Dale Earnhardt Jr. Supports Josh Berry and Rodney Childers During Their Search for a New Team After SHR Shutdown

The closure of Stewart-Haas Racing marks the end of an era, but it also presents new opportunities for Josh Berry and Rodney Childers

With Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s endorsement and their unwavering dedication, the future looks promising for this dynamic duo.

As they navigate the NASCAR landscape, their journey will be one to watch, full of potential and determination to succeed.

The emotional connection between Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Josh Berry is a heartwarming narrative in the world of motorsports. Berry’s first Xfinity Series win was a moment of triumph not just for him, but also for Dale Jr., who has played an instrumental role in his career.

As Berry continues to race and achieve new milestones, the bond between these two racers will undoubtedly remain a source of inspiration and pride in the NASCAR community.

Josh Berry
Josh Berry

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Endorses Josh Berry and Rodney Childers Amid Stewart-Haas Racing’s Closure

In a surprising turn of events, Stewart-Haas Racing (SHR) announced its dissolution at the end of the 2024 season.1

This North Carolina-based team, known for its impressive performance on the track, has seen significant changes over the years.

Among those impacted are driver Josh Berry and crew chief Rodney Childers, who are now seeking new opportunities.

Dale Earnhardt Jr., a prominent figure in NASCAR, has shown strong support for Berry and Childers during this transitional period.

The Rise and Fall of Stewart-Haas Racing

Stewart-Haas Racing was established in 2009 when Tony Stewart joined forces with Gene Haas, taking a 50% stake in the team.

Over the years, SHR achieved remarkable success, including two Cup Series championships—one by Tony Stewart in 2011 and another by Kevin Harvick in 2014. However, the team’s fortunes have waned, with their last Cup race victory dating back to 2022 at Richmond, secured by Harvick.

Challenges and Changes at Stewart-Haas Racing

The departure of high-profile drivers and sponsors has significantly impacted SHR. The team has struggled to maintain its competitive edge, leading to the decision to shut down operations.

This move has left many within the organization, including Berry and Childers, in search of new opportunities.

Rodney Childers and Josh Berry: A Promising Partnership

  • Rodney Childers joined SHR in 2014 and quickly made his mark by winning a Cup Series championship in his debut year with Kevin Harvick. Over the years, Childers has been instrumental in numerous victories.
  • In 2024, Josh Berry replaced Harvick as the driver of the #4 car, with Childers serving as his crew chief. Despite the team’s impending closure, Berry and Childers have expressed a strong desire to continue working together.
  • Dale Earnhardt Jr. has been vocal about his support for Josh Berry, emphasizing the importance of keeping him in the Cup Series.
  • On his podcast, Dale Jr. Download, Earnhardt Jr. expressed his belief in Berry’s potential and advocated for teams with new charters and drivers to consider him.
  • As the 2024 season progresses, both Berry and Childers are motivated to achieve victories. Childers’ confidence in Berry is evident in his statement, “Josh Berry will not fail on my watch.”
  • This determination underscores the duo’s commitment to securing wins and showcasing their capabilities, making every race a crucial opportunity for Berry to prove his worth.
Dale Earnhardt
Dale Earnhardt

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Emotional Reaction to Josh Berry’s First Xfinity Series Win

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Josh Berry share a deep and unique bond that traces back to 2008, where their paths first crossed in an online sim racing league.

Dale Earnhardt Jr., a seasoned NASCAR driver, was quick to recognize Berry’s exceptional talent in racing.

This recognition marked a turning point in Berry’s career as he soon found himself signed with JR Motorsports, Dale Jr.’s racing team, to compete in late model races.

The Journey to Success

Josh Berry’s journey with JR Motorsports was marked by significant achievements. He clinched the 2017 CARS Late Model Stock Tour championship, showcasing his racing prowess.

His winning streak continued with the 2020 NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series title, solidifying his status as a formidable competitor in the racing world.

In October 2020, JR Motorsports announced that Josh Berry would be stepping up to the Xfinity Series, starting from the 2021 season. This announcement was a significant milestone in Berry’s career, setting the stage for greater challenges and opportunities.

A Memorable First Win

Although Berry was initially signed for 12 races in his debut Xfinity Series season, he made a remarkable impression early on.

In just his sixth race, held at Martinsville Speedway, Berry achieved his first Xfinity Series victory. This win was not just a personal triumph for Berry but also an emotional moment for Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Rodney Childers
Rodney Childers

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Emotional Response

Dale Earnhardt Jr. was overwhelmed with emotion following Berry’s victory. Reflecting on the moment, Dale Jr. shared his feelings, stating, “I mean, I cried like if he was my brother.

It’s hard to describe the emotion, but it was incredible.” This heartfelt reaction underscored the deep bond and mutual respect between the two racers.

Dale Jr.’s words, conveyed through Speed Sport, highlighted the significance of Berry’s achievement and the profound impact it had on him.

Following Josh Berry’s impressive debut season, Dale Earnhardt Jr. made the decision to promote him to full-time racing in the #8 Chevy for the 2022 season. This promotion was a testament to Berry’s talent and potential, as well as Dale Jr.’s confidence in his abilities.

The Impact of Mentorship

The relationship between Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Josh Berry exemplifies the impact of mentorship in sports. Dale Jr.’s guidance and support played a crucial role in Berry’s development as a racer.

By identifying Berry’s talent early on and providing him with the necessary resources and opportunities, Dale Jr. helped shape Berry’s career trajectory.

As Josh Berry continues to build his career in the Xfinity Series, his journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring racers.

His story is a testament to the power of talent, hard work, and the support of a dedicated mentor. With Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s continued guidance, Berry is poised for further success in the racing world.

Rodney Childers
Rodney Childers (Image: Source)

Rodney Childers: Bio

The Mastermind Behind NASCAR Success

Rodney Scott Childers, born on June 7, 1976, has cemented his place in the annals of NASCAR history.2

A prominent American professional stock car racing crew chief, Childers transitioned from a former driver to a celebrated crew chief, showcasing unparalleled expertise and strategic acumen.

Currently, he is an integral part of Stewart-Haas Racing, where he serves as the crew chief for their No. 4 Ford Mustang in the NASCAR Cup Series, driven by Josh Berry and previously helmed by Kevin Harvick.

The partnership between Harvick and Childers culminated in winning the prestigious 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship.

Early Life

Rodney Childers’ journey in the racing world began early. Growing up in a family passionate about motorsports, he was naturally inclined towards racing. Childers’ initial foray into the sport was as a driver.

His early experiences behind the wheel laid a solid foundation for his future role as a crew chief.

Although his driving career didn’t reach the pinnacle he might have hoped for, it provided invaluable insights and a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in stock car racing.

Rodney Childers
Rodney Childers (Image: Source)

Rodney Childers: Career

Transition from Driver to Crew Chief

The shift from driver to crew chief is not uncommon in the racing world, but few have made the transition as seamlessly and successfully as Rodney Childers.3

His firsthand experience as a driver gave him a unique perspective, allowing him to communicate effectively with the drivers he would eventually lead.

Understanding the driver’s mindset and the technical aspects of racing, Childers brought a comprehensive approach to his role as a crew chief.

Joining Stewart-Haas Racing

In 2014, Childers joined Stewart-Haas Racing, marking the beginning of a new chapter in his career.

Paired with veteran driver Kevin Harvick, the duo quickly proved to be a formidable team. Childers’ strategic mind and Harvick’s driving prowess created a synergy that propelled them to the top of the NASCAR Cup Series.

That same year, they clinched the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship, a testament to their combined skills and determination.


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The Championship Season

The 2014 season was a landmark year for Rodney Childers and Kevin Harvick. Their collaboration was characterized by meticulous planning, precise execution, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Childers’ ability to make crucial calls during races, coupled with Harvick’s exceptional driving, led to multiple victories and consistent top finishes.

The championship win not only cemented their legacy but also underscored Childers’ prowess as one of the best crew chiefs in NASCAR history.

Evolving with the Sport

  • NASCAR is a dynamic sport, continually evolving with new technologies, regulations, and competitive strategies.
  • Rodney Childers has demonstrated an exceptional ability to adapt and thrive amidst these changes.
  • His innovative approach to car setup, race strategy, and team management has kept Stewart-Haas Racing at the forefront of the competition.
  • Childers’ willingness to embrace new technologies and data analytics has been a key factor in his sustained success.
  • With Kevin Harvick’s departure from the No. 4 Ford Mustang, Josh Berry stepped in as the new driver.
  • Transitioning to a new driver can be challenging, but Childers’ extensive experience and adaptability have facilitated a smooth transition.
  • Berry, under Childers’ guidance, is poised to build on the legacy left by Harvick.
  • Childers’ mentorship and strategic acumen are expected to play a crucial role in Berry’s development and success in the NASCAR Cup Series.
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