Who Is Yrms Lydya Husband? The Murder Motive Of Jesus Hernandez Explored

At the Suntory restaurant, Yrms Lydya was killed by her husband, Jesus Hernandez. Here are a few things you should know about the singer Lydya. Read on to find out more.

A Mexican regional singer named Yrma Lydya was killed on June 23 at the Suntory restaurant in Colonia del Valle, at the corner of Magdalena and Torres Adalid, in the Benito Juárez City Hall.

The Benito Juárez Mayor’s Office said that the alleged attacker was the young woman’s sweet boyfriend, Jes Hernández Alcocer. The suspect was taken into custody and taken to the Office of the Specialized Prosecutor for the Investigation of Crimes Against Women.

Lydya, who is from Mexico City, has already been invited to Grandiosas, a show where Dulce and other singers like Roco Banquells, Manoella Torres, and Mara Conchita Alonso perform.

Mexico City’s Secretary of Citizen Security (SSC), Omar Garca Harfuch, tweeted the first piece of information, which was that “a man shot his wife three times, and he is already in jail.”

Yrms Lydya
Yrms Lydya

Who Is Yrms Lydya Husband Jesus Hernandez?

Yrms Lydya was married to her husband Jesus Hernandez, who was a mariachi musician from Mexico. Even though he was seeing a well-known musician. The news says that Hernandez is a lawyer.

Hernandez, who was married to Lydya, is said to have killed her. As of right now, none of his personal information can be found on the Internet.

Hernandez has always done his best to stay out of the news. After killing the musician, he got a lot of attention from the public.

He and the musician were at the restaurant to celebrate the Eighth Collegiate Court’s decision in a case where a company had sued a religious institution for fraud.

How Old Is Jesus Hernandez: Age Details

De Ella Jess Hernández Alcocer has been alive for 79 years. He was a good number of years older than his wife, Yrma Lydya, who is almost 21.

Hernandez’s father died when he was 58 years old. Lydya was a famous person in the music business. This Mexican musician was well-known in her home city, which surprised everyone who knew her.

Lydya, who has worked in music for 11 years, is also said to have a lot of experience. She had been in a lot of shows and won a lot of awards for her musical skills.

The musician had been in shows like Fiesta Mexicana, Morning Express, Musical Blowout, Sun and Shadow, and The Maclovich Tunco Canteen.

What Was The Murder Motive Of Jesus Hernandez? Wiki

In the restaurant, Jesus Hernandez killed his wife, Yrms Lydya. But he hasn’t said what made him do what he did.

Since the investigation is still going on, they haven’t talked about the details of the murder yet. Even though they said that she had died, they haven’t said anything else about the case.

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