Who Is Jason Murray Lawyer Wife? Exploring Marital Status And Kids

Jason Murray’s Legal Career and Connections:

  • Jason Murray, the lawyer advocating for Colorado voters in the case regarding Donald Trump’s candidacy, has a notable legal background.
  • He served as a clerk for both Justice Elena Kagan and Neil Gorsuch during Gorsuch’s tenure on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • This connection to the justices involved in the decision regarding Trump’s eligibility underscores Murray’s familiarity with the legal landscape surrounding the case.
  • The article provides insights into the background and role of Jason Murray, a lawyer at the forefront of the legal battle concerning the eligibility of former President Donald Trump for the 2024 Colorado ballot.
  • Murray’s legal career and his connections to key figures in the judiciary are discussed in detail.

Challenges Faced by Jason Murray:

Despite Murray’s prior association with Justice Neil Gorsuch, his arguments faced challenges during the Supreme Court hearing. Specifically, Gorsuch criticized Murray’s handling of the 14th Amendment’s insurrection clause, highlighting tensions in their exchange.1

Despite their past professional relationship, Gorsuch’s rigorous questioning suggests a complex dynamic between the two.

Jason Murray’s Perspective and Previous Endorsements:

Before the recent legal proceedings, Murray expressed admiration for his former employers, including Neil Gorsuch. In a 2017 opinion piece for The Washington Post, Murray praised Gorsuch’s qualifications and suitability for the Supreme Court, emphasizing Gorsuch’s attributes such as intelligence, humility, and commitment to the rule of law.

This endorsement sheds light on Murray’s perspective on Gorsuch’s judicial character and adds context to their interactions during the hearing.

Educational Background:

Jason Murray’s legal career trajectory began with his education at Harvard University, where he graduated magna cum laude from the law school in 2011.

This academic achievement serves as a foundation for his subsequent career accomplishments and his role in high-profile legal cases like the one involving Trump’s ballot eligibility in Colorado.

Jason Murray – A Denver-Based Distinguished Attorney

Jason Murray’s impressive legal career and notable achievements have solidified his position as a distinguished attorney based in Denver, Colorado.

 Professional Background and Recognition

Murray’s legal expertise spans various sectors, including mass torts, antitrust, commercial contract disputes, intellectual property, and professional malpractice. His dedication to his work has earned him significant recognition, including being listed in Lawdragon’s 500 Leading Litigators in America for 2022 and 2023.

Prior to co-founding his firm, Murray was a partner at Bartlit Beck LLP for over a decade.

Legal Career and Academic Achievements

Murray’s law firm, a small yet nationally focused public interest firm based in Denver, boasts a team of seasoned former Supreme Court law clerks. His career highlights include prestigious clerkships with Justice Elena Kagan at the U.S. Supreme Court and Judge Neil Gorsuch at the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Murray’s commitment to excellence is evident through his role as President of the Harvard Debate Council during his undergraduate years, where he honed his argumentation and public speaking skills.

 Professional Milestones and Recognition

Despite his relatively young age, Murray’s career trajectory has been remarkable. He has swiftly risen through the ranks since embarking on his legal career in 2011, handling significant cases and earning recognition, including being selected for Benchmark Litigation’s “40 And Under Hotlist”.

Murray’s expertise was demonstrated early on when he represented six Colorado voters challenging Donald Trump’s ballot eligibility in the state, marking his Supreme Court argument debut.

Jason Murray
Jason Murray ( Image: Source ) 

Personal Life and Values

While Murray’s professional successes have garnered attention, little information is available about his personal life.

He is known to be married with two children and is a devout Christian who attends Cherry Hills Community Church with his family. Despite their private nature, Murray’s family has been a crucial source of support throughout his career.

Interests and Community Involvement

Beyond his legal career, Murray is an avid sports fan who supports Denver-based teams such as the Broncos, Nuggets, and Rockies.2

His wife, like his children, has maintained a low profile amidst Murray’s high-profile legal career.

Financial Status and Net Worth

While Murray’s exact earnings and net worth remain undisclosed, there have been speculative figures regarding his wealth.

However, without concrete evidence, these figures remain unsubstantiated and should be viewed with skepticism.

Jason Murray
Jason Murray ( Image: Source )

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Early Life and Education

Born in 1987 in Denver, Colorado, Jason Murray grew up in a family deeply ingrained in the legal world, with his grandfather serving as a judge in Colorado. His upbringing, coupled with his academic excellence and diverse interests at Cherry Creek High School, laid the foundation for his future in law and politics.

Murray pursued his undergraduate studies at Harvard University, where his involvement in various extracurricular activities and political campaigns further shaped his passion for justice and advocacy.3

Career Highlights

  • After obtaining his Juris Doctorate from Harvard Law School in 2012, Jason Murray embarked on a distinguished legal career.
  • His journey included clerkships for notable judges, including Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, and pivotal roles at prestigious law firms like Bartlitt Beck LLP.
  • Murray’s expertise in antitrust law and his fearlessness in taking on formidable opponents have earned him recognition as a top trial lawyer.
  • Notable accomplishments include landmark victories for clients such as Apple, Google, and Dow Chemical, solidifying his reputation as a legal powerhouse.

Founding Olson Grimsley Kawanabe Hinchcliffe & Murray LLC

In 2020, Jason Murray co-founded Olson Grimsley Kawanabe Hinchcliffe & Murray LLC, a legal practice committed to holding the powerful accountable and providing accessible legal assistance to individuals seeking justice. As the firm’s managing partner overseeing the Denver branch, Murray continues to champion fairness and excellence in the legal profession.

Jason Murray’s Personal Life

Marriage and Family

Jason Murray, a prominent Denver attorney, is married, but information about his wife and children remains private.

Jason Murray Lawyer Wife

Wife’s Privacy

Murray’s wife prefers to stay out of the public eye, possibly due to valuing privacy or differing career interests from her husband.

Supportive Role

Despite limited details, Murray’s wife has undoubtedly played a crucial supporting role in his professional accomplishments.

Jason Murray
Jason Murray ( Image: Source )

Jason Murray Kids

Children’s Privacy

Similarly, Murray’s children have chosen to maintain low profiles, avoiding the media attention on their father’s legal career.

Supportive Influence

Despite the challenges, Murray’s children likely provide significant support in his professional endeavors.

Jason Murray’s Legal Career


Jason Murray has built an impressive career as a trial lawyer, handling high-stakes commercial cases with success.4

Career Highlights

Previous Experience

Before joining Olson Grimsley in Denver, Murray spent 11 years as a litigator at Bartlit Beck LLP, where he handled major disputes.

Appellate Experience

Murray has extensive experience arguing influential appeals in various courts, preserving millions in patent claims and securing dismissals in significant cases.

Recognition and Achievements

Murray’s exceptional litigation work has earned him widespread recognition, including being named one of Lawdragon’s 500 Leading Litigators in America and making Benchmark Litigation’s “40 & Under List.”

Professional Reputation

Murray’s reputation as a skilled attorney handling complex appeals and high-value disputes has contributed to his success and recognition in the legal field.

Jason Murray
Jason Murray ( Image: Source )

Legal Battle Before Supreme Court

  • In a landmark legal confrontation, Denver-based attorney Jason Murray takes center stage in a high-stakes case against former President Donald Trump within the Colorado ballot dispute, currently under review by the Supreme Court.
  • The two-hour deliberation witnessed judges engaging in heated debates over the potential removal of Trump from the ballot, invoking a seldom-used constitutional clause dating back to the Civil War era.
  • Murray, representing the opposing party, faced rigorous questioning from Justice Neil Gorsuch, highlighting the significance of the ongoing legal discourse at the nation’s highest judicial authority.

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Personal Details of Jason Murray

Physical Attributes

Jason Murray stands at an approximate height of 5 feet 10 inches, with a weight of around 67 kg. He possesses black eyes and black hair, maintaining a fit and healthy physique..5

Family Life

Jason Murray is married to an undisclosed woman, with whom he shares two children—a son and a daughter. The family resides in Denver, where Murray actively participates in the Cherry Hills Community Church. Beyond his legal endeavors, Murray displays a fervent passion for sports, particularly supporting teams such as the Denver Broncos, Denver Nuggets, and Colorado Rockies.

Profile of Jason Murray

Jason Murray is a seasoned trial lawyer renowned for his expertise in diverse litigation matters. With an impressive track record, he has successfully represented clients in complex cases ranging from mass torts to professional malpractice.

Jason Murray
Jason Murray ( Image: Source )

Professional Experience

Early Career at Bartlit Beck LLP Jason honed his skills as a trial lawyer during his 11-year tenure at Bartlit Beck LLP. He gained the trust of industry leaders, handling high-stakes cases with exceptional diligence and competence.

Notable Achievements

  • Co-Lead Counsel in Commercial Arbitration: Jason served as co-lead trial counsel in a plaintiff-side commercial arbitration, securing a total victory with a recovery exceeding $75 million.
  • Appellate Success in Patent Case: He successfully briefed and argued an appeal in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, preserving crucial patent claims in a case involving major automakers and exceeding $100 million.
  • Defense of Mass Tort Case: Jason effectively defended the trial court’s dismissal of a mass tort case involving 250 plaintiffs, winning an appeal in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.
  • Antitrust Litigation: He served as trial counsel in a high-profile antitrust case valued at over $1 billion between U.S. Airways and Sabre.
  • Dismissal of Commercial Cases: Jason secured dismissals on the pleadings of several commercial cases, where plaintiffs sought damages in the tens of millions of dollars.


Jason’s exceptional work has earned him widespread recognition in the legal community. He was honored consecutively in 2022 and 2023 as one of Lawdragon’s 500 Leading Litigators in America. Additionally, he was acknowledged as a member of Benchmark Litigation’s prestigious “40 & Under List.”

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