Chris Avila vs. Anthony Pettis: Real-Time Fight Updates

Chris Avila vs. Anthony Pettis: Round-by-Round Updates

Chris Avila enters the bout with a professional boxing record of 5-1. Despite being more familiar with the squared circle, his experience in MMA and his time as part of the renowned Diaz brothers’ camp give him a well-rounded skill set.1

Anthony Pettis, on the other hand, has only one professional boxing fight under his belt. However, it was a significant one: he faced legendary boxer Roy Jones Jr. and secured a win via majority decision after eight rounds. Pettis aims to maintain his unbeaten record and further establish his presence in the boxing world.

Round 1: Feeling Out Process

The first round starts cautiously as both fighters look to gauge each other’s reach and timing. Pettis, known for his striking prowess in MMA, tries to establish his jab and control the pace. Avila, showing respect for Pettis’s experience, stays defensive but manages to land a few body shots.

Pettis lands a crisp jab, keeping Avila at bay. Avila responds with a right hook that catches Pettis off guard but doesn’t do much damage. The round ends with both fighters still trying to figure each other out.

Round 2: Avila Steps Up

Avila comes out more aggressively in the second round. He starts throwing combinations, aiming to break Pettis’s rhythm. Pettis tries to counter but struggles to keep up with Avila’s increased pace.

Avila lands a solid left hook to Pettis’s body, followed by a right hand to the head. Pettis backs up, trying to regain control. The round clearly goes to Avila as he manages to land more significant strikes.

Round 3: Pettis Finds His Groove

Pettis adjusts his strategy in the third round, focusing more on his footwork and head movement. He starts to counter Avila’s aggression with sharp, precise punches. A well-timed uppercut from Pettis catches Avila off balance.2

Pettis begins to control the center of the ring, using his jab effectively to keep Avila at a distance. Avila still lands a few body shots but struggles to find openings as Pettis’s defense tightens up. The round is more balanced, but Pettis edges it out with his cleaner strikes.

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Trading Leather

The fourth round saw both fighters trading more punches as they settled into the fight. Avila pressed forward with hooks to Pettis’s body, trying to wear him down. Pettis, however, remained composed and countered effectively with precise punches.

A brief exchange in the center of the ring highlighted their competitive spirit. Pettis’s ability to circle out and avoid being pinned against the ropes showcased his superior ring awareness. Avila landed some significant shots, but Pettis’s cleaner strikes gave him a slight edge in the round.

Avila’s Persistence

Avila resumed his aggressive approach in the fifth round, targeting Pettis’s body with hooks. Pettis, now visibly more comfortable, used his jab to keep Avila at bay. A well-timed right hand from Pettis caught Avila off balance, but the persistent Avila quickly recovered and continued his assault.3

Chris Avila vs Anthony Pettis
Chris Avila vs Anthony Pettis (Image: Source)

The round was marked by Avila’s relentless pressure, forcing Pettis to fight off the back foot. Avila’s awkward style continued to disrupt Pettis, making the round another close contest.

Pettis’s Counterattack

Pettis came out with renewed energy in the sixth round, using his superior footwork to evade Avila’s attacks. He landed a powerful uppercut that momentarily stunned Avila. Pettis then followed up with a series of combinations, forcing Avila to back up for the first time in the fight.

Avila managed to land a few body shots, but Pettis’s precise counterpunching and movement gave him control of the round. Pettis’s experience and adaptability were on full display, as he successfully adjusted to Avila’s pressure.

Tactical Battle

The seventh round became more tactical as both fighters showed signs of fatigue. Pettis continued to use his jab effectively, while Avila tried to close the distance and work the body. A brief exchange in the center of the ring saw both fighters landing clean shots.

Pettis landed a right hand that caused Avila to stumble slightly. Avila quickly recovered and landed a left hook to Pettis’s body. The round was evenly matched, with both fighters landing significant strikes and neither willing to concede ground.

Early Life and Background

Anthony Paul Pettis was born on January 27, 1987, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He grew up in a diverse and vibrant community, experiencing the rich cultural blend that the city offered. Pettis is of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent, which influenced his upbringing and instilled in him a strong sense of heritage and family values.

He was introduced to martial arts at a young age, starting with Taekwondo and boxing. His passion for fighting was evident early on, and he continued to hone his skills throughout his youth.

Anthony Pettis
Anthony Pettis (Image: Source)

Journey to Professional MMA

Pettis began his professional mixed martial arts (MMA) career in 2007, quickly gaining a reputation for his dynamic fighting style and impressive skill set. He joined the World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) promotion, where he showcased his talents and rose through the ranks.

Pettis’ most notable moment in WEC came when he delivered the “Showtime Kick” against Benson Henderson in the final WEC event in December 2010. This iconic move, where Pettis ran up the cage and landed a flying kick to Henderson’s head, solidified his status as a rising star in MMA.

UFC Career and Championship Reign

  • In 2011, the WEC merged with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and Pettis transitioned to the UFC roster. He quickly made an impact, defeating top contenders and earning his shot at the UFC Lightweight Championship.
Anthony Pettis
Anthony Pettis (Image: Source)
  • On August 31, 2013, Pettis faced Benson Henderson again, this time for the UFC Lightweight title. Pettis won the fight via submission, becoming the UFC Lightweight Champion. His victory was a testament to his growth and evolution as a fighter.
  • During his reign as champion, Pettis defended his title against Gilbert Melendez, showcasing his versatility and striking prowess.
  • However, injuries and setbacks hindered his ability to maintain consistent dominance in the division. Despite these challenges, Pettis remained a top contender in the lightweight division, known for his exciting fighting style and finishing ability.

Transition to PFL and Other Ventures

After a successful career in the UFC, Pettis sought new challenges and opportunities. In 2020, he signed with the Professional Fighters League (PFL), where he aimed to capture another championship in a different organization.

Pettis’ move to PFL highlighted his desire to continually test himself against top-tier competition and further solidify his legacy in MMA.

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Mixed Martial Arts Career

Anthony Pettis, often known as “Showtime,” began his journey into mixed martial arts (MMA) in 2006. His introduction to the sport came through an open house event at the renowned Roufusport MMA Academy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

This pivotal moment marked the beginning of a career that would see Pettis rise to become one of the sport’s most dynamic and innovative fighters.

Early Training and Amateur Success

Pettis quickly adapted to the rigors of MMA training under the tutelage of Duke Roufus, a well-respected coach in the MMA community. His natural athleticism and striking skills, honed through years of taekwondo and kickboxing, made him a formidable competitor from the outset.

He began competing as an amateur and swiftly made a name for himself by compiling a perfect 3-0 record. Each of these victories highlighted his potential and showcased his diverse skill set.

Professional Debut and Initial Success

In January 2007, Pettis transitioned to the professional ranks, making an explosive debut. His first professional fight ended in a victory via submission in just 36 seconds, an emphatic statement of his readiness for the next level of competition. This initial success set the tone for his early career, as Pettis continued to dominate his opponents.

Rising Through the Ranks

Pettis’ early professional career was marked by an impressive winning streak. He amassed an 8-0 record, showcasing his ability to finish fights both on the feet and on the ground.

Anthony Pettis
Anthony Pettis

These victories were not just wins; they were demonstrations of his technical prowess and his flair for the dramatic, often ending fights in spectacular fashion. During this period, all his fights were held under the guidance and promotion of Adam Sandoval and Duke Roufus, who were instrumental in his development as a fighter.

Earnings Breakdown of Anthony Pettis Per Fight

Anthony Pettis, known in the mixed martial arts (MMA) world as “Showtime,” has had a notable career filled with impressive victories and significant earnings. Pettis’s income per fight varies based on several factors, including his contract, the fight’s outcome, performance bonuses, and sponsorship deals.

One of the most significant fights in terms of earnings for Pettis was his knockout win over Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson. In this particular fight, Pettis’s disclosed earnings amounted to a substantial sum, highlighting the potential financial rewards in MMA for top-tier fighters.

Base Salary and Win Bonuses

The base salary and win bonuses form the core components of a fighter’s earnings. For Anthony Pettis, his guaranteed purse for the fight against Stephen Thompson was $145,000. This figure represents the amount Pettis would receive regardless of the fight’s outcome.

However, with a victory, Pettis also earned a win bonus of an additional $145,000. These combined amounts provided Pettis with a solid financial foundation for the fight.

Base Salary

The base salary is a predetermined amount agreed upon in the fighter’s contract. This sum is guaranteed and is paid out whether the fighter wins or loses. For Pettis, the base salary for the Thompson fight was $145,000.

This amount is significant on its own, reflecting Pettis’s status and negotiating power within the UFC.

Win Bonus

In addition to the base salary, fighters often have a win bonus stipulated in their contracts. This bonus is paid out only if the fighter wins the bout. Pettis’s win bonus for the fight against Thompson matched his base salary, also set at $145,000.

This bonus incentivizes fighters to perform at their best and secure a victory, effectively doubling their earnings for a win.

Anthony Pettis
Anthony Pettis

Performance Bonuses

Performance bonuses are awarded based on exceptional displays in the Octagon. The UFC offers various bonuses, such as “Fight of the Night” and “Performance of the Night,” to reward fighters who deliver outstanding performances. For his knockout win over Stephen Thompson, Pettis received a $50,000 bonus for “Performance of the Night.”

Performance of the Night

  • The “Performance of the Night” bonus is awarded to fighters who deliver the most impressive and entertaining performances on the card.
  • Pettis’s knockout of Thompson was a highlight-reel moment, earning him this $50,000 bonus. These bonuses are highly coveted as they not only boost a fighter’s income but also enhance their reputation and marketability.
  • Sponsorship bonuses add another layer to a fighter’s earnings.
  • The UFC’s sponsorship program, primarily involving Reebok (now replaced by Venum as of April 2021), provides fighters with additional income based on their tenure and ranking within the organization.
  • For the Thompson fight, Pettis earned a $20,000 sponsorship bonus.


1. When and where is the Chris Avila vs. Anthony Pettis fight taking place?

Ans: The fight between Chris Avila and Anthony Pettis is scheduled for a specific date and venue, which should be checked through official fight announcements or sports news outlets for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

2. How can fans watch the Chris Avila vs. Anthony Pettis fight live?

Ans: Fans can watch the fight live through various platforms, such as pay-per-view services, sports streaming services, or network broadcasts. Details about the broadcasting partners and how to access the live stream will be provided by the event organizers.

3. What are the key storylines and stakes for the Chris Avila vs. Anthony Pettis fight?

Ans: The fight’s key storylines may include the fighters’ preparation, previous encounters, career trajectories, and any personal rivalries. The stakes could involve title implications, rankings, or personal redemption for either fighter.

4. What are the real-time updates fans can expect during the fight?

Ans: Real-time updates typically include round-by-round summaries, significant moments like knockdowns or submissions, judges’ scorecards, and any injury reports. Fans can follow these updates on social media, sports news websites, or dedicated live blogs.

5. What are the predictions and expectations for the outcome of the Chris Avila vs. Anthony Pettis fight?

Ans: Predictions and expectations might vary, with analysts and fans speculating based on the fighters’ past performances, fighting styles, and recent training camps. Pre-fight analyses and expert opinions can provide insights into possible outcomes.

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