Who Is TikTok Star Ethan Keiser? 7News Miami Video- Why Is Big Brain Trending On Social Media

Ethan Keiser is an artificial intelligence enthusiast, iOS Engineer, influencer, and well-known Tiktok star who is now trending on social media.

The web star’s video is going viral, with him pushing his TikTok followers to try to get money by reporting strippers to the IRS. However, this notion is no longer in use at Cisco, which has landed Keiser in hot water.

Aside from becoming a TikTok star, he is an iOS Engineer and a technical lead for an unnamed company. Prior to this, he spent nearly two years as a Software Engineer Manager at Cisco.

Keiser began filming TikTok videos on March 30, 2020, and as of now, he has 1.2 million followers and a total of 22 million likes on his films.

TikTok Star Ethan Keiser
TikTok Star Ethan Keiser

Who is Ethan Keiser, also known as Big Brain on TikTok?

Ethan Keiser’s videos on Tiktok have made him an internet sensation. He has extensive knowledge in the field of IOS engineering, which is his profession.

Keiser received a diploma from Drexel University following completion of their studies there. His principal areas of expertise include artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction.

According to his LinkedIn page, Keiser works as a tech lead for an unknown technology company. He previously worked as a Software Engineer Manager at CISCO and as an IOS manager at Morgan Stanley. In his current position, he is in charge of the company’s infrastructure operating system.

Ethan Keiser’s YouTube channel is a discussion forum for subjects connected to psychology and technology.

In the beginning of his career, he worked for ECFMG as a software engineer. He is also the creator of StudyTree, a specialized learning platform.

His former company, CISCO, fired him in 2021, claiming that Keiser had jeopardized the safety of other employees by making comments about strippers. The corporation, on the other hand, declined to comment on the reason for Keiser’s departure.

Meanwhile, the Tiktok, commonly known as “StripTok,” community of strippers has stated that the number of rants directed against them has increased since Keiser’s words.

On December 2, 2020, he uploaded a video to YouTube showing how he utilized his Parallel Live app to fool club staff into thinking he was live streaming to thousands of followers and wanted to promote their establishment in order to acquire access to clubs throughout Miami.

Is Ethan Keiser in a Relationship Right Now? Particulars Concerning His Wife

TikTok is a platform presented by Ethan Keiser that has included a number of female guests. However, it is unclear whether one of them is his present wife or girlfriend. It might be either of them.

On May 2020, the IOS engineer blogged about how he dated 5,391 females in New York City at the same time. He covered the benefits and drawbacks of using automated online dating sites in the video.

Ethan Keiser claims to have gone on dates with 49,000 different women after meeting them online.

Similarly, the social media sensation has not given any hints about his sexual relationships on his Instagram account. He is recognized on the platform by the name @itsethankeiser, and he has 67,4 thousand followers.

At the moment, Keiser may be found in the Florida city of Miami. On July 26, 2019, he posted a photo of his mother to his Instagram account. This was directed at his family.

Ethan Keiser’s Age: How Old Is He? Family Information

Based on his biographical details, AI developer and TikTok star Ethan Keiser appears to be between the ages of 30 and 35.

Furthermore, according to his Linkedin profile, he earned a bachelor of science in artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction or computer engineering from Drexel University’s College of Engineering between 2012 and 2014. This provides more information on his age range.

The viral TikTok celebrity appears to be a quiet individual, as he has not shared any information about his family on social media. He appears to want to enjoy his private space away from his admirers and the spotlight, which is why he has not disclosed any personal details.

Ethan Keiser is a computer engineer who created the program Parallel Live and rose to prominence as a result of it.

On December 3, 2020, a famous TitTok star named Ethan Keiser- Big Brain published a video displaying the demonstration of his software through his YouTube account. He revealed his viewers how he became famous in this video.

In addition, he researched Miami and its fame using the software he created. In the video, he also demonstrated how practically all of the club’s doors were opened for him and how he received preferential treatment. This Parallel live program was designed to simulate thousands of people on a live feed.

The iOS engineer became renowned after this video went viral. However, the video on his YouTube channel has received only 14,004 views.

What is Ethan Keiser’s net worth?

Ethan Keiser, a renowned social media personality, has an estimated net worth of about $1 million as a social media influencer and AI specialist.

According to allegations in the Daily Star, the TikTok influencer claims to earn around $60,000 every month. He told his 1.2 million followers that he reports strippers for tax evasion on the IRS whistleblower website.

According to Rolling Stone reports, Ethan has given a screenshot of the whistleblower page and claimed that anyone can earn 30% of their money if they do not pay taxes.

It’s no surprise that he makes that much money in a month by providing useful information to his fans. In addition, he is a professional engineer, and working in his industry boosts his net worth.

Ethan Keiser
Ethan Keiser

Ethan Keiser Bio on Wikipedia

Ethan Keiser is a social media star who currently resides in Miami, Florida.

As a well-known YouTube star, he frequently posts commentary, comedy, and magic videos. He is a computer programmer or engineer by trade who successfully designed his own app called Parallel Live with the assistance of Big Brain LLC.

As an AI enthusiast and iOS Engineer, he constructed an AI version of himself that can converse with about 50,000 women on a dating app at the same time. Later, on April 20, 2022, he published a video demonstrating his app, which received over 600,000 views.

In addition, on December 2, 20202, Keiser posted a video on YouTuber in which he demonstrated how to use his Parallel Live software to acquire entrance to Miami clubs. He duped the club employees into thinking he was live streaming to his thousands of followers by using this app.

Ethan Keiser Trivia

His itsethankeiser TikTok account currently has 1 million followers, and his content has received 19 million likes. Rolling Stone and the LA Wire both published articles debating him. On December 2, 2020, he posted a video to YouTube detailing how he utilized his Parallel Stay app to gain entry to golf equipment all across Miami by deceiving the employees into believing he was livestreaming to thousands of followers and needed to highlight their establishment. He accomplished this by appearing as someone eager to showcase their institution during the livestream.

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