Xara Jetty [Cricketer] Unraveling her Age and Early Career

In the world of New Zealand cricket, a rising star is making waves, and her name is Xara Jetly. Since 2018, she has been a formidable force in the Wellington Women’s cricket team, specializing in the shorter formats of the game.

In this article, we’ll delve into the biography of Xara Jetly, explore her family background, examine her cricketing style, and trace her promising cricket career. 1cricgram2

Xara Jetly’s Biography

  • Born on 29th August 2001 in Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand, Xara Ange Rose Jetly is a name that promises to shine brightly in the world of cricket.
  • She is primarily recognized for her prowess in List A cricket and T20s cricket.
  • Xara Jetly has been a dedicated member of New Zealand’s Wellington Women’s team since 2018, showcasing her incredible talent and dedication to the sport.

The Enigmatic Jetly Family

  • While Xara Jetly’s cricketing journey has been a subject of admiration, little is known about her family background.
  • As of now, there is scarce information available on the internet or any other social media platform regarding her family. Rest assured, if any updates regarding her family emerge, you’ll be among the first to know.

Xara’s Cricketing Style

  • Xara Jetly is an all-rounder in every sense of the word. She primarily takes on the role of a bowler for her team, exhibiting a right-arm off-break bowling style that is particularly effective during the power play and middle overs of a match.
  • In addition to her impressive bowling skills, she also dabbles in batting, showcasing her right-hand batting prowess when the need arises.

Xara Jetly’s Cricket Career

Xara Jetly’s journey in professional cricket began in 2018 when she became a vital part of the Wellington Women’s team. Let’s take a closer look at her career highlights, including her debut in List A and T20 cricket.

Xara Jetly and her photo shoot.
Xara Jetly and her photo shoot.Image source (Instagram)

List A Debut

Xara Jetly marked her entry into List A cricket in 2018 while representing Wellington Women. Since then, she has participated in 25 List A cricket matches, impressively claiming 26 wickets. Her consistent performances have not only contributed to her team’s success but have also caught the eye of cricket enthusiasts.

T20 Debut

In 2019, Xara Jetly ventured into the world of T20 cricket as a member of the Wellington Women’s team. Over the course of her T20 career, she has featured in 24 Twenty cricket matches, amassing 20 wickets. Her adaptability and skill set have made her a valuable asset in this fast-paced format.

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Xara Jetly: Pioneering Women’s Overseas Professional Cricketer in Wiltshire

  • In a groundbreaking move, Wiltshire Cricket proudly welcomes Xara Jetly as the first female overseas professional cricketer to represent a club in our county. 3wiltshirecricket4
  • Xara’s arrival in Wiltshire brings a wealth of experience, having most recently showcased her skills while playing for the Wellington Blaze in the Hallyburton Johnstone Shield one-day competition and the Women’s Super-Smash Twenty20 competition.
  • Notably, Xara also led the New Zealand U22s in the Indoor Cricket World Cup last year.


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Xara’s Journey to England

  1. Why England?Xara’s decision to play cricket in England stems from the off-season period in her native New Zealand. England offers her abundant playing opportunities, with mid-week and weekend games aplenty. Her coaches emphasized that England would expose her to high-quality cricket, and that’s precisely what she’s seeking.
  2. Goals in EnglandXara’s primary goal in England is simple: to play as many games as possible. Beyond that, she’s driven by a passion to inspire young girls in cricket. With the assistance of a sports psychologist, she has developed a comprehensive mental preparation strategy, which she plans to implement rigorously to excel in both England and New Zealand.

Xara’s Remarkable Achievement

A Trailblazer in Wiltshire

  • Being the first women’s overseas player in Wiltshire is an honor that Xara cherishes.
  • Her love for cricket and its burgeoning presence in women’s sports is matched by the ambitious vision of Dominic Fry, a dedicated supporter of the game.
  • Xara feels fortunate to be associated with individuals who share her commitment to advancing women’s cricket.

Cricket in England vs. New Zealand

  • Comparing cricket in England to her experiences in New Zealand, Xara notes several significant distinctions. England boasts a consistent schedule of mid-week games, a stark contrast to New Zealand, where mid-week cricket opportunities are scarce.
  • The lush, well-maintained grass wickets in England offer club cricketers a unique advantage.
  • Additionally, Xara relishes the opportunity to train and play with male counterparts, where she faces challenges such as adapting to the bigger, heavier, red cricket ball, navigating larger boundary ropes, encountering faster bowling, and competing against exceptional strikers. These experiences contribute significantly to her growth as a cricketer.
Xara Jetly celebrating her Bday.
Xara Jetly celebrating her Bday.Image source (Instagram)

Future Aspirations

Aiming for the Stars

  • Xara’s ultimate aspiration is to represent her homeland, New Zealand, donning the fern on her chest. However, her dreams extend beyond personal achievement;
  • she envisions herself as a role model for women and girls in the world of sports. Leveraging her social media presence,she seeks to showcase her skills and passion for the game, with the hope of raising her profile globally.
  • Through this, she aims to provide young girls with greater insight into the joy and excitement of cricket.

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Unlocking the Story of Xara Jetly and Her Boyfriend

  • When it comes to Xara Jetly’s personal life, there’s one topic that has captured the curiosity of her fans: her boyfriend. Meet Daniel Duckett, the lucky man who has stolen the heart of this remarkable cricketer.
  • Xara and Daniel’s love story began in 2022, and their relationship continues to blossom.

Xara Jetly’s Journey: From Teacher to Cricketer

  • Before her cricketing career took off, Xara Jetly was dedicated to education. She served as a teacher in a New Zealand school, demonstrating her passion for shaping young minds.
  • However, her love for cricket eventually led her to make a life-altering decision. She left her teaching profession behind to pursue her dreams in the cricketing world.

In 2018, Xara made her debut in professional cricket. Her jersey, proudly displaying the number 12, quickly became synonymous with her exceptional skills on the field. Since then, she has been a valuable member of the Wellington Women’s cricket team, making her mark with each match.

Xara Jetly holding a cupcake.
Xara Jetly holding a cupcake.Image source (Instagram)

Xara Jetly: A Rising Star in Cricket

Xara Jetly’s cricketing prowess has not gone unnoticed. Although she initially gained more popularity in India than in her home country of New Zealand, her meteoric rise is now attracting attention worldwide. Let’s take a closer look at her outstanding cricketing achievements.5RNZ6

A Record-Breaking Bowler

Xara Jetly achieved a remarkable feat in the history of women’s domestic cricket when she bowled the most economical figures, taking four wickets for just one run in three overs. This extraordinary performance led to the dismissal of the Northern Brave, who managed to score only 46 runs.

Consistent Performances and Social Media Stardom

  • Throughout the season, Xara has consistently impressed cricket enthusiasts, especially in India.
  • Her social media followers have skyrocketed, thanks to her exceptional skills and a viral photo that captured the hearts of cricket fans.
  • With an impressive economy rate of 4.78, she has been a vital asset to her team, the Blaze, who have remained unbeaten all season.

A Multi-Talented Player

  • Xara Jetly’s contributions to the Blaze go beyond her outstanding bowling.
  • She is a dynamic fielder, known for her agility and safe hands.
  • Her journey into the Blaze began as a specialist fielder when she was just 16 years old.
  • Over time, she evolved into one of New Zealand’s top female fielders, demonstrating her dedication to the sport.

The Making of a Cricketer

  • Xara’s journey into cricket started when she began playing with her younger brother’s team at the age of 11.
  • Her talent did not go unnoticed, and she soon found herself in the Under 15s Wellington outdoor team.
  • Her relentless training and passion for the game paved the way for her career in cricket.

The Allrounder Dream

  • Xara Jetly aspires to become an allrounder in cricket. Surrounded by experienced players, including White Ferns, she has honed her skills and added variation to her bowling.
  • Her distinctive run-up, featuring a little hop, has become her signature move, adding momentum to her deliveries. With her dedication, she is well on her way to becoming a formidable allrounder.

The Rise of “The Embers”

  • Xara Jetly is part of a promising group of young players known as “The Embers,” alongside Georgia Plimmer, Tash Codyre, and Kate Chandler.
  • At just 20 years old, Xara understands that she is in an exciting phase of her career, filled with immense potential.
Xara Jetly and her boy friend.
Xara Jetly and her boy friend.Image source (Instagram)

Going Viral in India

  • Xara’s popularity reached new heights when a photo she posted on Instagram went viral in India.
  • With over 19,000 followers, she gained 15,000 new admirers in just one week. Her Indian heritage, combined with her cricketing prowess, has endeared her to fans in the subcontinent.

Aspiring Social Media Influencer

  • In her teens, Xara Jetly dreamed of becoming a social media influencer.
  • Her journey began with posts about her cricket team, which gradually evolved into engaging photo shoots.
  • She uses her platform to connect with cricket enthusiasts, especially in India, and hopes to provide insights into her life as both a cricketer and a regular individual.

A Message of Resilience and Openness

  • Xara Jetly is not just a cricket sensation; she is a voice of resilience and openness.
  • She has shared her struggles with anxiety and depression, encouraging others to seek help and confide in trusted friends.
  • Her candid approach resonates with many, making her an inspiring figure both on and off the field.
Xara Jetly and her pet cat.
Xara Jetly and her pet cat.Image source (Instagram)

Looking Ahead

  • After a stunning performance last year, Xara Jetly and her team, the Blaze, are determined to learn from their experiences and emerge victorious in the upcoming season.
  • With their fantastic form and unwavering commitment, they aim to seize the championship title.

In conclusion, Xara Jetly’s journey from a teacher to a cricket star is a testament to her dedication, hard work, and unwavering passion for the sport. Her captivating performances, both on and off the field, have earned her a special place in the hearts of cricket fans around the world. As she continues to shine, she also serves as an inspiration to aspiring cricketers and individuals facing challenges, showing that with resilience and a little bit of fun, anything is possible.

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