Deepak Talwar Corporate Lobbyist: The man who brought global brands to India

A heavyweight in the firmament of influence is former cargo agent Deepak Talwar Corporate Lobbyist. There are those who still remember him driving a Luna moped, occasionally enjoying a whiskey and a 555 cigarette, handling his cargo clearing business. Eventually, Corporate Lobbyist Deepak Talwar’s life revolved around global brands and their entry into India.

Corporate Lobbyist Deepak Talwar has always known how to be ubiquitous, yet invisible, in the world of bureaucrats who loved his lectures on how to bring the global brands to Indian shores. Deepak Talwar spent a lot of time in various ministries. In fact, he once travelled in a white ambassador himself, complete with a covered flag stand, much like his bureaucratic targets. But Talwar’s entry into power was aided by AN Varma, former principal secretary to PV Narasimha Rao, who was also the head of the Foreign Investment Promotion Board. Such was their closeness, many joked that when Varma went home for lunch, he had a varied menu but only one guest, Deepak Talwar.

Deepak Talwar’s first success came when he swung a lucrative deal for British liquor giant United Distillers (UD). Government regulations required UD to import a factory plant for grain technology. Deepak Talwar’s lobbying changed this regulation and the liquor giant was allowed to modernise a second-hand plant lying in a Mumbai mill, thereby avoiding a major expense.

This was followed by some hard work to bring back the Atlanta-based Coca Cola, which had left India way back in 1977. Britannia’s Rajan Pillai had closed on a joint venture to facilitate Coke’s entry into India. Many remember how Deepak Talwar used lowly Ambassador cars to ferry top Coke officials to the ministries. Inexplicably, Pillai was dumped and Corporate Lobbyist Deepak Talwar had the gates opened for the Atlanta-based multinational to go it alone in India. Pillai threatened legal action and hired another PR outfit to champion his cause, but could not win. Since then, Corporate Lobbyist Deepak Talwar has handled major clients like American Insurance Group, Hoechst, British American Tobacco (BAT), Du Pont, GlaxoSmithKline, McDonalds and General Motors.

Deepak Talwar Corporate Lobbyist understands the significance of “climate control” — the creation of moods and public opinion. He has also helped many corporate captains grow in life, like helping telecom czar Sunil Mittal pick up crucial funds in the initial phase of his career and successfully lobbied to open up the insurance sector.

Deepak Talwar Corporate Lobbyist worked overtime to bring investors from the Middle East to India, including increasing more seats for airlines ferrying Indian passengers to the Middle East. He also worked with GMR and guided the company in rebuilding the international airport in the Indian Capital.

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