Who Is Marissa Briscoe: Chase Briscoe Wife? Bio, Net Worth, Kids, Parents And More Explained

Born and raised in Mitchell, Indiana, Chase Briscoe developed an affinity for racing at an early age. Surrounded by a family deeply rooted in motorsports, his passion for speed ignited during childhood

Chase Briscoe’s meteoric rise to prominence exemplifies the epitome of determination, talent, and entrepreneurial vision.

With a diverse array of revenue streams and an unwavering passion for his craft, Briscoe stands as a beacon of inspiration in the fiercely competitive realm of professional stock car racing, inspiring generations of racing enthusiasts to chase their dreams and conquer new horizons.

In the realm of NASCAR, Chase Briscoe’s name shines bright, not only for his remarkable performances on the track but also for the joyous news of expanding his family.

As they eagerly await the arrival of their twins, the Briscoe family symbolizes the perfect blend of passion, perseverance, and familial bliss amidst the fast-paced world of professional racing.

Chase Briscoe Wife
Chase Briscoe Wife (Image: Source)

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Who Is Marissa Briscoe: Chase Briscoe Wife?

Chase Briscoe’s wife, Marissa Cooper Briscoe, is a notable figure often seen by his side, particularly during significant events like the 2017 NASCAR Awards.

Marissa Briscoe’s involvement in her husband’s endeavors extends beyond mere companionship; she has expressed her dedication to supporting Chase, likening their collaboration to a familial enterprise.

Unveiling Marital Insights: Chase Briscoe’s Partner

Discovering the person behind the successful NASCAR driver, Chase Briscoe, leads us to his beloved wife, Marissa Cooper Briscoe.

Since making her public appearance alongside Briscoe at the 2017 NASCAR Awards, Marissa has emerged as a supportive figure in his life and career journey.

Delving deeper, it becomes evident that her involvement transcends traditional spousal roles, as she actively contributes to Briscoe’s endeavours, viewing their partnership as more than just companionship but rather a familial bond intertwined with business.

Chase Briscoe
Chase Briscoe

Marissa Briscoe: An Integral Force in Chase’s Career

  • Within the NASCAR realm, Marissa Briscoe stands as a steadfast pillar in Chase Briscoe’s life and career.
  • Their union extends beyond marital ties, morphing into a collaborative effort where Marissa plays a pivotal role in supporting her husband’s pursuits.
  • As revealed in an interview with Forbes, Marissa highlights her innate inclination towards aiding Chase, portraying their partnership as a cohesive unit akin to a family business.
  • This insight not only sheds light on the dynamics of their relationship but also underscores Marissa’s integral presence in Chase Briscoe’s professional endeavors.

Empowering the Union: Marissa Briscoe’s Influence

The alliance between Chase Briscoe and Marissa Cooper Briscoe embodies more than just a conventional marriage; it epitomizes a symbiotic partnership characterized by unwavering support and shared aspirations.

Marissa’s active involvement in her husband’s career transcends the confines of traditional spousal roles, positioning her as a formidable force behind Chase’s success.

Embracing her role with fervor, Marissa’s dedication mirrors that of a trusted business partner, underscoring the depth of their connection and the magnitude of her impact on Chase Briscoe’s professional trajectory.

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Chase Briscoe
Chase Briscoe (Image: Source)

Chase Briscoe: Bio

Chase Briscoe, a name synonymous with excellence in professional stock car racing, boasts an impressive estimated net worth of $1.5 million.1

As a dynamic figure in the NASCAR Cup Series, Briscoe accelerates under the banner of Stewart-Haas Racing, showcasing his exceptional skills and unwavering passion for the sport. Let’s delve into the journey of this remarkable athlete, exploring his stellar career, notable achievements, and diverse revenue streams.

Racing Career: A Thrilling Journey

Briscoe’s ascent to prominence began with his foray into the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, where he captivated audiences with his daring maneuvers and unparalleled determination.

While racing for AM Racing, Briscoe demonstrated remarkable prowess behind the wheel, solidifying his status as a formidable contender in the fiercely competitive world of stock car racing.

Expanding Horizons: Beyond the Track

Beyond his exploits in NASCAR, Briscoe’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish his own sprint car racing team, World of Outlaws, further cementing his influence in the racing community.

This bold venture not only showcases his business acumen but also underscores his commitment to nurturing emerging talent and pushing the boundaries of the sport.

Diversifying Revenue Streams: A Strategic Approach

In addition to his earnings from racing, Briscoe leverages various revenue streams to bolster his financial portfolio.

Sponsorships play a pivotal role in fueling his endeavors, with leading brands recognizing the immense value of associating with a standout athlete like Briscoe.

Furthermore, the prize money accrued from his triumphs in high-stakes competitions, including his noteworthy victory in the 2016 ARCA Racing Series, serves as a testament to his unparalleled skill and tenacity on the track.

Embracing the Future: A Legacy in the Making

As Chase Briscoe continues to carve out his legacy in the world of professional stock car racing, his unwavering commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of success serve as an inspiration to aspiring athletes worldwide.

With each race, he propels himself closer to greatness, leaving an indelible mark on the sport and etching his name in the annals of racing history.

Chase Briscoe
Chase Briscoe (Image: Source)

Chase Briscoe: Celebrating Top-10 Finish and Expecting Twins

Chase Briscoe, renowned NASCAR driver, celebrates yet another remarkable top-10 finish, while simultaneously sharing the joyous news of expecting twins with his wife, Marissa.2

This power couple, already blessed with one budding NASCAR talent, anticipates the arrival of two more additions to their family later this year.

Expecting Twins: A Thrilling Announcement

In a heartwarming revelation, Chase and Marissa Briscoe unveiled their joyous news of expecting twins through their social media platforms.

This announcement came just ahead of a thrilling NASCAR weekend, adding an extra layer of excitement to their already eventful lives.

Brooks: Embracing Big Brotherhood

As the anticipation builds, Brooks, the couple’s firstborn, prepares to embrace the role of a big brother.

With the twins set to arrive around his third birthday, Brooks is in for a delightful surprise, receiving the gift of sibling companionship just in time to mark another milestone in his young life.


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A Growing NASCAR Legacy

While Chase Briscoe continues to make waves on the NASCAR circuit, his expanding family adds a new dimension to his already illustrious career.

With the anticipation of two future NASCAR drivers joining the Briscoe clan, the legacy of speed and talent is bound to thrive for generations to come.

Embracing Parenthood and Professionalism

For Chase and Marissa Briscoe, balancing the demands of parenthood with the rigors of professional racing presents a unique challenge.

However, their unwavering commitment to both spheres of life exemplifies their resilience and determination to succeed on all fronts.

Chase Briscoe Family
Chase Briscoe Family

Chase Briscoe’s Parents

Kevin and Kami Briscoe: The Pillars Behind Chase Briscoe’s Triumphs

Chase Briscoe, the renowned NASCAR driver, owes much of his success to the unwavering support and guidance of his parents, Kevin and Kami Briscoe.3

Let’s delve into the pivotal roles his parents play in shaping his triumphant journey.

The Backbone of Chase Briscoe’s Career

Kevin and Kami Briscoe are not just parents to Chase; they are his rock-solid foundation. From his early ventures in racing to his remarkable achievements in NASCAR, their unwavering belief in his abilities has been a driving force behind his accomplishments.

Kevin and Kami Briscoe: A Beacon of Support

Throughout Chase Briscoe’s career, Kevin and Kami have stood as a beacon of support, offering him the encouragement and motivation needed to pursue his dreams relentlessly.

Their constant presence in his life has instilled in him the confidence to overcome challenges and strive for excellence.

The Power of Parental Guidance

Beyond just cheering from the sidelines, Kevin and Kami have actively guided Chase through the highs and lows of his racing career.

Their wisdom and experience have been invaluable in helping him navigate the complexities of the sport and make informed decisions that propel him towards success.

Gratitude and Appreciation

Chase Briscoe is quick to acknowledge the profound impact his parents have had on his life and career.

He attributes much of his achievements to their unconditional love, unwavering support, and invaluable guidance. For Chase, every victory on the racetrack is a testament to the profound influence of his parents in shaping his journey.


1. Who is Chase Briscoe’s wife?

Chase Briscoe’s wife is Marissa Briscoe. They got married in 2018.

2. Does Chase Briscoe have any children?

Yes, Chase Briscoe and his wife Marissa have one child together, a son named Chase Briscoe Jr., born in 2020.

3. Can you provide a brief biography of Chase Briscoe?

Chase Briscoe is a professional race car driver born on December 15, 1994, in Mitchell, Indiana. He began his racing career in dirt track racing before transitioning to NASCAR. He has competed in various NASCAR series including the Xfinity Series and the NASCAR Cup Series.

4. How did Chase Briscoe meet his wife?

Chase Briscoe met his wife Marissa while they were both attending Plainfield High School in Indiana. They started dating during their high school years and eventually got married in 2018.

5. What does Chase Briscoe do besides racing?

Apart from his career as a race car driver, Chase Briscoe is actively involved in philanthropy. He supports various charitable causes and often participates in community events. Additionally, he enjoys spending time with his family and engaging in outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing.

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