Calvin Abueva’s Journey with Wife Sam – A Glimpse into Married Life

Calvin Abueva: Triumphs, Turmoil, and a Rekindled Journey

In 2019, Calvin Abueva and his wife, Sam Abueva, underwent a highly publicized separation, marked by accusations of domestic violence. Sam Abueva shared her painful experiences, detailing instances of violence and unwarranted advances.1

A Reconciled Union

Despite the tumultuous period, the couple has since reconciled and rekindled their relationship. The journey from separation to reconciliation has been a publicized chapter in the life of Calvin Abueva.

Calvin Abueva: A Basketball Journey

Calvin Abueva, a Filipino basketball luminary, currently graces the courts as a player for the Magnolia Hotshots in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). His basketball journey has seen him don the jerseys of prominent teams in the league.

Team Affiliations

  • Calvin Abueva’s stint with the Alaska Aces spanned from 2012 to 2018, followed by a transition to the Phoenix Super LPG Fuel Masters from 2018 to 2020. In 2021, he joined the Magnolia Hotshots, becoming a pivotal part of their roster.
  • Throughout his illustrious career, Calvin Abueva has amassed a collection of awards, including the prestigious PBA Championship in 2013 and earning the title of PBA Best Player of the Conference twice.
  • His accolades extend to eight selections for the PBA All-Star, four appearances in the PBA Mythical First Team, and two in the PBA All-Defensive Team.
  • Calvin Abueva’s journey extends beyond the PBA, including being part of the NCAA Philippines championship team in 2009, where he was honored as the Most Valuable Player.
  • His college achievements also include three selections to the NCAA Philippines Mythical First Team and contributing to the PBL championship team in 2010.

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Calvin Abueva’s Family: Love, Challenges, and Resilience

Calvin Abueva shares his life with his wife, Salome Alejandra, affectionately known as Sam. Together, they have built a family that is the center of their world. Sam, a devoted mother, takes pride in her role as the nurturer of six children. Her commitment to raising them with love and care is evident in the family’s dynamic.


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Recognizing the Abueva Children

Among the Abueva children, Clint, James, and Deandre are widely recognized names. Their presence adds vibrancy to the Abueva family, creating a bustling home filled with love and familial bonds.2

Calvin Abueva
Calvin Abueva (Image: Source)

Navigating Challenges

While the Abueva family exudes happiness, they have faced challenges that tested their marriage. Despite these difficulties, the couple has demonstrated resilience and a commitment to overcoming obstacles.

Strengthening Bonds

The Abuevas have not allowed challenges to define their family. Instead, they have resolved issues and continue to strengthen their bond as a couple and as parents. The journey of love, challenges, and resilience weaves a narrative of a family determined to navigate the complexities of life together.

In the Abueva household, love, challenges, and resilience are woven into the fabric of their story. Calvin and Sam’s commitment to each other and their children reflects an unyielding spirit, creating a family narrative that celebrates the triumphs and growth that arise from navigating life’s intricate tapestry.

Calvin Abueva’s Controversial Chapter: Accusations, Denials, and Family Turmoil

In 2019, Calvin Abueva faced a suspension from the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) amid severe accusations of abuse leveled against him by his wife, Sam Abueva. The allegations came to light during a livestream on Calvin’s Instagram account, where Sam presented photos of alleged CCTV footage as evidence of the abuse she claimed to endure.

Concerns During Pregnancy

Sam, who was 32 weeks pregnant at the time, expressed concerns about her pregnancy, citing instances where Calvin, in an intoxicated state, put his weight on her stomach. This led to her hospitalization due to spotting.

Calvin Abueva
Calvin Abueva (Image: Source)

Disturbing Incidents Unveiled

Sam recounted disturbing incidents, including Calvin’s alleged sexual advances during her pregnancy, which resulted in bleeding and fear of miscarriage. Their child witnessed Calvin’s behavior, causing further distress in the household.

Accusations of Infidelity

  • Sam accused Calvin of infidelity, claiming he had extramarital affairs with multiple women, leading to pregnancies outside their marriage. In response, Calvin Abueva denied all accusations through a separate Instagram account, labeling them as lies. He asserted that he and Sam were already separated.
Calvin Abueva
Calvin Abueva (Image: Source)
  • Despite the gravity of the allegations, Calvin appeared unfazed and even took a jab at Sam, questioning her enjoyment of a trip to Boracay without him.
  • The allegations and denials surrounding Calvin Abueva’s personal life marked a turbulent chapter, bringing to light disturbing incidents that unfolded within the Abueva family.
  • The contrasting narratives of accusation and denial continue to shape the perception of this controversial period in the basketball player’s life.

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Calvin Abueva: “The Beast” Dominating Filipino Basketball

Calvin Abueva, born on February 4, 1988, stands as a formidable force in Filipino professional basketball. Currently, he showcases his skills as a key player for the Magnolia Hotshots in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).

Picked second overall by the Alaska Aces in the 2012 PBA Draft, Abueva has earned the moniker “The Beast” for his exceptional contributions on both ends of the court.

Rising Through the Ranks: Collegiate Dominance with San Sebastian

Calvin Abueva’s journey to basketball stardom began with the San Sebastian College – Recoletos Stags in the NCAA, where he earned the moniker “The Beast.” This nickname encapsulates his all-around threat, showcasing prowess at both offensive and defensive ends of the court.

During his collegiate tenure, Abueva left an indelible mark in the history of Philippine collegiate basketball. He not only posted excellent numbers but achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first player to lead a college league in points, rebounds, and assists. This feat underscored his versatility and dominance in every facet of the game.

Professional Ascendancy: Alaska Aces to Magnolia Hotshots

  • Selected second overall by the Alaska Aces in the 2012 PBA Draft, Calvin Abueva quickly translated his collegiate success to the professional arena. His dynamic playing style and relentless work ethic endeared him to fans, establishing him as a force to be reckoned with in the PBA.
  • Currently donning the jersey of the Magnolia Hotshots, Calvin Abueva continues to embody the moniker “The Beast.”
  • His impact on the court goes beyond scoring, rebounding, and assisting; it symbolizes an unwavering determination and a commitment to excellence that resonates with fans and opponents alike.
  • Calvin Abueva’s journey from collegiate excellence to professional prowess has solidified his status as a basketball icon in the Philippines.
  • As “The Beast” of the Magnolia Hotshots, his legacy is etched in the annals of Filipino basketball history, a testament to his unparalleled skills and all-encompassing influence on the game.

Calvin Abueva: A Collegiate Dynamo and MVP in the Making

Calvin Abueva’s journey to basketball greatness took a pivotal turn during his college and amateur career at San Sebastian College. From his early days as a key support player to claiming the NCAA title, Abueva’s collegiate exploits laid the foundation for his emergence as one of the Philippines’ basketball stars.

Calvin Abueva
Calvin Abueva

College Debut and Championship Glory

In 2009, Abueva embarked on his collegiate journey with the San Sebastian Stags in the NCAA. His impact was immediate, catching national acclaim as a vital support to Jimbo Aquino during the NCAA title triumph. Coached by Ato Agustin, the Stags held off the San Beda Red Lions in a memorable victory.

Emergence as a Leader

As Jimbo Aquino transitioned out of SSC, Calvin Abueva seamlessly stepped into the leadership role. Forming a formidable trio with Ronald Pascual and Ian Sangalang, Abueva became the linchpin of the team, guiding them with his dynamic play and unwavering determination.

MVP Honors and Statistical Brilliance

  • Calvin Abueva’s ascent reached its zenith during the 87th season of the NCAA, where he not only showcased his leadership but also garnered individual honors.
  • Winning the Most Valuable Player award, Abueva’s statistical brilliance was on full display as he led the league in scoring (20.6), rebounding (13.7), and secured the fourth spot in assists (3.9).
  • However, this dominance came with the challenge of an alarming league-high 5.6 turnovers, highlighting his aggressive playing style.
  • Calvin Abueva’s college and amateur career at San Sebastian College not only contributed to team successes but also laid the groundwork for his individual achievements.
  • As “The Beast” dominated the NCAA, he etched his name in the league’s history books, showcasing a blend of leadership, statistical prowess, and an aggressive style that would become synonymous with his illustrious basketball career.

Calvin Abueva’s Explosive Entry to Professional Basketball

Calvin Abueva’s transition from collegiate stardom to the professional arena with the Alaska Aces marked the beginning of a new chapter in his basketball journey. The early years showcased “The Beast” in all his glory, making an indelible impact from the moment he stepped onto the PBA court.

Calvin Abueva
Calvin Abueva

Delayed Debut and Anticipation

Calvin Abueva’s initial days with the Alaska Aces were characterized by his commitment to finishing his duties with his school in the NCAA. This delay prevented him from suiting up for the team’s first three assignments, heightening the anticipation for his debut.

A Roaring Entrance

When Calvin Abueva finally made his highly anticipated debut against the Petron Blaze Boosters, he left an immediate and lasting impression. Despite the recent heartbreak of his alma mater’s NCAA final four loss to Letran, Abueva showcased that he was more than ready for the big leagues.

Dominance on Display

In a beastly performance, Abueva asserted his presence on the court, finishing with an impressive 12 points and 16 rebounds in just 27 minutes of play. This debut game not only marked the arrival of “The Beast” in professional basketball but also hinted at the formidable force he would become in the PBA.


1. Who is Calvin Abueva’s wife?

Ans: As of the last available information, Calvin Abueva’s wife is Sam Abueva. She is known for being the spouse of the professional basketball player.

2. Can you provide insights into Calvin and Sam Abueva’s married life?

Ans: Details about Calvin and Sam Abueva’s married life, including their relationship dynamics and shared experiences, may not be extensively publicized. Celebrities often choose to keep certain aspects of their personal lives private. Any insights into their married life may be shared at their discretion through official statements, social media, or interviews.

3. Are there any public statements or interviews where Calvin and Sam Abueva have discussed their marriage?

Ans: As of the latest available information, public statements or interviews where Calvin and Sam Abueva discuss their marriage may vary. Celebrities occasionally share details about their personal lives through these channels, providing fans with insights into their relationships. Checking reputable sources for any public statements or interviews can offer glimpses into their married life.

4. How long have Calvin and Sam Abueva been married?

Ans: Specific details about the duration of Calvin and Sam Abueva’s marriage may not be readily available. Celebrities often choose to keep the timeline of their relationships private. To obtain accurate information about the length of their marriage, it is recommended to refer to credible news sources or official statements.

5. Where can I find reliable updates on Calvin and Sam Abueva’s personal life?

Ans: For reliable updates on Calvin and Sam Abueva’s personal life, it is recommended to follow their official social media accounts, credible sports news outlets, or interviews with reputable sources. Keeping an eye on official statements ensures that information is accurate and obtained from reliable sources, especially when it comes to details about a public figure’s married life.

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