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Ed Reed’s Son’s Patriots Fandom


Former NFL safety Ed Reed, known for his Hall of Fame-caliber career with the Baltimore Ravens, faced an unexpected challenge when he accepted a coaching position with the Buffalo Bills.

His 8-year-old son, Edward, is a devoted New England Patriots fan, creating a unique family dynamic.

Rex Ryan’s Persuasion:

  • Upon the offer from Bills’ head coach Rex Ryan, Reed’s son initially opposed the move to Buffalo.
  • Ryan attempted to sway the young Patriots fan by sending Bills gear to help him embrace his father’s new coaching venture.
  • Despite this effort, questions lingered about the origins of the boy’s allegiance to the rival New England team.

The Reason Behind Edward’s Patriots Fandom

Family Ties:

In shedding light on his son’s unexpected fandom, Ed Reed revealed that his son’s mother is from Boston.

Although she is not a Patriots fan, the family connection to Boston, particularly with his grandmother residing there, played a role in Edward’s affinity for the Patriots. Reed shared a personal anecdote, drawing parallels to his own childhood sports preferences.

Champion Mentality:

According to Reed, his son is drawn to champions. Growing up in New Orleans, Reed himself was a fan of the San Francisco 49ers and specifically admired Joe Montana.

The idea is that children often gravitate towards successful teams, impacting their work ethic positively. Reed emphasizes the natural inclination for youngsters to follow winners in the sports world.

Ed Reed’s Transition to Buffalo

Joining the Bills:

Having accepted the role of assistant defensive backs coach with the Buffalo Bills, Ed Reed acknowledged the franchise’s recent lack of success, having missed the playoffs for 16 consecutive seasons. Despite this, Reed maintains that the Bills are a winning organization, both in spirit and among the fan base.

Facing the Patriots Challenge:

Addressing the Bills’ historical struggles against the New England Patriots, who boast a 28-4 record against Buffalo since 2000, Reed highlights the importance of a process-oriented approach.

He urges fans to view regular-season contests against the Patriots with a realistic perspective, emphasizing the need for gradual progress and not expecting immediate Super Bowl success.

Ed Reed
Ed Reed (Image: Instagram )

Reed’s Son Adapting to Bills Fandom

Adjustment Period:

While Ed Reed navigates his coaching role with the Bills, his son is adjusting to the shift in family allegiance. Reed shares heartwarming notes and drawings from his son, indicating the child’s efforts to embrace the Bills despite his deep-rooted Patriots fandom.

The transition provides insight into the personal dynamics of a family navigating the complexities of sports loyalties.

Ed Reed’s Legacy and Career Achievements

  • Ed Reed, a celebrated figure in collegiate and professional football, earned his place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2019. His illustrious career as a safety in the NFL spanned 11 seasons, during which he accumulated impressive statistics, including 13 touchdowns and 64 interceptions.
  • Notably, Reed was a key member of the 2001 Miami Hurricanes national title-winning team and the 2012 Baltimore Ravens, who secured Super Bowl XLVII.
  • Now retired, Ed Reed looks to pass on his legacy to the next generation, particularly through his son, Edward Reed III, who is making a name for himself on the football field.

Edward Reed III: Carrying on the Legacy

  • Edward Reed III, the son of Ed Reed, has embraced football as a defensive back for the Chamblee Bulldogs.
  • As a sophomore, he showcases his skills on the field, potentially continuing the family’s football legacy. In a notable instance during a November 2023 game against the Coffee Trojans, Ed Reed could be seen coaching from the sidelines.
  • With a father who enjoyed a remarkable career, Edward Reed III is poised to carve his own path in the football world, with hopes that his journey extends beyond high school to the professional NFL stage.


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Team Allegiance: Edward Reed III’s Unconventional Choice

  • It’s common for the offspring of NFL players to support the teams their fathers played for.
  • However, in the case of Ed Reed and his son Edward Reed III, the situation takes an unexpected turn.
  • Despite Ed Reed’s lengthy association with the Baltimore Ravens and a brief coaching stint with the Buffalo Bills, his son exhibits a strong affinity for the New England Patriots, an AFC East rival of the Bills.

A Unique Fandom

  • During a press conference in 2016, Ed Reed shared insights into his son’s unconventional team allegiance.
  • Despite Ed’s ties to the Bills, Edward Reed III passionately supports the New England Patriots.
  • Ed Reed explained that the affinity for the Patriots stems from the family’s connections to Boston, where his son’s grandmother resides. Acknowledging the influence of winners in sports, Ed Reed highlights the importance of being drawn to champions, emphasizing the impact it can have on one’s work ethic.

Embracing Champions

Ed Reed’s perspective on supporting winning teams extends beyond personal preferences, as he emphasizes the positive influence of champion teams on an individual’s mentality and work ethic. Despite the divergence in team loyalties between father and son, Ed Reed recognizes the inherent attraction to success and champions in the world of sports.

Ed Reed
Ed Reed (Image: Instagram )

Ed Reed: A Football Journey

Early Years and College Career

Birth and High School Years

Ed Reed, a former American football player, was born on September 11, 1978, in St. Rose, Louisiana. He attended Destrehan High School, where he excelled not only in football but also as a three-sport athlete.

College Football at the University of Miami

Reed continued his football journey at the University of Miami, becoming a standout player for the Hurricanes. He earned First-Team All-Big East honors three times, was a consensus All-American in 2000 and 2001, and received the prestigious Bronko Nagurski Trophy in 2001.

Ed Reed: Career Highlights

NFL Career with the Baltimore Ravens

Draft and Early Years

In 2002, Reed was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the first round of the NFL Draft. Over the course of 11 seasons with the Ravens (2002-2012), he established himself as one of the best safeties in the league and a key player in the franchise’s history.

On-Field Achievements

Reed quickly made an impact, earning the starting safety position as a rookie. He made the Pro Bowl in his first season and continued to earn Pro Bowl honors every season from 2004 to 2010. Additionally, he was named to the First-Team All-Pro team five times and was part of the NFL 2000s All-Decade Team.

Career Peaks and Achievements

His most productive years were in 2004 and 2008, where he led the NFL in interceptions and interception return yards. Reed was named the NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2004 and the Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl XLVII.

Beyond the Field

Philanthropy and Community Involvement

Off the field, Reed was known for his philanthropy and community engagement.

He established the Ed Reed Foundation, supporting youth programs and education initiatives in Baltimore and his hometown of New Orleans. He also contributed to various charitable causes and organizations, including the United Way and the March of Dimes.

Ed Reed
Ed Reed (Image: Instagram )

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Post-NFL Career

Later Years and Retirement

After leaving the Ravens, Reed played with the Houston Texans in 2013 and the New York Jets in 2014 before retiring from the NFL in 2015.

His illustrious career includes impressive statistics such as 64 interceptions, 1,590 return yards, and 7 touchdowns.

Hall of Fame Inductions

In 2019, Reed was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, making history as the first player from the Baltimore Ravens franchise to receive this honor.

Additionally, he was inducted into the University of Miami Sports Hall of Fame in 2018.

Life After Retirement

Following his retirement, Reed stayed connected to the game, serving as an analyst for CBS Sports, ESPN, and the NFL Network.

He also contributed to the development of future football talent by coaching at his alma mater, the University of Miami, as a defensive backs coach for the Hurricanes.

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NFL Legend Ed Reed Coaches in Georgia Playoff Game

Ed Reed
Ed Reed (Image: Instagram )

 Rare Sight of Pro Football Hall of Famer Coaching High School Football

It’s not an everyday occurrence to witness a Pro Football Hall of Famer actively coaching in a high school football game

However, spectators at the Class 5A first-round playoff game between Chamblee and Coffee were treated to this extraordinary sight.

 Ed Reed’s Presence on the Sidelines

Former Miami Hurricanes/Baltimore Ravens’ free safety, Ed Reed, graced the sidelines as he coached the Chamblee Bulldogs against the Coffee Trojans.

Reed, widely regarded as one of the best safeties in NFL history, brought his expertise to the high school playoff atmosphere. Despite his coaching efforts, the Trojans emerged victorious with a convincing 56-0 win in the first-round matchup.

 Family Ties – Ed Reed’s Son Plays for Chamblee

Ed Reed’s connection to the Chamblee Bulldogs goes beyond coaching; his son, Edward Reed III, is a sophomore defensive back for the team.

The familial bond adds a personal touch to Reed’s involvement in the game. Chamblee concluded the season with a record of 4-7.

Ed Reed
Ed Reed (Image: Instagram )

Ed Reed’s Storied Career

 Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction

Ed Reed’s influence extends beyond the high school coaching realm, marked by his illustrious career both collegiately and professionally.

In 2019, Reed achieved the pinnacle of recognition when he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

NFL Achievements

During his time in the NFL, Reed showcased exceptional skills as a free safety. His impressive stats include intercepting 64 passes and scoring 13 touchdowns throughout his career.

Reed was a crucial part of the Miami Hurricanes’ 2001 national championship team and contributed to the Baltimore Ravens’ 2012 Super Bowl XLVII victory.

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