Who Is The Voice Kamalei Kawa’a? Bio, Age, Ethnicity, Origin, Career And More Explained

Kamalei Kawa, a name resonating in the realms of music and artistry, emerges as a multifaceted talent with a captivating voice that transcends boundaries

As Kamalei Kawa’a steps into the spotlight on The Voice Season 25, his journey as a musician and his passion for Hawaiian culture are poised to captivate audiences worldwide.

Stay tuned as this rising star shines brighter with each note and melody.

In the serene enclave of Paukūkalo, amidst the breathtaking beauty of Maui, the Kawa’a family has found their home.

Rooted in their deep connection to Hawaiian culture, they continue to thrive, their lives intertwined with the timeless rhythms of Hawaiian life.

Kamalei Kawa’a’s musical voyage transcends mere notes on a staff; it is a symphony of life, woven with threads of heritage, love, and familial bonds.

With each performance, he invites audiences to join him on a melodic odyssey, where the echoes of Hawaii’s past harmonize with the rhythm of the present.

The Voice Kamalei Kawa’a
The Voice Kamalei Kawa’a (Image: Source)

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Who Is The Voice Kamalei Kawa? Bio

Kamalei Kawa’a is making waves as one of the top contenders for The Voice Season 25.1

The season kicks off on Monday, Feb. 26, featuring an esteemed coaching quartet comprising John Legend, Reba McEntire, Chance the Rapper, and Dan + Shay.

The Voice Season 25 Buzz: Kamalei Kawa’a’s Journey

Discover more about Kamalei Kawa’a, a talented Hawaiian musician who stands out as a potential standout on The Voice:

Hawaiian Roots and Musical Achievements

As a member of the renowned Hawaiian music group Nā Wai ʻEhā, Kamalei Kawa’a has already left his mark in the music industry.

The group has notably released two albums: a self-titled project in 2018 and the mesmerizing “Lovely Sunrise” in 2019.

The Voice Kamalei Kawa’a
The Voice Kamalei Kawa’a

Grammy Nomination and Solo Success

“Lovely Sunrise” garnered critical acclaim and earned a Grammy nomination for Best Regional Roots Album in 2021. Although the win ultimately went to the New Orleans Nightcrawlers for “Atmosphere,” Kamalei Kawa’a’s talent was unmistakable.

Additionally, his solo endeavors shine brightly, highlighted by his 2021 single, “Sweet Dreams Ku’u Momi,” a touching tribute to his great-grandmother.

Recognition at the Na Hoku Hanohano Awards

The release of “Sweet Dreams Ku’u Momi” received well-deserved accolades, earning nominations for Single of the Year and Music Video of the Year at the prestigious 2022 Na Hoku Hanohano Awards, celebrating excellence in Hawaiian music.

Early Beginnings and Musical Journey

Born and raised in Waiehu, Maui, Kamalei Kawa’a’s musical journey began at a tender age. He started strumming the ukulele at just four years old and has immersed himself in Hawaiian music ever since.

His dedication and talent were evident when he clinched victory in a falsetto singing competition at the young age of 15.

Educational Pursuits and Personal Life

Beyond his musical prowess, Kamalei Kawa’a is also a scholar, holding an associate degree in Hawaiian studies from the University of Hawaii Maui College.

Additionally, he treasures his role as a husband and father, as evidenced by his heartwarming proposal to his wife during one of his performances, a moment he proudly shared on Instagram.

The Voice Kamalei Kawa’a
The Voice Kamalei Kawa’a (Image: Source)

Exploring Kamalei Kawa’a Ethnicity and Origin

In the heart of Waiehu, Maui, Kamalei Kawa’a’s story unfolds against the backdrop of his rich cultural heritage.2

Kamalei Kawa’a’s Family Roots: A Glimpse into Hawaiian Ethnicity

Born and raised amidst the stunning landscapes of Waiehu, Maui, Kamalei Kawa’a’s upbringing is deeply intertwined with the essence of Hawaiian culture.

Unveiling the Ethnic and Original Heritage of Kamalei Kawa’a’s Parents

The proud heritage of Kamalei Kawa’a’s parents is rooted in their strong identification with Hawaiian culture.

Their connection to the land and traditions of Hawaii transcends mere ancestry; it serves as a vibrant testament to their cultural identity.

Discovering the Serene Enclave of Paukūkalo

Nestled in the tranquil embrace of Paukūkalo, on the picturesque island of Maui, Kamalei Kawa’a’s parents have established their home.

Here, amidst the serene beauty of Maui, the Kawa’a household embodies the warmth and hospitality characteristic of Hawaiian communities.


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A Sanctuary of Tradition and Family Bonds

For Kamalei Kawa’a’s family, their home in Paukūkalo is more than just a dwelling; it is a sanctuary where traditions are revered, and familial ties are nurtured.

Against the backdrop of Maui’s tranquil beauty, the Kawa’a household thrives, embracing the timeless rhythms of Hawaiian life.

Kamalei Kawa’a’s Journey: Navigating the Paths of Hawaiian Upbringing

As Kamalei Kawa’a embarks on his journey through life, he carries with him the rich cultural legacy inherited from generations past.

Guided by the spirit of aloha that permeates every aspect of life in Paukūkalo, Kamalei’s path is illuminated by the traditions and values instilled in him from his Hawaiian upbringing.

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The Voice Kamalei Kawa’a
The Voice Kamalei Kawa’a (Image: Source)

Kamalei Kawa’a: Career

Delving into Kamalei Kawa’a’s Musical Odyssey

Kamalei Kawa’a, a name resonating with melodic prowess, stands as a prominent figure in the realm of music.3

His journey, adorned with notable milestones, paints a vivid portrait of talent and dedication. Let’s embark on a lyrical expedition through the life and times of this remarkable artist.

Exploring the Roots: Waiehu, Maui Chronicles

Nestled within the serene embrace of Waiehu, Maui, Kamalei Kawa’a’s upbringing was a tapestry woven with threads of Hawaiian heritage.

This picturesque locale served as the cradle of his musical aspirations, nurturing his soul with the essence of traditional Hawaiian culture.

The Voice Kamalei Kawa’a
The Voice Kamalei Kawa’a

Familial Ties: A Melodic Legacy

Guided by the harmonious notes orchestrated by his parents, Luana and Lewellyn Kawa’a, Kamalei’s journey into the realm of music commenced at a tender age.

His mother’s distinguished role as a Kumu Hula infused his upbringing with a symphony of rhythms, laying the foundation for his artistic endeavors.

Embracing Ethnic Roots: A Celebration of Hawaiian Heritage

Kamalei Kawa’a wears his Hawaiian heritage as a badge of honor, intertwining it seamlessly into the fabric of his music.

Each chord resonates with the echoes of his cultural legacy, offering listeners a glimpse into the soul-stirring melodies inspired by his homeland.

Love’s Melody: The Symphony of Marriage

In the symphony of life, Cierra Kawa’a stands as Kamalei’s beloved muse, their union a harmonious ode to love and companionship.

Their journey together, adorned with shared moments of bliss, echoes through the corridors of time, a testament to the power of enduring love.

A New Verse: Fatherhood’s Crescendo

Amidst the cadence of life’s melodies, Kamalei Kawa’a embarks on a new chapter as the proud father of a cherubic daughter.

Parenthood, with its joys and challenges, adds depth to his artistic narrative, infusing his compositions with newfound meaning and resonance.


1. What is The Voice Kamalei Kawa’a?

The Voice Kamalei Kawa’a is a singing competition television series that features aspiring singers from various backgrounds competing for a recording contract and the title of “The Voice.” It is a platform where contestants showcase their vocal talent in front of a panel of celebrity coaches and a live audience.

2. How does The Voice Kamalei Kawa’a work?

The competition begins with blind auditions, where contestants perform for the coaches without them seeing the performers. If a coach is impressed by a contestant’s voice, they can press a button to turn their chair around and signify their interest in mentoring the contestant. If more than one coach turns their chair, the contestant gets to choose which coach they want to work with. The competition progresses through several rounds, including battles and knockouts, leading to the live shows where the audience votes for their favorite contestants.

3. Who are the coaches on The Voice Kamalei Kawa’a?

The Voice Kamalei Kawa’a features a rotating panel of celebrity coaches who are accomplished artists in the music industry. These coaches mentor the contestants throughout the competition and provide guidance and feedback. Past coaches have included renowned singers and musicians such as Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Adele, and Alicia Keys.

4. What are the prizes for winners of The Voice Kamalei Kawa’a?

The winner of The Voice Kamalei Kawa’a receives a recording contract with a major music label and the opportunity to launch their music career on a global scale. Additionally, winners often receive cash prizes and other perks, depending on the season and sponsorship agreements.

5. How can I watch The Voice Kamalei Kawa’a?

The Voice Kamalei Kawa’a is typically broadcast on television networks or streaming platforms, depending on your region. You can check your local listings or streaming services to find out where and when the show airs in your area. Additionally, episodes may be available for streaming on-demand after they have aired live.

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