Charles Hicks: Who Is He? Facts To Know About Stanford Trackster

Charles Hicks: Who Is He? Facts To Know About Stanford Trackster

Charles Hicks is a 21-year-old Stanford University track athlete. Hicks was born in London on July 25, 2001.

Charles Hicks, a Stanford star performance, is a six-time All-American track and field athlete and one of the finest in the business. He is a senior in athletics majoring in cognitive science because he is fascinated by the most basic aspects of human psychology.

Hicks, a freshman from The Bolles School, committed to Stanford in 2019. He received a partial scholarship in the form of financial help in the amount of $60,000.00.

Hicks was born in London and raised there until the age of twelve. His family relocated to Jacksonville, Florida, with the hopes of finding a better education for him and advancing his career as a Trackster.

Charles Hicks
Charles Hicks

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Charles Hicks’s Birthday And Age

Every year on July 25, Charles Hicks celebrates his birthday. According to an Instagram post from his girlfriend, Hicks is 21 years old.

Jojo, his girlfriend, happens to have a birthday two days before him. She was born on July 23, 2003, and is now 19 years old.

Charles was raised in the United Kingdom with two sisters. He lived there till he was 12 years old and was about to start high school. Hicks has been running track and playing soccer since he was in elementary school.

He frequently recounted his and his classmates’ unforgettable memories in school. Before coming to the United States in 2013, he uploaded those photographs on Instagram.

How Tall Is Charles Hicks? Height In Feet

Charles Hicks, a track and field athlete, stands 5 feet 12 inches tall.

In 2018, Gatorade named him cross-country player of the year, and his height was 1.76 metres. The figure was typical for a college athlete. During his four years at Stanford, he has improved both physically and psychologically.

Charles Hicks’ body weight is 136 pounds, or 62 kilograms.

As a runner and track athlete, he has a strong frame with stretched legs. As much as he enjoys running, he also enjoys working out and going to the gym.

Charles And Girlfriend JoJo Celebrate 6 Years Together

Charles Hicks and his high school sweetheart Jojo are high school sweethearts. They met in 2016 at The Bolles School in Jacksonville, where Hicks was a student.

He was a sophomore at the time, and Jordan, or Jojo, was a junior and only 13 years old. They both treasured their friendship, which blossomed into their first love.

They met each other’s parents after roughly a year of hanging around, as Hicks recalls his mother Margaret arranging a dinner.

Also, they were the power couple throughout high school and college, so they were always in one other’s company. On February 19, 2017, Charles and Jordan attended a high school prom.

They remember their anniversary as if they’ve known each other for years. It will be six years in March 2022 since they first met.

They honoured the occasion by uploading a video of their time together.

Charles and Jojo
Charles and Jojo

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Career Stats

Year Season (Meets) Event Season Best Conf. Region NCAA
2021-22 Outdoors (6) 10,000 27:40.16 1 (28:11.17) 7 (28:47.37) 6 (28:17.88)
5,000 13:24.58 19 (13:44.77)
1,500 3:52.88
Indoors (5) 3,000 7:43.84 3 (8:00.23)
5,000 13:37.08
DMR 9:29.57
Cross Country (6) 8K 23:21.9 1 (23:34.9)
10K 28:47.2 2 (29:29.5) 4 (28:47.2)
2020-21 Outdoors (7) 10,000 27:47.63 1 (28:39.46) 9 (29:13.34) 7 (27:47.63)
5,000 13:33.89 3 (13:35.60) 5 (13:52.98) 15 (13:33.89)
3,000 8:02.41
1,500 3:43.59
Indoors (0)
Cross Country (4) 8K 22:41.6 2 (22:41.6)
10K 30:21.0 14 (30:21.0)
2019-20 Outdoors (0)
Indoors (4) 3,000 8:08.81 13 (8:08.94)
Mile 4:10.53
Cross Country (0)

Inside Charles Hicks Family

Charles Hicks was born in the United Kingdom, where his parents lived. His father, David, and mother, Margaret Hicks, were both born in London.

They were descended from an ancient Anglo-Saxon family. As they watched English football together, the Hicks family was all into sports. Charles recalls seeing him as a child while watching Arsenal play in the English Premier League.

Charles grew up with sisters and acquaintances that frequented the residence. Eliza and Helen Hicks are Hicks’ two siblings. Charles and Helen appear to be twins, and he even tweeted a photo with the identical text on November 25, 2016, after migrating to the United States.

Charles also has an uncle, John Corse Jr., who played college tennis at Stanford. John has always been his physical trainer, encouraging him to work hard.

Similarly, he has another athlete in the family in the form of his cousin, Alexa Corse, who is an equestrian and currently attends Stanford University.


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A post shared by Charles Hicks (@_charleshicks)


Hicks’ first big accomplishment was his key involvement in the formation of Brooker and Clayton’s Georgia Minstrels in 1865. He was the band’s manager and most likely performed with them during a tour of the Northeastern United States in 1865-6. Hicks and company had the first successful season of a black minstrel troupe.

He quit Brooker and Clayton’s in 1866 to try his hand at owning and operating his own business, being the first black man to do so at the same time. Hicks formed and disbanded a number of unsuccessful ensembles during the next four years. With names like the Slave Troupe or the Georgia Slave Brothers, he played up his black minstrels’ ties to authentic black culture, and evidence suggests that Hicks’ companies did draw a considerable number of black viewers.

A Pittsburgh newspaper stated in early 1869 that the “coloured element of the city poured out en force” to see Hicks’ Georgia Slave Troupe. Hicks and his partner Bob Height took Hicks and Height’s Georgia Minstrels on tour in Germany in 1870, making them the country’s first black minstrel troupe.

Professional Life

Hicks departed the tour in the middle to join Sam Hague’s Slave Troupe of Georgia Minstrels. He also became a correspondent for The Clipper, a New York entertainment publication, which he used to brag about his achievements abroad.

When they returned to the United States in 1872, the group was purchased by Charles Callender, and Hicks stayed on as business manager until 1873. Charles Hick’s [sic] African Minstrels and Charles Hick’s [sic] Georgia Minstrels were his next two flops. In 1876, he was hired as manager of Sprague and Blodgett’s Georgia Minstrels.

Hicks persuaded Callender’s current black troop to join him in western New York in late 1881 or early 1882. Gustave and Charles Frohman reclaimed them on Callender’s orders, maybe by threatening to blacklist the misbehaving performers.

Hicks’ subsequent stint as business manager for A. D. Sawyer and Tom McIntosh failed, potentially implying that Hicks was blacklisted himself.

Hicks supervised Billy Kersands’ troupe in 1885, but left after less than a year. He started his own business again, this time with A. D. Sawyer.

They quarrelled, and within a year, they were running opposing troupes, Hicks and Sawyer’s Consolidated Colored Minstrels. Hicks’ segment failed to produce money, so he began performing in penny shows, museums, and other lower-paying venues. Hicks eventually established another company and travelled to Australia, New Zealand, and other Pacific countries with them. He died at Suraboya, Java, in 1902.

Charles Hicks
Charles Hicks

Quick Facts On Charles Hicks

Age 21 Years Old
Height 5 Feet 10 inches
Weight 136 pounds
Father David Hicks
Mother Margaret Hicks
Sisters Helen and Eliza Hicks
Uncle John Corse Jr.
Cousin Alexa Corse
Girlfriend Jordan aka Jojo

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