Bryan Danielson: Who Is He? The American Dragon’s AEW World Title Aspirations And More

Bryan Danielson, a highly respected figure in the wrestling world, has seen his career evolve through various phases. From his days in WWE, where he was known as Daniel Bryan, to his current run in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), Danielson has consistently proven his in-ring prowess and storytelling ability

As he now sets his sights on the AEW World Title, his journey is fraught with challenges, with one particular individual posing a significant threat to his championship aspirations.

Bryan Danielson’s pursuit of the AEW World Title is a captivating storyline filled with twists and turns.

MJF, with his cunning and resourcefulness, represents a significant obstacle. As Danielson continues his quest, he must draw on all his experience, skill, and determination to overcome the challenges ahead.

The rivalry between Danielson and MJF is not just a battle for the title but a clash of ideologies and styles, making it one of the most compelling stories in professional wrestling today.

Bryan Danielson
Bryan Danielson (Image: Source)

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Bryan Danielson: Career

The American Dragon’s Journey

Bryan Danielson’s journey to the AEW World Title is one that many fans have eagerly anticipated. Known as “The American Dragon,” Danielson’s reputation for technical mastery and intense matches precedes him.1

His arrival in AEW was met with great fanfare, and he quickly became a top contender in the promotion.

However, the path to becoming the AEW World Champion is never straightforward, and for Danielson, it is proving to be particularly challenging.

The One Man Standing in His Way

In professional wrestling, storylines and rivalries are key components that drive the narrative forward. For Bryan Danielson, the primary obstacle in his quest for the AEW World Title is none other than MJF (Maxwell Jacob Friedman).

MJF, known for his brash personality and cunning tactics, has established himself as one of the top heels in AEW.

His ability to manipulate situations to his advantage and his in-ring skill make him a formidable opponent for anyone looking to dethrone him as champion.

The Rise of MJF

MJF’s rise to the top of AEW has been meteoric. His mic skills and charisma have endeared him to fans, albeit in a love-to-hate-him kind of way.

MJF’s reign as AEW World Champion has been marked by controversial victories and ruthless tactics.

His understanding of wrestling psychology and his ability to get under the skin of his opponents make him a unique and dangerous champion.

The Rivalry Intensifies

The rivalry between Bryan Danielson and MJF has been brewing for some time. Their contrasting styles – Danielson’s technical brilliance versus MJF’s underhanded tactics – create a compelling dynamic.

Danielson’s quest for the title has seen him engage in brutal matches, proving his resilience and determination. However, MJF’s ability to bend the rules and use psychological warfare has often left Danielson at a disadvantage.

Bryan Danielson
Bryan Danielson (Image: Source)

The Roadblocks Ahead

As Danielson continues his pursuit of the AEW World Title, several roadblocks lie ahead.

MJF’s alliance with influential figures within AEW, his penchant for mind games, and his willingness to take shortcuts all pose significant challenges.

For Danielson, overcoming these obstacles will require not only his wrestling skill but also strategic acumen and mental fortitude.

The Importance of Momentum

In wrestling, momentum is crucial. Bryan Danielson’s ability to string together victories and maintain his momentum will be key to his success.

However, MJF’s knack for derailing his opponents’ momentum through various means adds another layer of difficulty. Danielson must stay focused and avoid falling into the traps that MJF is likely to set.

The Fans’ Perspective

The fans play a pivotal role in professional wrestling. Bryan Danielson has a loyal fanbase that supports him ardently.

Their vocal support can be a significant advantage, especially in high-stakes matches. On the other hand, MJF thrives on the negative reactions he elicits from the crowd, using their disdain to fuel his performances.

This dynamic adds an interesting dimension to their rivalry.

The Role of Alliances

In AEW, alliances and factions are a common aspect of the storytelling. Bryan Danielson’s associations with other wrestlers and factions could prove beneficial in his quest for the title.

Conversely, MJF’s alliances, particularly with powerful and influential figures within AEW, could tilt the scales in his favor. Navigating these alliances and leveraging them effectively will be crucial for Danielson.

Bryan Danielson
Bryan Danielson (Image: Source)

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Bryan Danielson: Who Is He?

Bryan Danielson, formerly known as Daniel Bryan in WWE, has built a remarkable career in professional wrestling.2

A former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Danielson is celebrated for his technical prowess, in-ring storytelling, and relentless passion for the sport.

His transition to AEW has only added to his legacy, as he continues to prove himself against some of the best wrestlers in the world.

The Owen Hart Foundation Tournament

The Owen Hart Foundation Tournament is one of the most prestigious events in AEW, honoring the legacy of the late, great Owen Hart.

This tournament not only serves as a tribute to Hart’s contributions to professional wrestling but also provides a significant opportunity for competitors.

The winner earns a coveted shot at the AEW World Champion at All In 2024, a chance to etch their name in the annals of wrestling history.

Danielson’s Quest for the AEW World Title

Bryan Danielson’s announcement to participate in the 2024 Owen Hart Foundation Tournament has generated considerable excitement among wrestling fans. Despite his numerous accolades, the AEW World Title has eluded him.

Capturing this title would not only fulfill a personal goal but also solidify his standing as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Danielson’s determination and focus are evident as he embarks on this challenging journey.

The Shadow of Nigel McGuinness

While Danielson is set on winning the tournament and securing a title shot, one significant obstacle could stand in his way: Nigel McGuinness. A former rival and current color commentator on AEW Collision, McGuinness has a storied history with Danielson.

Their past encounters have been marked by intense rivalry and memorable matches, making the prospect of McGuinness interfering in Danielson’s path highly intriguing.

McGuinness’s Wrestling Career

Nigel McGuinness is no stranger to the wrestling ring. With a career that spans various promotions, including Ring of Honor (ROH) and WWE, McGuinness has earned respect for his technical skills and charismatic persona.

Despite his current role as a commentator, his desire to return to in-ring competition has been evident. McGuinness’s potential involvement in the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament adds an unpredictable element to the storyline.

Bryan Danielson
Bryan Danielson

Nigel McGuinness’s Ongoing Feud with Bryan Danielson

Nigel McGuinness has consistently expressed his disdain for Bryan Danielson since joining AEW Collision’s commentary team.3

This animosity has become a central storyline, capturing the attention of wrestling fans worldwide.

McGuinness’s frequent mockery and verbal jabs at Danielson have added a layer of tension and excitement to AEW programming.

Mocking “Brittle Danielson”

One of McGuinness’s most notable taunts is his nickname for Bryan Danielson: “Brittle Danielson.”

This derogatory moniker highlights McGuinness’s attempt to undermine Danielson’s reputation as a resilient and formidable wrestler. By questioning Danielson’s toughness, McGuinness aims to get under his skin and shake his confidence.

A Dream Turned Nightmare

Bryan Danielson’s dream of becoming the AEW World Champion in London, England, stands in stark contrast to McGuinness’s intentions.

For Danielson, winning the championship in his home country would be a career-defining moment. However, McGuinness views this dream as his nightmare, indicating his determination to thwart Danielson’s aspirations.

Potential Obstruction in the Tournament

McGuinness’s disdain for Danielson could lead to more than just verbal sparring. There is a possibility that McGuinness might take direct action to prevent Danielson from advancing in the tournament.

This obstruction could set the stage for a high-stakes one-on-one match between the two, adding another layer of intrigue to their feud.

Historical Context of the Rivalry

The animosity between McGuinness and Danielson is not a recent development. Their rivalry dates back to their days in Ring of Honor (ROH), where they had numerous classic matches.

This history adds depth to their current feud in AEW, making it more compelling for long-time fans who have followed their careers.

Bryan Danielson’s Response

Despite McGuinness’s relentless attacks, Bryan Danielson remains focused on his goal. Known for his resilience and determination, Danielson has not shied away from confronting McGuinness’s insults head-on.

His unwavering commitment to becoming the AEW World Champion showcases his mental toughness and dedication to his craft.

The Impact on AEW Collision

The ongoing feud between McGuinness and Danielson has significantly impacted AEW Collision. Their rivalry has become one of the show’s central storylines, driving viewership and engaging fans.

The tension between the two has added a dynamic element to the commentary and in-ring action, making AEW Collision must-watch television.

Potential Match of the Year Contender

Should McGuinness and Danielson face off in a one-on-one match, it has the potential to be a Match of the Year contender. Both wrestlers are known for their technical prowess and ability to tell compelling stories in the ring.

A showdown between them would not only settle their personal feud but also deliver an unforgettable wrestling spectacle.

Fan Reactions and Speculations

The feud between McGuinness and Danielson has sparked a flurry of reactions and speculations among fans. Social media platforms are abuzz with discussions about the possible outcomes of their rivalry.

Fans are eagerly debating whether McGuinness will succeed in his attempts to sabotage Danielson or if the American Dragon will triumph against all odds.

Bryan Danielson
Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson: The American Dragon’s Dream Match

Bryan Danielson, known to many wrestling fans as “The American Dragon,” recently ignited excitement within the wrestling community by expressing his desire to face Nigel McGuinness at AEW All In 2024.

This potential showdown has fans buzzing, as it promises to be a clash between two iconic figures in professional wrestling.

The History of Danielson and McGuinness

Danielson and McGuinness share a storied history that dates back to their days in Ring of Honor (ROH). Their matches were legendary, often hailed as some of the best in the promotion’s history.

Both wrestlers have evolved since then, with Danielson becoming a global superstar and McGuinness transitioning to a respected commentator and trainer.

Nigel McGuinness’ Retirement and Legacy

Nigel McGuinness retired from in-ring competition over twelve years ago due to health issues.

Despite his early retirement, his impact on the wrestling industry remains significant. Known for his technical prowess and intense matches, McGuinness left an indelible mark on the sport.

His retirement, however, left fans longing for a comeback that never seemed possible—until now.


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The Significance of AEW All In

AEW All In is one of the most anticipated events in professional wrestling, known for delivering high-stakes matches and unforgettable moments.

The prospect of Danielson vs. McGuinness at this event adds an extra layer of excitement, as it would be a reunion of sorts and a nod to their incredible past encounters.

The Path to the Match

For this dream match to become a reality, Danielson must lose in the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament. This scenario creates an intriguing storyline where McGuinness, who is currently 48 years old, could play a pivotal role.

If McGuinness stops Danielson from winning the cup, it could set up a grudge match filled with personal and professional stakes.

The Owen Hart Foundation Tournament

The Owen Hart Foundation Tournament is a prestigious competition that honors the legacy of the late Owen Hart.

Winning this tournament is a significant achievement for any wrestler, and Danielson’s participation adds prestige and interest.

However, his potential loss and subsequent feud with McGuinness could be one of the tournament’s most talked-about moments.

The Fans’ Perspective

Wrestling fans have always been passionate about dream matches, and Danielson vs. McGuinness is no exception. Social media is abuzz with speculation and excitement, with many fans reminiscing about their classic matches in ROH.

The possibility of seeing these two legends clash again, especially on such a grand stage, has created a palpable sense of anticipation.

Danielson’s Comments on McGuinness

During a recent interview, Danielson shared his thoughts on potentially facing McGuinness. He expressed deep respect for his long-time rival and a genuine desire to step into the ring with him once more.

Danielson’s comments highlighted the mutual admiration between the two and their shared history, adding emotional depth to the potential match.

McGuinness’ Response

While McGuinness has not officially commented on the prospect of returning to the ring, the wrestling community is eager to hear his thoughts.

Given his current role as a commentator and trainer, a return to active competition would be a significant decision. Fans are hopeful that McGuinness will embrace the challenge and provide an unforgettable match.

The Impact on AEW

A match between Danielson and McGuinness would not only be a highlight for AEW All In but also elevate the promotion’s status.

AEW has built a reputation for delivering dream matches and surprising moments, and this encounter would further solidify its position as a premier wrestling organization.

The potential storyline leading up to the match would keep fans engaged and invested.

The Technical Masterclass

Both Danielson and McGuinness are known for their technical wrestling abilities. Their previous encounters were clinics in technical wrestling, filled with intricate holds, counters, and storytelling.

A match at AEW All In would undoubtedly be a masterclass, showcasing their skills and reminding fans why they are considered two of the best technical wrestlers in history.

The Emotional Undertones

The match would be more than just a technical showcase; it would be an emotional journey. Both wrestlers have overcome personal and professional challenges, and their shared history adds layers of emotion to their potential encounter.

Fans would not only be watching for the wrestling but also for the emotional narratives that would unfold in the ring.

The Legacy of Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson’s career has been marked by incredible matches, championships, and a deep connection with fans. Facing McGuinness at AEW All In would add another chapter to his illustrious career.

It would be a testament to his passion for wrestling and his commitment to delivering memorable performances.

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