Who Is Peter Angelos? Illness, Health Update 2024, Angelos Family to Sell Orioles

In the latest health update of 2024, we delve into the well-being of Peter Angelos, a prominent figure in the sports and business world

This comprehensive report not only highlights his health but also explores the intriguing decision to sell the Orioles. Let’s uncover the details.

This detailed report not only provides a comprehensive update on Peter Angelos’ health in 2024 but also decodes the strategic reasoning behind the sale of the Orioles.

By weaving together the intricacies of health and business, we aim to offer a holistic understanding of this influential figure’s current circumstances.

Peter Angelos
Peter Angelos (Image: Source)

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Peter Angelos: Who Is He?

Peter Angelos, an iconic figure in the legal and sports domains, has long been intertwined with the fabric of the Baltimore Orioles.1

Let’s delve into the remarkable journey of this influential personality who has not only left an indelible mark on Major League Baseball (MLB) but has also significantly shaped the legal landscape of his hometown.

Early Life and Roots in Baltimore

Born on July 4, 1929, Peter Angelos hails from Baltimore, Maryland, as the son of John and Frances Angelos, immigrants from Menetes, Karpathos, Greece.

This cultural blend has infused Angelos with a unique perspective, reflecting both his roots and the diversity of his upbringing.

Education and Academic Excellence

After successfully graduating from Patterson Park High School, Angelos embarked on a journey of higher education, setting the stage for his future endeavors.

University of Baltimore: A Crucible of Knowledge

Choosing the University of Baltimore for his higher studies, Angelos excelled academically and graduated as the class valedictorian. This academic achievement laid the foundation for what would become a distinguished legal career.

Distinguished Career Path

Peter Angelos’ impact on the legal landscape is profound. With his valedictorian background, he entered the legal arena, showcasing a commitment to excellence and an unwavering dedication to justice.

Democratic Party Affiliation

Beyond his legal prowess, Angelos delved into the realm of politics, aligning himself with the Democratic Party. This political involvement showcases his multifaceted persona and his commitment to contributing to the community.

Baltimore City Council Tenure

Adding another dimension to his career, Angelos served a term on the Baltimore City Council. This experience further solidified his understanding of community dynamics and local governance.

Architect of Change: Ownership of the Baltimore Orioles

In a pivotal move in 1993, Peter Angelos orchestrated a consortium of investors to acquire the Baltimore Orioles. This marked the beginning of a significant chapter in MLB history.

Chairman and CEO: A Reign Spanning Decades

For 25 years, from 1993 to 2018, Angelos held the reins as the chairman and CEO of the Baltimore Orioles. Under his stewardship, the team witnessed both triumphs and challenges, leaving an enduring legacy in the world of sports ownership.

Peter Angelos’ journey from a Baltimore native to a legal luminary and sports magnate is nothing short of remarkable. His impact on the Baltimore Orioles and the legal landscape reverberates through the years, making him an indomitable force in both realms.

Peter Angelos
Peter Angelos (Image: Source)

Peter Angelos: Health Update 2024

A Resilient Journey Amidst Challenges

In the realm of titans, Peter Angelos stands as a symbol of triumph, facing challenges with unwavering dedication.

His journey, marked by successes and trials, takes an unexpected turn as health struggles reshape both his life and his role within the Baltimore Orioles.

Overcoming Challenges: A Cardiac Victory

In recent years, Angelos faced health adversities, leading him to a victorious battle through successful cardiac surgery. However, this triumph was not without consequence, as it marked the conclusion of his storied legal career by the subsequent summer.

Family Support: A Transition in Roles

As Peter Angelos grappled with the realities of his health, his family stepped into more substantial roles, becoming the bedrock of support in managing his affairs. The transition saw his wife, Georgia, and sons, John and Lou, playing pivotal roles in navigating the complexities of his condition.

Beyond the Physical: The Unseen Struggles

While physical ailments were a formidable challenge, it soon became apparent that Peter Angelos faced additional hurdles. Emerging reports shed light on his battle with dementia, a condition impacting memory, cognition, and decision-making abilities.

The Unfolding Journey: Declining Health and Limitations

Sources reveal a decline in Angelos’s health over the years, mirroring the constraints imposed by his condition. The limitations brought about by dementia have played a significant role in shaping his recent challenges.

Peter Angelos’s health journey unfolds as a testament to resilience in the face of adversity. Triumphing over cardiac struggles, supported by his devoted family, and confronting the unseen battles of dementia, Angelos’s story stands as a compelling narrative of strength and transformation.

Peter Angelos
Peter Angelos (Image: Source)

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Angelos Family to Sell Orioles

In a groundbreaking move that reverberates through baseball circles, the Angelos family, custodians of the Baltimore Orioles for more than 30 years, has opted to relinquish ownership.

Recent reports confirm the decision to sell the Orioles, a team steeped in tradition, as the Angelos family passes the torch. Spearheading this monumental transition is a consortium led by two influential figures in the private equity realm—David Rubenstein and Mike Arougheti.

Meet the New Owners: Rubenstein and Arougheti

David Rubenstein, a Baltimore native and co-founder of The Carlyle Group, joins forces with Mike Arougheti, the co-founder and CEO of Ares Management Corp. Together, they are set to redefine the trajectory of the Orioles’ future.

The Price Tag: A Whopping $1.725 Billion Deal

This historic shift in ownership comes with a staggering price tag—$1.725 billion. The Rubenstein-led consortium’s financial commitment marks a pivotal moment in the franchise’s enduring history.

A Glimpse into the Past: Angelos’s Bargain Purchase

For Angelos and his partners, the Orioles were acquired at a mere $173 million in 1993. Now, with the impending sale, they are poised for a substantial financial windfall, emphasizing the transformative nature of this transaction.

Incremental Ownership: Rubenstein Group Takes the Helm

In a strategic move, the Rubenstein group is set to acquire 40% of the ownership stake initially. The complete transfer of ownership to their hands is slated to occur post the passing of Angelos.

Peter Angelos
Peter Angelos

League Approval: The Final Hurdle

While the deal commands attention, it awaits the green light from Major League Baseball (MLB) and the consensus of the other 29 team owners. The official seal remains pending until these crucial approvals are secured.

Silence Speaks: Orioles and MLB Mum on the Matter

Amidst the buzz, neither the Baltimore Orioles nor MLB has issued official statements regarding the impending ownership shift. In a similar vein, David Rubenstein, the key player in this transaction, has opted to maintain silence, declining any comment.

Angelos’s Health Woes: Catalyst for Ownership Transition

Undoubtedly, the health challenges faced by Angelos have played a pivotal role in steering the decision to divest ownership of the Orioles.

This shift marks not only a financial transformation but also a poignant juncture in the team’s legacy.

The Orioles’ ownership landscape is set for a significant metamorphosis, with the Rubenstein-led consortium poised to script a new chapter in the storied history of this baseball franchise.

As approvals loom on the horizon, the baseball world awaits the official baton pass that will shape the Orioles’ future under fresh stewardship.

Peter Angelos
Peter Angelos


1. Who is Peter George Angelos?

Peter George Angelos is an American trial lawyer and baseball executive born on July 4, 1929, in Baltimore, Maryland. He is widely known for his role as the former majority owner of the Baltimore Orioles, a team in the American League of Major League Baseball.

2. What is Peter George Angelos’ background in law?

Peter George Angelos has a distinguished career as a trial lawyer. He is the founder of the law firm Angelos, Mandelbaum & Associates, which focuses on personal injury, medical malpractice, and product liability cases. Angelos has gained recognition for his legal expertise and notable courtroom successes.

3. When did Peter George Angelos become the majority owner of the Baltimore Orioles?

Peter George Angelos acquired the majority ownership of the Baltimore Orioles in 1993. His ownership marked a significant era for the team, and he played a crucial role in various aspects of the organization during his tenure.

4. What contributions did Peter George Angelos make to the Baltimore Orioles?

During his ownership of the Baltimore Orioles, Peter George Angelos made substantial contributions to the team. He invested in player development, led efforts to improve the Orioles’ facilities, and was involved in strategic decisions aimed at enhancing the team’s competitiveness in Major League Baseball.

5. Is Peter George Angelos still involved in baseball?

As of the last available information, Peter George Angelos has reduced his involvement in the day-to-day operations of the Baltimore Orioles. However, he may still have a presence in the baseball community, and his legacy continues to be associated with his significant impact on the Orioles franchise.

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