Daniel Sturridge Advises Liverpool on Maximizing Attacker’s Potential

Daniel Sturridge Urges Liverpool to Maximize Cody Gakpo’s Potential

Former Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge has voiced his belief that the club should harness the full potential of Netherlands forward Cody Gakpo, who has been outstanding at EURO 2024.1

Gakpo, who has earned 28 caps for his country, has been instrumental in propelling the Netherlands into the quarter-finals with his stellar performances from the left wing. At 25 years old, Gakpo has demonstrated his ability to perform on the big stage, raising the question of how Liverpool can best utilize his talents to achieve similar success at the club level.

Gakpo’s EURO 2024 Performance

Gakpo has been a revelation at EURO 2024, consistently delivering high-quality performances. He played a crucial role in the Netherlands’ group stage, scoring twice and starting all three games.

His contributions were pivotal in the Netherlands’ 3-0 victory over Romania in the Round of 16, where he not only scored but also provided an assist. These performances have underscored his capability as a top-tier winger, showcasing his skills, vision, and goal-scoring ability.

The Challenge at Liverpool

  • Despite his success on the international stage, Gakpo’s club performances for Liverpool have been less consistent.
  • Since joining the Reds, he has scored 16 goals and provided six assists in 53 appearances. While these numbers are respectable, they do not fully reflect the level of performance he has shown for the Netherlands.
  • A significant factor contributing to this discrepancy is his deployment in various positions at Liverpool. Unlike his preferred left-wing role, Gakpo has often been used as a center-forward, right-winger, central midfielder, and even as an attacking midfielder.
  • This versatility, while valuable, has sometimes prevented him from settling into a rhythm in his most effective position.

Sturridge’s Advice

Daniel Sturridge, who enjoyed a prolific career as a forward, has emphasized the importance of playing Gakpo in his best position to unlock his full potential. Sturridge believes that by consistently utilizing Gakpo on the left wing, Liverpool can capitalize on his strengths, as demonstrated during EURO 2024.2

Sturridge’s own experience as a versatile forward who occasionally played out of position adds weight to his advice. He understands firsthand the impact that playing in one’s natural position can have on a player’s performance and confidence.

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Pundits Praise Liverpool Star Cody Gakpo for Impressive Performances with the Netherlands

Daniel Sturridge isn’t the only pundit to applaud Cody Gakpo’s quality for the Netherlands at EURO 2024. England legend Gary Lineker has also named the forward as the “standout player” in the Round of 16 game against Romania.

As the Netherlands prepare to face Turkey in the quarter-finals in Berlin on Saturday (July 6), Gakpo’s contributions are being widely recognized and celebrated.

Cody Gakpo’s Stellar EURO 2024 Performance

  • Cody Gakpo has emerged as one of the most influential players for the Netherlands at EURO 2024.3
  • His consistent and high-quality performances have been a driving force behind the team’s success.
Daniel Sturridge
Daniel Sturridge (Image: Source)
  • Gakpo’s ability to deliver under pressure has been highlighted by his contributions in the group stage, where he scored twice, and in the knockout rounds, where he has continued to shine.
  • In the Round of 16 match against Romania, Gakpo was instrumental in securing the Netherlands’ victory.
  • His goal and assist in the 3-0 win demonstrated his versatility and attacking prowess. Pundits like Gary Lineker have lauded his performance, with Lineker specifically calling Gakpo the “standout player” of the match.
  • This recognition from one of football’s most respected voices underscores Gakpo’s impact on the tournament.

The Impact of Pundits’ Praise

The praise from football pundits, including Daniel Sturridge and Gary Lineker, serves to highlight Gakpo’s growing reputation on the international stage. Their commendations are not only a testament to Gakpo’s talent but also a motivational boost for the player.

Such endorsements can significantly influence a player’s confidence and performance, both at the international level and in their club career.

Gakpo’s Journey with the Netherlands

  • Gakpo’s journey with the Netherlands national team has been marked by his rapid rise and impressive performances.
  • Since earning his first cap, he has consistently showcased his abilities, earning a total of 28 caps to date.
  • At EURO 2024, Gakpo has been a key player for the Netherlands, helping them navigate through the group stage and into the knockout rounds with his contributions from the left wing.
  • His ability to perform in high-stakes matches has been evident, and his performances have not gone unnoticed by fans and pundits alike.
  • As the Netherlands prepare to face Turkey in the quarter-finals, Gakpo’s form will be crucial in their quest for success in the tournament.
Daniel Sturridge
Daniel Sturridge (Image: Source)

Daniel Sturridge: A Brief Biography

Daniel Sturridge is an English professional footballer renowned for his versatility and skill as both a striker and winger. Born on September 1, 1989, in Birmingham, England, Sturridge’s journey through the world of football is marked by his early beginnings, remarkable talent, and significant contributions to the clubs he has played for.

Early Beginnings

  • Daniel Sturridge’s football journey began at a very young age. He started playing for a local club, Cadbury Athletic, at the age of six. His talent was evident from an early age, and it wasn’t long before he caught the eye of bigger clubs.
Daniel Sturridge
Daniel Sturridge (Image: Source)
  • Aston Villa scouted the young talent and he joined their academy the following year. Sturridge spent four formative years at Aston Villa, honing his skills and developing his game.
  • In 2003, Sturridge moved to Coventry City, continuing his progression through the youth ranks.
  • His stint at Coventry was short-lived, but it played a crucial role in his development as a player. His performances at Coventry attracted attention from one of the Premier League’s top clubs, Manchester City, and in 2006, he made the move to their youth academy.

Manchester City: Professional Debut and Early Career

Sturridge’s time at Manchester City marked the beginning of his professional career. He quickly rose through the ranks and made his first-team debut in 2007.

During his time with City, Sturridge showcased his ability to play both as a striker and a winger, demonstrating his versatility and technical prowess. Despite his promising performances, he struggled to secure a regular starting spot due to the stiff competition within the team.

Move to Chelsea: Gaining Prominence

In 2009, Sturridge signed with Chelsea, a move that would see him gain more prominence on the bigger stage. At Chelsea, he was part of a squad filled with world-class talent.

Despite limited opportunities initially, he made a significant impact whenever he was given the chance. Sturridge’s pace, agility, and goal-scoring ability made him a valuable asset for the team.

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Club Career of Daniel Sturridge

Daniel Sturridge’s footballing journey began at the tender age of seven when he started playing for the local club, Cadbury Athletic. His prodigious talent was evident from an early age, and it wasn’t long before bigger clubs took notice of his potential.

Move to Aston Villa

  • Sturridge’s impressive performances at Cadbury Athletic caught the eye of scouts from Aston Villa, one of England’s renowned football academies.
  • He joined the Villa youth academy, marking the beginning of a significant phase in his early career.
Daniel Sturridge
Daniel Sturridge
  • Aston Villa academy director Bryan Jones played a pivotal role in bringing Sturridge to the club. However, this move was not without its complications.
  • Sturridge’s father, Michael, was offered a part-time scouting role by Villa as part of the deal to bring his son to the club. Michael Sturridge made it clear that he wanted a full-time position, threatening to leave for Coventry City with Daniel if his demands were not met.
  • Despite these challenges, Sturridge remained with Aston Villa for four years, where he continued to develop his skills and showcase his talent.

Transition to Coventry City

In 2001, at the age of 12, Sturridge moved to Coventry City. The transition to Coventry was another step forward in his burgeoning career. During his time at Coventry, he further honed his skills and gained valuable experience that would serve him well in his professional career.

His performances at Coventry continued to attract attention from top clubs, and it wasn’t long before Manchester City came calling.

Rise at Manchester City

In 2003, Daniel Sturridge joined the Manchester City youth academy. This move marked a significant milestone in his career as he entered one of the most competitive environments in English football. Sturridge quickly rose through the ranks, impressing coaches and teammates with his pace, agility, and goal-scoring prowess.

Daniel Sturridge: Career, Achievements, and Net Worth

Daniel Sturridge’s football journey began at the age of seven with Cadbury Athletic, a local club in Birmingham, England. His natural talent and impressive skills quickly drew attention, setting the stage for a promising career.

Move to Aston Villa

Sturridge’s abilities caught the eye of scouts from Aston Villa, leading to his signing with their youth academy. His father, Michael Sturridge, played a crucial role in this transition, securing a part-time scouting position with the club. Despite initial challenges, Sturridge’s development at Aston Villa laid a strong foundation for his future success.

Transition to Coventry City

In 2001, at age 12, Sturridge moved to Coventry City, continuing to impress with his performances. His time at Coventry further honed his skills, making him a sought-after talent among top clubs.

Daniel Sturridge
Daniel Sturridge

Rise at Manchester City

Sturridge joined Manchester City’s youth academy in 2003. He quickly rose through the ranks, making his first-team debut in 2007. His versatility as a striker and winger, combined with his goal-scoring prowess, established him as a key player for Manchester City.

Transfer to Chelsea

  • In 2009, Sturridge signed with Chelsea, joining a squad filled with stars. Despite initial competition for a starting spot, he contributed significantly to the team’s success, winning major trophies, including the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League.
  • His time at Chelsea showcased his ability to perform at the highest level, although he eventually sought more regular playing time.
  • Sturridge’s move to Liverpool in 2013 marked a turning point in his career.
  • He formed a formidable partnership with Luis Suárez, particularly during the 2013-14 season, when he scored 21 Premier League goals.
  • His performances were pivotal in Liverpool’s title challenge, earning him widespread acclaim.


1. Who is Daniel Sturridge?

Ans: Daniel Sturridge is a former professional footballer who played as a striker for clubs like Liverpool, Chelsea, and England’s national team. He is known for his skill in scoring goals and his technical ability.

2. What advice did Daniel Sturridge give to Liverpool?

Ans: The specifics of Daniel Sturridge’s advice would depend on the context of his discussions with Liverpool. Generally, it might involve strategies to improve attacking tactics, enhance player development, or optimize performance on the field.

3. Why is Daniel Sturridge’s advice valuable to Liverpool?

Ans: Daniel Sturridge’s experience as a successful striker at Liverpool gives him unique insights into what it takes to excel in the club’s system. His advice could help current players better understand their roles and responsibilities in attack.

4. How could Liverpool implement Daniel Sturridge’s advice?

Ans: Liverpool could implement Sturridge’s advice by integrating his suggestions into training sessions, tactical planning, and individual coaching sessions with attackers. This could help players refine their skills and make more impactful contributions during matches.

5. What impact could Daniel Sturridge’s advice have on Liverpool’s attackers?

Ans: Daniel Sturridge’s advice has the potential to inspire and motivate Liverpool’s attackers, encouraging them to elevate their performances and strive for greater success. It could also foster a more cohesive attacking unit capable of achieving their goals.

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