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Jason Murray: Attorney Arguing Against Donald Trump in Colorado Ballot Case

Jason Murray, a Denver-based attorney, is currently engaged in a legal battle against former President Donald Trump in the Colorado ballot case, which is being heard by the Supreme Court.1

Legal Challenge

The case revolves around the question of whether Donald Trump should be allowed to appear on the ballot, with judges deliberating on his eligibility for candidacy.

This marks the first instance where voters are seeking to block a presidential candidate based on a constitutional provision dating back to the post-Civil War era. This provision prohibits individuals who have “engaged in insurrection” from holding public office.

Jason Murray: Background and Legal Career

Professional Background

Jason Murray serves as a partner at Olson Grimsley, a law firm based in Denver, Colorado. His involvement in the Colorado ballot case represents his debut argument before the Supreme Court.

Legal Experience

Murray brings substantial legal experience to his current role, having served as a law clerk for both liberal Justice Elena Kagan and conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch. Notably, Murray has previously worked alongside Gorsuch when the latter served on a federal appeals court.

Opinion on Justice Gorsuch

In the past, Murray has expressed his views on Justice Neil Gorsuch in an opinion piece published in The Washington Post.

Despite ideological differences, Murray endorsed Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court, highlighting his attributes such as intelligence, humility, integrity, and commitment to the rule of law.


Murray is an alumnus of Harvard University, where he graduated magna cum laude from the law school in 2011.

Jason Murray
Jason Murray ( Image: Source )

Trump’s Challenge

The lawyer for Trump’s challengers begins his argument.

Trump’s Lawyer Presentation

After nearly an hour, Trump’s lawyer finished his presentation.

Jason Murray’s Argument

Next up: Jason Murray, arguing for the Colorado voters who are challenging Trump’s eligibility.

Jason Murray: The Advocate

This is Murray’s first argument at the Supreme Court — a striking debut in a historic case.

Murray’s Background

But he’s been involved in the case from the start, and late last year, he persuaded Colorado’s top court to declare Trump ineligible, a bombshell decision that paved the way for Trump’s appeal to the Supreme Court.

Legal Experience

Early in his career, Murray clerked for Neil Gorsuch when Gorsuch was a lower-court judge and for Elena Kagan on the Supreme Court. He then worked as a commercial litigator before helping start a law firm that describes its mission as seeking to “hold the powerful to account.”

Colorado Voter Case: Lawyer Faces Grilling from Former Bosses at Supreme Court

Introduction and Background:

Jason Murray, a lawyer representing Colorado voters, encountered a formidable challenge as he made his debut argument before the Supreme Court. Tasked with blocking Donald J. Trump from the ballot, Murray, aged 38, found himself confronting a skeptical majority in a pivotal case with potential repercussions for the presidential election.2

Notably, Murray faced an additional layer of pressure as he appeared before two of his former employers: Justices Elena Kagan and Neil M. Gorsuch. Having clerked for Gorsuch and subsequently worked for Kagan, Murray’s professional history intertwined with the very individuals scrutinizing his arguments.

Justice Kagan’s Concerns and Questions:

  • During the proceedings, Justice Kagan, nominated by President Obama and often representing liberal perspectives, raised probing inquiries regarding the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to bar Trump from the primary ballot.
  • Her line of questioning delved into the broader implications, questioning the singular authority of a state in determining the presidency.
  • She challenged Murray on the extraordinary nature of a state’s power in such matters, particularly emphasizing the potential impact if a swing state were involved.
Jason Murray
Jason Murray ( Image: Source )

Justice Gorsuch’s Interrogation:

On the other side, Justice Gorsuch, a Trump appointee recognized for his conservative leanings, expressed skepticism regarding the constitutional foundation of a state’s authority over federal officer elections.

His pointed inquiries aimed to discern Murray’s stance on the source of such powers, leading to an exchange where Murray’s deflections were met with direct challenges from Gorsuch.

Further Inquiries from Justice Alito:

  • The intense scrutiny extended beyond Justices Kagan and Gorsuch, with Justice Alito contributing probing hypothetical scenarios to Murray’s defense.
  • One such scenario involved the hypothetical situation of a president involved in an insurrection while remaining in office, highlighting the complexity of the legal issues at hand.
  •  In his inaugural appearance before the Supreme Court, Murray faced a formidable challenge not only from the justices scrutinizing his arguments but also from his own professional history, having previously worked for two of them.
  • The proceedings underscored the weighty legal and constitutional issues at stake in the case, with the implications potentially extending to the very heart of the American electoral process.
  • Demonstrators gathered outside the U.S. Supreme Court to protest against former President Donald Trump’s eligibility for office, amidst legal proceedings regarding his potential candidacy for the upcoming election.

Anti-Trump Chants at Supreme Court

As lawyers entered the Supreme Court premises, they were met with chants from demonstrators, expressing their opposition to Trump’s potential candidacy.3

Legal Battle Over Trump’s Eligibility

Trump’s legal team is challenging a ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court, which barred him from the state primary ballot citing the insurrection clause of the Constitution.

Jason Murray Represents Colorado Voters

Attorney Jason Murray represents Colorado voters in the lawsuit aimed at preventing Trump from appearing on the state’s primary ballot, citing the 14th Amendment’s insurrection clause.

Protests Outside Supreme Court

Social media posts and eyewitness accounts detail the presence of anti-Trump demonstrators outside the Supreme Court during the hearing.

Jason Murray
Jason Murray ( Image: Source )

Colorado Supreme Court’s Ruling

The Colorado Supreme Court previously ruled that Trump is disqualified from holding office under the 14th Amendment, sparking controversy and legal challenges.

Arguments for Trump’s Disqualification

Critics argue that Trump’s actions, particularly his efforts to overturn the 2020 election result and the events of January 6, 2021, constitute insurrection, rendering him ineligible for office.

MoveOn Petition and Advocacy

Progressive advocacy group MoveOn has gathered significant support for disqualifying Trump from holding office, citing concerns about his impact on democracy and freedoms.

Education and Early Career

Jason Murray’s Legal Journey

Jason Murray embarked on his legal career after earning his Juris Doctorate from Harvard Law School in 2012.

He began as a legal clerk for Judge Neil Gorsuch of the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, who later ascended to the position of Supreme Court justice. Following this, he served as a clerk for US Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, gaining unique insight by working with both conservative and liberal justices.4

Jason Murray
Jason Murray ( Image: Source )

Transition to Private Practice

Joining Bartlitt Beck LLP

After completing his clerkships, Murray joined Bartlitt Beck LLP, a renowned litigation firm with offices in Chicago and Denver.

Quickly rising through the ranks, he eventually reached the status of partner within the firm. During his tenure, Murray handled complex and high-stakes cases across various domains, including antitrust, commercial contract disputes, intellectual property, and professional misconduct.

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Notable Achievements

Landmark Victories and High-Profile Clients

Murray’s legal acumen and prowess garnered attention, and he represented notable clients such as Apple, Google, Pfizer, and Boeing. He secured several landmark triumphs, including a $1.1 billion jury decision for Dow Chemical in an antitrust lawsuit and a $500 million settlement for Apple in a patent infringement suit.

Founding Olson Grimsley Kawanabe Hinchcliffe & Murray LLC

A New Chapter in Legal Practice

In 2020, Jason Murray ventured into entrepreneurship, co-founding Olson Grimsley Kawanabe Hinchcliffe & Murray LLC with four other former partners. This new venture aims to hold powerful entities accountable while offering high-quality, cost-effective legal assistance to individuals seeking justice. Murray serves as the managing partner, overseeing the operations of the firm’s Denver branch.

Jason Murray
Jason Murray ( Image: Source )

Jason Murray: A Notable Figure in the Legal World

Jason Murray is a prominent figure in the legal world, known for his significant achievements and contributions.5

Specialization in Franchise and Distribution Law:

Jason Murray specializes in franchise and distribution law, earning recognition and respect for his expertise in this niche area.

Professional Endeavors:

Operating from Miami, Florida, Murray focuses on business law, intellectual property, and arbitration, representing clients ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations.

Notable Legal Battles:

Murray has been involved in high-profile cases, including litigation against former President Donald Trump, showcasing his prowess in tackling complex issues.

Expertise Beyond Franchise Law:

Apart from franchise law, Murray demonstrates proficiency in handling high-stakes litigation such as mass torts, securing favorable outcomes for his clients.

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Jason Murray’s Age: A Young Yet Accomplished Attorney

At 38 years old, Jason Murray stands out as a relatively young yet accomplished attorney in the legal field.6

Expertise in Commercial Litigation and Franchise Law:
Murray’s expertise lies in commercial litigation and franchise law, where he has demonstrated remarkable proficiency and skill.

Professional Presence in Denver:
Based in Denver, Colorado, Murray serves a diverse clientele in areas such as antitrust, government, and corporate law, establishing himself as a trusted legal advisor.

Personal Life and Dedication:
While details about Murray’s personal life remain limited, his focus on his legal career and dedication to serving clients underscore his commitment to excellence.

Promising Professional Trajectory:
Despite his youth, Murray’s career trajectory and achievements position him as a formidable force in the legal arena, with the potential for even greater contributions in the future.

Jason Murray’s blend of youthfulness, expertise, and dedication foreshadows a promising future in shaping the legal landscape and serving his clients with excellence.

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