How to Apply Online for Color Voter ID Smart Card

How to Apply Online for Color Voter ID Smart Card | Color Voter ID Smart Card

Voter ID or commonly known as voter card is also known as Electoral Photo ID Card (EPIC). It was first introduced during the tenure of the Chief Election Commissioner TN Seshan in the year 1993. This card serves for many purposes like it can be used as a general identity, address proof, and for age proof for some purposes like buying a new SIM card or applying for a passport but foremost of all, this voter ID or voter card is to verify the adult domicile of India who have reached the age of 18 years which can be used to show as a proof for Indian citizens while casting their vote in the country’s Municipal, State and National Elections.

You will get the complete guide that how can you get the voter id smart card online.

New Online Color voter ID card

Color Voter ID Smart Card Registration

The card was originally black and white laminated plain paper but Now-a-days, it is being issued in colour laminated format. Its size is almost same as that of some bank card. It contains general information like the name, passport photo, and address of the card holder. It also contains the serial number, a hologram sticker and stamped signature of the issuing authority.

We should also be aware while checking for a voter card of someone as there have been cases in which people use fake voter cards occasionally for other purposes to suit their personal needs. Talking about the validity of voter cards, if a person moves his/her residence to another assembly constituency, then the old card becomes invalid and the person has to register afresh as voter in the new assembly constituency.

To apply for new Aadhar Card, you need to visit an Aadhaar enrolment centers near you. At the enrollment center, you need to fill out the enrolment form, submit your biometric details along with documents required for the verification of proof of identity and the proof of address. The Aadhaar registrations have made very simple by UIDAI. Follow the steps given below, how to apply for Aadhaar card registration:

If you have smart phone or computer you can apply for color voter ID card and you’ll get your voter ID card within 1 month, you have to follow these 5 steps.

  1. Start from registration – For online registration you need email id and phone number, by which election commission of India can contact you easily, never use official email ID. Now Open this website in browser and click on “Apply online for registration of new voter”.
  2. Upload and fill information – Now fill all information and upload supported documents. You have to upload color photograph with white background, identity proof and address proof.
  3. Be careful while filling information – Please fill this from in free time with valid and right information, if u did any mistake it will reflect in your voter ID card. Upload your color photo with white background.
  4. How to change information – You can change your information in voter ID card within 15 days after filling the form. You can also track online the status of your voter ID card.
  5. Verification process – After receiving your online application, election commission representative also known as area booth level officer will come to verify your documents and cross check all information you provided if all information find true then within month you’ll get your color voter id card via post.

How to Apply Online and Offline for Voter ID Smart Card If You Lost or Missed

You have probably landed up over here because you have been searching for something related to Voter ID smart card lost or missed. Now over here we will be discussing everything in detailed such as

Offline Procedure to Get Your Voter ID Card

  1. You should fill FIR as soon as possible once your voter ID card is lost.
  2. Fill the form number 002 for the issuance of the duplicate of the voter ID card should be collected.
  3. Fill the complete form carefully.
  4. Attach the FIR copy along with Form 002.
  5. Attach all necessary documents which are required (age proof, address, aadhar, 10th certificate, etc.)

Note: Download form 002 from here -> Voter ID Card Form002

Online Procedure to Get Your Voter ID Smart Card

    1. Open the website according your state
      S.No. State Website
      1 Delhi (DL)
      2 West Bengal (WB)
      3 Uttar Pradesh (UP)
      4 Tamil Nadu (TN)
      5 Sikkim (SK)
      6 Rajasthan (RJ)
      7 Punjab (PB)
      8 Odisha (OR)
      9 Mizoram (MZ)
      10 Manipur (MN)
      11 Maharashtra (MH)
      12 Madhya Pradesh (MP)
      13 Kerala (KL)
      14 Karnataka (KA)
      15 Jammu and Kashmir (JK)
      16 Himachal Pradesh (HP)
      17 Haryana (HR)
      18 Bihar (BR)
      19 Gujarat (GJ)
      20 Goa (GA)
      21 Arunachal Pradesh (AP)
      22 Assam (AS)
      23 Telangana (TG)
      24 Andhra Pradesh
    2. Now download the form number 002 and fill it
    3. Submit the form along with the FIR copy, proof of identification and address to the local electoral registration office.

After getting Color voter I.D. card you can get to vote into the elections to your favorite candidate. You will get many facilities provided by Indian Government by carrying identity proof.

Please Apply for Voter ID card so that you can be a part of countries democracy. Getting Voter card is never so easy.

Replace Old Voter ID with New Coloured Voter ID Smart Card

The above information if only for the first time applicant. If you already have the voter id card and want to replace it with the colored voter id card then you have to visit the nearest concerned office and fill the application form. You can mention the reason in reason section that you have lost your voter id card.A nominal fee will be charged and colored voter id card will be issued to you.

This Voter ID card is generally known by the name of Election Photo ID card which gives a right to an owner of that Voter ID card to give a vote to their own choice politician. But, Voter ID card does not have this much role only, it also uses for different types of purposes like, for showing address proof, Identity verification,  for activating new SIM card or applying for getting a passport, etc. An Indian Citizen who reaches to the age of 18 will get the voter ID card which shows that he or she is the citizen of India at the time of Casting vote.

But, if you guys get lost your Voter ID card by mistake or get stolen then you should have to do FIR against it which you can do online or offline for getting that lost ID or new ID. You should have to submit all the necessary documents and make a report as soon as possible. We have given all the details regarding lost ID in this article you can follow the above steps properly for getting your lost voter ID back.

In this article, we have also listed the process of getting a colored Voter ID card by replacing your old one. You can also do that by following the above guide or information regarding a colored voter ID card.

So, I hope this article is helpful and informative too for you. If you have any doubt then comment below we will try to help you as soon as possible.

FAQs Related to Color Voter ID Smart Card

Q) What is the major difference between traditional and new color voter id card?

New voter id card printed in color while traditional voter id card printed with black and white color.

Q) How long it will take to get the color voter id smart card?

It takes approx. 45-60 days to reach at your registered address.

Q) Which types of information printed on color vote id?

It contains the Name, photo, address, D.O.B and your constituency. Every card get a unique serial number.

For latest update follow – Current Affairs and If you have any query or doubt put in comments.


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