contribute to a sense of bewilderment and the challenging process of coming to terms with the reality of the tragedy.

Derrick’s Role in Fostering Community and Understanding

Derrick’s sharing of grief on social media serves a dual purpose—it not only honors his brother’s memory but also fosters community and understanding for those facing similar challenges.

The openness in discussing the difficulties of loss contributes to a collective support system in the virtual space, emphasizing the role of social media in connecting individuals through shared experiences.

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