Exploring Net Worth 2024: Is Former QB Art Schlichter Arrested Over Drug Charges ?

Biography of Art Schlichter

Early Life and Background

Art Schlichter, born on April 25, 1960, in Bloomingburg, Ohio, United States, emerged as a prominent figure in American football, particularly as a quarterback. His early years laid the foundation for his later career and the challenges he faced.1

College Career at Ohio State University

Schlichter’s journey in football reached significant heights during his tenure at Ohio State University. He showcased remarkable talent, setting records and earning recognition as a top player under the guidance of legendary coach Woody Hayes.

Notable Achievements

During his time at Ohio State, Schlichter’s achievements included:

  • Accumulating 7,547 passing yards and 50 touchdown passes, alongside rushing for 1,303 yards and 35 touchdowns.
  • Recognition as Ohio State’s all-time leader in total offense during his college years.

Controversies and Challenges

Schlichter’s career was not without its controversies. He notably threw the interception that led to Hayes’ assault on a Clemson linebacker during the 1978 Gator Bowl, resulting in Hayes’ firing. Additionally, his gambling habits began to surface during his college years, hinting at the challenges that would later define his career.

Transition to Professional Football

Despite his talent and potential, Schlichter’s professional career was marred by struggles, particularly due to his gambling addiction.

Art Schlichter
Art Schlichter ( Image: Source )

NFL Draft and Early Career

In the 1982 NFL Draft, Schlichter was selected fourth overall by the Baltimore Colts, signaling high expectations for his future in professional football.

However, his career trajectory faced setbacks due to issues related to gambling and off-field controversies.2

Struggles with Gambling and Legal Issues

Schlichter’s compulsive gambling habit became increasingly problematic, leading to legal troubles and suspensions from the NFL.

Despite attempts at rehabilitation and reinstatement, his gambling addiction continued to overshadow his football career.

Legacy and Impact

  • Art Schlichter’s story serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of addiction and the challenges faced by athletes in managing personal struggles alongside their professional careers.
  • His experiences shed light on the importance of support systems and interventions for individuals battling addiction within the realm of sports.
  • While Art Schlichter’s football career was marked by moments of brilliance and promise, it was ultimately overshadowed by his ongoing battle with gambling addiction.
  • His story serves as a reminder of the complexities athletes face both on and off the field, highlighting the need for comprehensive support systems within the sports community.

Art Schlichter’s Ongoing Legal Issues


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 Recent Arrest and Court Appearance

Former Ohio State quarterback Art Schlichter is once again entangled in legal troubles. According to reports from the Columbus Dispatch, Schlichter is scheduled to appear in a Franklin County courtroom following a recent incident involving drug possession. Police found him unresponsive in a hotel room in a west Columbus suburb in the early hours of June 6, resulting in a felony charge of drug possession.3

Details of the Incident

Upon discovery, authorities administered Narcan due to suspected opiate overdose. Drug paraphernalia was also discovered scattered throughout the room, alongside approximately .26 grams of cocaine.

 Schlichter’s Troubled History

This latest legal issue adds to a long list of troubles for Schlichter. His history includes gambling problems and a prior conviction related to a ticket scheme in 2012. After being released on parole in June 2021, Schlichter’s latest arrest poses significant challenges, especially considering his parole requirements included abstaining from drug use.

Hope for Rehabilitation

Concerns and Support

While Schlichter’s repeated legal issues are concerning, there remains hope for his rehabilitation and recovery. The community, including fans and observers, express sincere hopes that Schlichter can overcome his challenges and move towards a positive path.

Rehabilitation Efforts

Supportive measures and rehabilitation efforts are crucial for Schlichter’s journey. It’s essential for him to receive the necessary support and resources to address the underlying issues contributing to his recurring legal troubles.

Art Schlichter
Art Schlichter ( Image: Source )

Continued Coverage and Community Response

 Media Coverage

The ongoing saga of Art Schlichter’s legal troubles continues to capture media attention, with outlets like USA TODAY Sports covering the latest developments.

Community Response

The Ohio State community and beyond remain engaged in Schlichter’s story, with many expressing empathy and concern for his well-being. As Schlichter navigates through this challenging time, continued support and understanding from the community are invaluable.

 Long-Term Outlook

As Schlichter’s legal saga unfolds, the long-term outlook remains uncertain. However, with the right support and interventions, there is hope for a positive outcome.

Monitoring and Updates

Ongoing monitoring of Schlichter’s situation will provide insights into his progress and any further legal developments. Both his supporters and the broader community will continue to follow his journey with interest and concern.

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Mitzi Shinaver Mitzi Shinaver, the Ex-Wife of Art Schlichter

Art Schlichter
Art Schlichter ( Image: Source )

Mitzi Shinaver, believed to be in her late fifties, is an American citizen who maintains a low-key profile, refraining from revealing details about her family or educational background.4

2. Mitzi Shinaver’s Private Life

Living discreetly, Mitzi avoids media attention and doesn’t share much about her past. She abstains from social media and prioritizes her family life. While her profession and net worth are undisclosed, reports suggest she might be involved in real estate.

3. Art Schlichter’s Marriage and Family Life

Art Schlichter, a former football player with a gambling addiction, married his long-time girlfriend, Mitzi, in 1989 to overcome his struggles. Despite a lavish wedding, Art’s gambling habits resurfaced, leading to theft from his own family.

Art Schlichter
Art Schlichter ( Image: Source )

4. Challenges Faced in Art and Mitzi’s Marriage

Mitzi’s Struggle with Art’s Gambling Addiction

Mitzi, along with their daughters Taylor and Madison, endured Art’s ongoing gambling issues. Despite attempts to reconcile, Mitzi eventually left Art permanently and returned to Indiana to focus on her daughters.

5. Mitzi’s Life After Marriage

Mitzi’s Post-Divorce Life

Following her departure from Art, Mitzi focused on her family and eventually remarried a man named Mr. Subrin. Despite the challenges she faced during her marriage to Art Schlichter, Mitzi now enjoys a peaceful life with her family.

Art Schlichter’s Financial Downfall

During his prime as a quarterback, Art Schlichter was anticipated to have a substantial net worth, given the lucrative earnings associated with the position. However, Schlichter’s financial situation took a drastic turn due to his gambling addiction and drug abuse.5

Gambling Losses and Financial Troubles

Despite the potential for significant earnings, Schlichter squandered his wealth through excessive gambling. He famously wagered away a $350,000 signing bonus and accumulated a staggering $700,000 in gambling debt in 1982 alone.

His losses continued to mount, reaching $489,000 from basketball betting. Even after receiving a $1.5 million loan to alleviate his debts, Schlichter failed to recover financially.

Legal Consequences and Federal Crimes

Schlichter’s financial mismanagement led to legal repercussions, including accusations of theft and fraud.

He faced charges of wire fraud, false tax returns, and bank fraud, resulting in his conviction on federal charges. In a 2007 interview, Schlichter confessed to stealing over $1.5 million.

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Art Schlichter’s Legal Issues

Schlichter’s legal troubles extended beyond financial crimes. He faced drug-related charges, including possession of cocaine, leading to his arrest.

Despite serving probation for previous drug offenses, Schlichter’s involvement with narcotics persisted, leading to potential prison time and an extension of his probation period.

Challenges Despite Football Career

  • Despite his promising football career, highlighted by being drafted by the Baltimore Colts in 1982, Schlichter’s life has been overshadowed by legal and personal challenges.
  • His struggles with addiction and repeated encounters with law enforcement have marred his reputation and financial stability.
  •  The ongoing legal troubles of former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Art Schlichter have brought him back into the spotlight as he faces another felony drug charge.
  • Despite being on probation for cocaine charges, Schlichter’s recent encounter with law enforcement in Columbus, Ohio, adds another chapter to his troubled history.

2. Recent Arrest and Legal Proceedings

Late Friday afternoon, Schlichter was stopped by the Ohio State Highway Patrol, where he handed an officer a crack pipe. This incident led to the discovery of suspected crack cocaine in his vehicle, resulting in a fifth-degree felony possession of cocaine charge. He is scheduled for an initial court appearance on Monday.

3. Previous Incidents and Probation

Schlichter’s troubles extend beyond this recent arrest. He was found unresponsive in a hotel room in June 2022, where officers discovered cocaine. Following this incident, he was sentenced to one year of probation, which marked just one of many encounters with the law throughout his life.

4. Legal History and Prosecution

Schlichter’s legal woes have been persistent, stemming from various illegal activities such as gambling and Ponzi schemes. Despite numerous legal interventions, including previous prison sentences, Schlichter’s criminal behavior appears to persist, leading to continued scrutiny from law enforcement and prosecutors.

Art Schlichter
Art Schlichter ( Image: Instagram )

5. Schlichter’s Background and NFL Career

A former star quarterback at Ohio State University, Schlichter’s aspirations for a successful professional football career were overshadowed by his legal troubles. Notably, his listing as one of the top draft busts of all time by NFL Network underscores the contrast between his potential and his eventual downfall.

6. Prison Time and Continued Misconduct

Despite serving prison time for previous offenses, Schlichter’s misconduct persisted even behind bars, where he engaged in illegal gambling activities. His actions led to further repercussions within the prison system, indicating a pattern of behavior that has proven difficult to rehabilitate.

7. Schlichter’s Perspective and Health Issues

In a 2020 interview from prison, Schlichter expressed feelings of being treated unfairly by the justice system and revealed health issues, including a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease and dementia. These personal struggles add another layer to his complex and troubled life story.

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